9 Best Women Over 50 Blogs to Embrace Life’s Next Chapter

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There’s a shared understanding that women over 50 have a lot to offer and share with the world. They have rich experiences, wisdom, and perspectives adding depth and inspiration to their lives. This is why there are several blogs for women of a certain age. These blogs cover a variety of topics including health, aging well, fashion, beauty, travel, relationships, finances, and life.

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This blog is for all flawsome women who are 50+ or someone interested in learning about women over 50 blogs to start their own. If you’re concerned about whether females of the 50+ age group are active on the internet, don’t give it a second thought. Surprisingly, 95% of the 50+ population use the internet and actively engage with online content. Hence, it’s a golden opportunity to take inspiration from and kickstart your blog for!

Top 9 Women Over 50 Blogs You Must Follow

We’ve selected our favorite bloggers who cater to the ever-evolving over-50 crowd. So, get your reading 👓 (if you need them!), a cozy cup of ☕, and gear up to be inspired by these fabulous women. 

The Middle Page

The Middle Page - Blog Web Page

Source: The Middle Page

The Middle Page is a must-read for those above 50. It offers stylish insights into what’s trending in beauty, home decor, fashion, and lifestyle. Cathy Williamson, who’s a cancer survivor and a grandmom, runs this blog. She intends to empower her readers with essential tips and tricks to stay chic in their fifties and beyond. Follow this blog to stay in the know and get fresh perspectives every day!

That’s Not My Age

That's Not My Age - Blog Web Page

Source: That’s Not My Age

If you’re on the hunt for timeless style and vibrant living, That’s Not My Age is what you need to follow. Alyson Walsh founded this award-winning blog in 2008. It caters to women of all ages to cultivate a style that defies age expectations. From stylewear and outfits to haircare, skincare, lifestyle, health, and well-being, this blog touches on a myriad of aspects. Thus, it’s an all-inclusive guide for women beyond 50 to enjoy this enriching phase of life.

WOFN – The Blog

Women Over Fifty Network - Blog Web Page

Source: Women Over Fifty Network

Women Over Fifty Network (commonly known as WOFN) is our next pick in the best women blogs for readers over 50. Run by Patti, this blog is your go-to source for learning different skills and exploring the opportunities to evolve in life. To cut it short, she educates and motivates you to debunk midlife myths. That’s so you can create the life you dream about and achieve all that you want. Furthermore, you can also get tips to stay healthy, active, and exuberant!

Silver is the New Blonde

Silver is the New Blonde - Blog Web Page

Source: Silver is the New Blonde

The next blog in our handpicked women over 50 blogs is Silver is the New Blonde. Jan, the owner of this blog, is a wonderful nannie and a successful lifestyle blogger. You can see how lovely and cool she’s looking at her age when you visit her blog! She captures her lively and energetic vibe perfectly through her blog which is so full of life. If you want to age gracefully and accentuate your beauty in your 50s, follow this blog for tips to steal!

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Tania Dalton

Tania Dalton - Blog Web Page

Source: Tania Dalton

Tania Dalton is an expert fitness trainer who not only runs on the track but also runs her blog competently. This is one of the best starting over blogs that’ll help you to reset your health and fitness goals. Moreover, you can contact her to get customized fitness services. So, get ready to make the most of the prime of your life with the inspirational ideas that Tania shares.

Viva Fifty

Viva Fifty - Blog Web Page

Source: Viva Fifty

Owned by Lorraine C. Ladish, Viva Fifty addresses nearly all the concerns faced by women in their 50s. From career insights to fitness tips, this blog has got your mind and body covered with the enriching experiences it shares. Moreover, you can know everything about style, grace, and beauty, along with lifestyle, travel, home advice, health, tech, and financial freedom, all in one place. 

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Fashion Over Fifty

Fashion Over Fifty - Blog Web Page

Source: Fashion Over Fifty

Fashion Over Fifty, run by Wendy, is a blog that embraces style at any age. It exemplifies the mantra that to feel confident and look fabulous, you need to be comfortable in your own skin. This blog emphasizes that women over a certain age also have the right to have style and offers insights into the latest trends. Overall, Fashion Over Fifty is about celebrating individuality and feeling confident in what you wear.

My Chic Obsession

My Chic Obsession - Blog Web Page

Source: My Chic Obsession

My Chic Obsession, founded by Carolyn Arentson, is a splendid example of a style-at-a-certain-age blog. According to Carolyn, she started it to empower women globally and guide them about upping their style game. This blog gives a plethora of tailored ideas for middle-aged women. For instance, the insights covered here include outfit choices, maintaining a fashionista aura, setting your capsule wardrobe, and more. On exploring further, you can find top-notch tips and secrets to look expensive, classy, and, most importantly, chic!

50 is Not Old

50 is Not Old - Blog Web Page

Source: 50 is Not Old

50 is Not Old is our final recommendation in our pursuit of over 50 blogs. It’s a fashion and beauty blog suited for ladies over 50 who focus on living life to the fullest. From style guides for every season to advising on health and fitness, it covers everything related to lifestyle. Hence, this blog is a must-visit for women looking to redefine fashion and beauty on their own terms. 

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How can women over 50 benefit from engaging with these blogs?

They gain insights, tips, and a supportive community to enhance their well-being, confidence, and overall quality of life.

Is it easy to start my own women over 50 blog?

Of course, it’s easy to start your blog for women over 50, if you’re interested in this niche. Try to understand the basic topics or ideas that other famous females of this age cover in their blogs. Then, create your outline for a blog and you can start writing content using our free content generator.

How often do the best blogs for women over 50 post?

Posting frequency varies for different blogs. But most post weekly or bi-weekly. Some have scheduled daily content publishing too.


Women over 50 blogs provide valuable insights and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals to fifty-plus women. Moreover, you can stay informed on almost all relevant topics by reading such blogs. After exploring numerous blogs, these 9 women over 50 blogs are our top picks to help you navigate the 50s life magnificently.

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