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Do you wonder why your content is getting less engagement than you would want? The answer may be the lack of keywords in your content. Keywords are the backbone of SEO articles as web crawlers run through a document from one keyword to another. Keywords go hand in hand with other SEO markers like the title tag in WordPress. One way to gain traction in the SEO landscape is to buy keyword articles. You may even increase the chances of Google pushing your article to the right audience!

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When you write an article, you spend two or three hours at the very least researching your topic. Then you add keywords to your blog to increase its rankings. By the end of the day, you are exhausted and still not sure whether you have met all the SEO requirements for your blog. 

Why not avoid all the hassle and buy keyword articles instead? Let’s explore the different ways of getting SEO articles to increase your rankings, without any of the fuss!

How to Write a Keyword Article?

Keyword articles are specifically designed to reach the top slots of Google search pages and increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your blog. They include knowledge that the users want and present this knowledge in an attractive manner. If you buy SEO articles, you will see that the keywords are strewn into the content like pearls knitted into a drapery.

These SEO articles have a particular meta title and meta description that is detected by the web browser. For reference, the meta title is a phrase or a sentence that shows up on your Google feed when you search for a topic. At the same time, the meta description highlights the contents of the article itself in a concise manner. Even in their content, they have optimum keyword densities and well-thought-out sections, that altogether contribute to higher search engine rankings.

Google search bar results for "Instagram captions"

Moreover, SEO articles are designed to offer value to the reader and become a permanent part of the World Wide Web. Let’s say you write “Instagram captions” in Google search. As you click the search button on Google, you will see the list of top articles for engaging Instagram captions. These articles have been specifically designed to respond to the keyword search on Google.

Google search engine results page for showing top Instagram caption keyword articles by Content Gorilla

You can see in the image above that all three titles focus on the keyword “Instagram captions” and prompt users to click on the relevant link. So, how do you achieve this type of ranking for your articles on the internet? The simple answer: keyword articles. There are three ways by which you can create keyword articles for you or your company.

Write It Yourself

The first option of coming up with a keyword article is to write it yourself. The first step is to do keyword research and choose the one with the highest volume. Then, you can use a blog post idea generator to come up with unique titles for your article. Just write down the keyword in the search bar and click on generate AI content and you will see a list of 10 unique blog post titles. 

When you start writing make sure you add keywords to your content seamlessly. After writing the article, check the content for grammatical errors and make sure you have added a meta title, meta description, and relevant keyword-focused headings to give structure to your content.

Hire A Freelancer

If you are not a writer or simply do not have the time but do have the resources to hire someone else, then your best bet is to hire a freelancer. This could be a time-consuming process as you have to interview the freelancer and check their credentials. Once you agree on a schedule though, you can get the results within your required time limit.

Hiring a freelancer can save you from the hassle of writing the article yourself. And buying individual keyword articles makes your work much easier too. When you hire a freelancer, you are in direct contact with the writer. It means that you have the opportunity to ask for edits in real time and make sure that your articles have all the keywords in place.

Buy From Agencies

If you have exhausted the first two options of writing an article online or hiring a freelancer, there is a third option. You could buy keyword articles from agencies to get the job done. The third option is the easiest and saves you a lot of time. The agency will take care of getting the article written in time.

Moreover, these agencies have content managers who check the progress of each writer and offer you the best option. You won’t have to deal with the problem of explaining tiny details to the writer and can even send the content for revision without a second thought. You also have the option of changing the writer if you think that the article doesn’t hit the mark.

Where to Buy Keyword Articles

There are a large number of keyword article-writing services available online. But only a few of them can help you rank your content to the top of a Google search. We have created a list of the most effective SEO writing services by comparing their prices and features. You can buy keyword articles from the following agencies and create content with a lasting impact.

1. The Content Panel

The Content Panel Homepage to buy keyword articles

Source: The Content Panel

As a content writing platform, The Content Panel provides all the major services for writing long-form keyword articles. They have almost three thousand writers working on different projects. By creating content on such a massive scale, this company has perfected the art of writing lead-generating articles. All you have to do is tell their team the tone of voice, keywords, and CTAs you require, and they will select the perfectly-fitted writer to provide you with a flawless piece of content.

Pricing Options

The pricing options range on the basis of the skill level you require for your content. The price for a basic skill-level article is $17 whereas the price for a wordsmith-level article is $69.50. 


  • Multiple services 
  • Quick and hassle-free content
  • Perfect for large and small corporations


  • Varying quality based on price

2. Content Development Pros 

The Content Development Pros homepage to buy keyword articles

Source: Content Development Pros

This article writing platform does not mess around. It gets right to the point by showing you how they create articles in an instant. The Content Development Pros provide multiple services including long-form articles, listicles, magazine articles, and content writing for blogs and news articles. Clients can choose any topic and this agency will deliver the content as early as 48 hours. For higher quality content, of course, you will have to wait up to 7 business days.

Pricing Options

The prices for article writing start from $9.95 and reach up to $350 depending upon the length, quality, level of expertise required for the blog, and the overall exposure of the topic.


  • Best for article writing in a limited time
  • Well researched content


  • Varying qualities of content based on prices

3. Blogtec

Blogtec homepage to buy keyword articles

Source: Blogtec

Another amazing SEO writing service provider is Blogtec. This agency carries out an in-depth keyword analysis and provides its services for SEO for startups, SaaS companies, and e-commerce businesses. This agency helps you create all types of blogs of inspirational blogs on Tumblr as well as modern blogs. By adding search internet into their SEO writing, Blogtec’s articles answer all the major questions asked by Google users. 

Pricing Options

SEO content prices start from £35 to £115 whereas content optimization starts at £39. Moreover, content packages start at £349 whereas backlink packages start at £599 which are still quite affordable in the long run.


  • White label services
  • Free revisions
  • Discounts
  • Direct personal contact


  • Limited to SEO and backlinking
  • On the pricier side

Why Should You Buy Keyword Articles?

The prospect of buying unique content may seem alien to you. For most businesses, writing is merely a job that can be done by anyone with good writing skills. But now you have the option of writing content by yourself, hiring a freelancer, or an agency by comparing the pros and cons of all three options.

ScalabilityDifficult to scaleLimited capacityCan produce content at scale
NicheLimited to your experienceDepends on experience and expertiseUnlimited options
Time24 hours More than 24 hoursAs little as 24 hours
PricingZero$40-$400+ for 1000 words$30-$100+ for 1000 words
DeadlinesNot determinedDetermined by youDetermined by you


SEO writing is all about curating content to drive positive results. Hiring an agency is your best option to improve your SEO rankings and make sure you meet all the deadlines in time. You will see a marked difference in your content’s performance after you hire an agency or even a freelancer to meet your content marketing requirements. If you still feel that you can do a better job at creating your own content, try the blog post idea generator and see the results for yourself.

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