The Ultimate Guide to the Best Blogs for Women Over 60

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As you step into your golden years, blogging offers a wonderful opportunity to share your life’s journey and insights with a supportive online community. Blogs are platforms where you can share your stories and learn from others, enriching your life with new ideas, friendships, and adventures. 

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With these best women blogs, we invite you to explore a range of topics, from staying fit to keeping up with the latest in fashion and technology. Read on to explore our top picks for blogs for women over 60, the best senior fashion bloggers, and some additional tips to start your own blogging journey.

10 Best Blogs for Women Over 60

If you are searching for the best blogs for women over 60, we have you covered. Explore our exclusive list of blogs that will empower you in the golden years of your life.

1. Style at a Certain Age

Style at a Certain Age: A blog that tells style is ageless and timeless.

Source: Style at a Certain Age

Beth Djalali created the blog Style at a Certain Age after returning to work from a long break as a full-time mom. This blog focuses on embracing age with elegance, power, and beauty. It provides tips and ideas for women who are 60 and older. 

Beth’s blog is all about helping women of any age look amazing. It also stresses the importance of staying healthy in body and mind. Topics covered in the blog include beauty, wellness, skincare, and more.

2. Senior Style Bible

Senior Style Bible: A blog that emphasizes on fashion for older women.

Source: Senior Style Bible

In 2014, Dorrie and Jodi Jacobson, a mother-daughter team from Las Vegas, started Senior Style Bible. Their goal was to change how fashion is seen by those over 60. Their unique blog showcases Dorrie, who is in her 80s, as a model breaking down beauty norms based on age.

What sets Senior Style Bible apart from other blogs for women over 60 is its focus on modern styles and Dorrie’s modeling advice. The blog also highlights their charity work with “Quest For Kindness”. This charity works to support elderly people who feel alone and cut off from others.

3. Chic at Any Age

Chic at Any Age: A blog which features beauty and fashion advice for women over 60.

Source: Chic at Any Age

Josephine Lalwan founded the blog Chic at Any Age which focuses on fashion for women over 60. She began this journey aged 60, using her deep knowledge of fashion and how to create a wardrobe that’s both sustainable and stylish.

This sexy mature blog is famous for guiding older women in looking stylish and enjoying it. She teaches them to shop wisely, choosing fewer, better items and utilizing what they already own effectively.

4. Not Dead Yet Style

Not Dead Yet Style: A blog perfect for style advice for women in their older years.

Source: Not Dead Yet Style

Not Dead Yet Style is a blog aimed at encouraging middle-aged women to embrace and show off their fashion sense. This blog offers a fresh perspective against the norm of fading away quietly with age. It’s a platform where older women can find joy in style and fashion.

As a standout among blogs for women over 60, it promotes a lively attitude towards life and fashion, regardless of age. Moreover, the blog includes a shopping section to help women stay stylish at any stage of life.

5. Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me: A blog for older women to lead happy lives.

Source: Sixty and Me

Margaret Manning established Sixty and Me, a blog for older and mature women. It focuses on guiding them toward a joyful, healthy, and financially stable life. Manning created this platform to assist women in finding worthwhile employment and maintaining a positive outlook in their later years.

Sixty and Me is one of the few blogs for women over 60 that feature contributions from over 200 experts and bloggers. The blog offers advice on health, travel, finances, dating, lifestyle, and beauty. It provides a space for older women to connect and grow together.

6. Susan After 60

Susan After 60: A blog that gives fashion and beauty tips for women over 60.

Source: Susan After 60

Susan After 60 is a blog managed by Susan, who has a rich background in the fashion industry. The blog serves as a guide for adapting fashion and beauty for women over 60. Susan uses her vast experience to provide style tips, trends, and outfit ideas for women of various ages.

This blog is a valuable resource for practical style advice, focusing on making the most of existing wardrobes. It’s particularly helpful for those who have struggled with fashion over time. 

7. Une Femme d’un Certain Age

Une Femme d'un Certain Age: A blog that celebrates old age and living your life to the fullest.

Source: Une Femme d’un Certain Age

Susan Blakey created the blog Une Femme d’un Certain Age in 2007, focusing on women over 60. She established it to discuss fashion for this age group and has expanded it to include tailored styling services. It also addresses various other topics, from travel to living a balanced life. 

Unique among blogs for women over 60, it celebrates aging with elegance and positivity. The blog is known for its mix of fashion advice, personal experiences, and exploration of life for older women.

8. Anna’s Island Style

Anna’s Island Style: A blogs that helps older woman who are often overlooked discover fashion.

Source: Anna’s Island Style

Anna Parkes, at 61, runs an art gallery and is the creator behind the blog Anna’s Island Style. She launched this blog to bring attention to fashion for older women who she feels are often ignored. The blog showcases her unique style and her belief that age shouldn’t limit fashion choices.

Anna advocates for older women to make daring and stylish fashion choices. She challenges the idea that they should dress in a restrained manner. Through her blog, she encourages women to embrace their fashion choices and dress however they want regardless of other’s opinions.

9. Inspire My Style

Inspire My Style: A blog that motivates mature women to lead a beautiful life.

Source: Inspire My Style

Candi Randolph’s Inspire My Style is a blog aimed at enhancing the lifestyles of women over 60. This blog distinguishes itself from other over 60 blogs by emphasizing healthy living, fitness, and beauty for older women. It has evolved into a trusted guide for style advice, fashion how-to’s, and other useful tips.

Covering a wide range of topics such as personal style, health, wellness, and fashion confidence, the blog is tailored to the specific needs and experiences of women in their later years. This blog also provides eGuides, courses, and additional resources to support its audience.

10. Accidental Icon

Accidental Icon: A blog that talks about beauty, fashion and work tips for older women.

Source: Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater, an ex-model and writer, established the Accidental Icon. This blog serves as a medium for her to share her perspectives on fashion, beauty, work, and life, especially for women in their later years.

Accidental Icon is one of the blogs for 60 somethings that is well known for its distinctive take on aging and style. Slater, a New York City resident, observed the diminishing visibility of aging women in society. She started using fashion and her own style as a form of expression and creativity. Her blog has become a space for her to embrace her love for fashion and inspire others, particularly older women.

Top 5 Fashion Bloggers Over 60 You Should Know – And Follow!

An old woman wearing fashionable yellow clothing.

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Get ready to be inspired by the best over 60 fashion bloggers! Read on to discover more about them and how they prove that style has no age boundaries.

1. Vera DiLeo

Vera DiLeo stands out in the world of fashion blogging, especially for those over 60. At 82, she defies age with her remarkable looks and skincare regimen. Vera’s routine includes Skinceuticals Ferulic CE drops and Skinceuticals B5 Gel. She also uses both Absolute night and day creams, and Olay’s Retinol 24 Eye Cream. 

Her followers on TikTok are astounded by her youthful appearance. They often mistake her for being younger than she is. Vera’s dedication to skincare makes her ideal to follow for anyone interested in age-defying beauty techniques.

2. Isabella Cappucci

Isabella Cappucci is a model and mother in her 60s. She is well-known in the fashion blogging world with her silver hair and radiant skin. Isabella shares her modeling shoots, family life, and snippets of her daily life.

Followers are inspired by her authenticity and love the glimpse into the life of a 60+ model. Her ability to combine family life with a career in modeling makes her an inspiring figure for older women.

3. Tilly Smith Dix

Tilly Smith Dix is renowned in the fashion blogging world, particularly for those over 60. She is the force behind the Instagram account @sixty_is_the_new_40. Her posts on her account are not just from fashion shoots but also practical advice.

Her role as both a model and a blogger allows Tilly to give unique insights into the world of fashion to women over 60. Beyond fashion, she offers glimpses into her life in Melbourne, showcasing her style, city life, and personal elegance. 

4. Barbie Holmes

Barbie Holmes is an older lifestyle model based in Los Angeles. She is well-known for her impressive take on fashion and has a substantial following. She shares product recommendations, outfit stylings, and quotes about positivity.

Her stylish ensembles and collaborative projects offer great inspiration for women over 60. This makes her a versatile and insightful influencer to follow.

5. Emma Paoli

Emma Paoli is a beauty and lifestyle blogger in her 60s. She is renowned for her ability to style clothes with flair. Paoli also has an Instagram page with a good amount of followers. Over there, she shares her favorite looks, outfit stylings, and skincare routine for older women.

Through her approach, she challenges conventional ideas of what being 60 looks like. Also, she offers practical fashion and beauty tips for older women. Her expertise in combining skincare with fashion sets her apart. Hence, she has become a great source of inspiration for those seeking to maintain a youthful appearance in their 60s.

[Bonus] How to Start a Blog When You’re Over 60

An older woman working on her laptop.

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Are you over 60 and thinking about starting a personal blog? Don’t worry, these 10 simple tips are there to help you begin your blogging adventure easily and confidently.

  • Choose a Topic: Write about something you’re passionate about. It could be gardening, travel, cooking, or your life experiences. Loving your topic makes blogging more enjoyable.
  • Learn the Basics: Understand the basics of using a computer and the internet. If you need help, ask family or friends, or consider taking a basic computer course.
  • Pick a User-Friendly Blogging Platform: Use a blogging platform that is easy to navigate. WordPress, Blogger, and Wix are popular choices with simple, user-friendly interfaces.
  • Keep Posts Simple and Engaging: Write in a clear, conversational style. Keep your sentences short and paragraphs easy to read.
  • Use Images and Videos: Enhance your posts with photos or videos. These can be your own, or you can find free ones online on sites like Pixabay and Unsplash.
  • Connect with Other Bloggers: Join online communities of bloggers. It’s a great way to make friends, share experiences, and learn from others.
  • Be Consistent: Try to post regularly, whether it’s once a week or once a month. Consistency keeps readers coming back.
  • Ask for Feedback: Share your blog with friends and family initially and ask for their honest opinions. This feedback can be very helpful in making improvements.
  • Enjoy the Process: Remember, blogging is a journey. Don’t worry about being perfect. Enjoy writing and sharing your stories and ideas!

Be sure to read our tips to write a blog for further guidance on how you can craft engaging content for your readers.

Final Thoughts

Our collection of blogs for women over 60 challenges age-related stereotypes and reminds you that life remains vibrant even in your later years. With these blogs, you will realize that age is just a number and that there’s a whole universe of possibilities waiting to be discovered. So. go ahead and explore these blogs to redefine what it means to be a woman over 60.

If you are looking for the right ideas to start your own blog, our Blog Post Idea Generator is the perfect fit for you. Explore this tool now and craft content that inspires your readers!

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