How To Revamp Your Content From Simple Websites Into Modern Blogs?

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Blogging is quickly becoming a source of income for many writers all across the globe. Blogging journals have been taken over by modern blogs.

Breakfast items photo on a modern blog

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If you take a close look at various blog website examples, you will see that they follow a unique layout and integrate an interactive design in their blog post. Let’s see what the major components of a modern blog are.

What Makes a Blog Design Modern?

Graphic showing all the major elements of modern blogs

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What do you see when you open a blog? The design, the template, or the text itself?

Of course, the first thing you see is the layout of the blog. You will see a menu at the top of the website that shows the number of main web pages contained in the blog.

It will mention the main items that the reader requires. As you scroll down the website you will see the page title, maybe the writer’s introduction, or a series of images on the website. These are the things that set a modern blog design apart from a standard blog template. By understanding the elements of blog design, you will be able to create a blog that keeps readers hooked.

User Friendly Menu

The Verge Homepage

Source: The Verge

The first thing a modern blog needs is a user-friendly menu. You will see that the layout of The Verge is interactive and provides all the information on the first page. The menu displays all the major items including Tech, Reviews, Science, Entertainment, and AI. On the right side of the page, you can see the list of all the latest articles the blog has to offer. This makes it easy for the reader to take in all the elements of the blog in a single glance.

Consistent Designs

Nomadic Matt Homepage

Source: Nomadic Matt

Consistency is the key when designing a modern blog. The designs of a blog should be coherent and easy on the eyes. If there are zig-zag designs and confusing headers on your blog, it will be hard for the reader to focus on the blog’s content. Moreover, the design of the blog should reflect its content. For example, the travel blog, Nomadic Matt boasts a homepage with beautiful scenery as a backdrop and the owner of the blog, Matt, standing at the edge taking in the wholesome view. All other pictures on the blog are similar high-quality photographs of majestic sceneries, pulling everything together.

How to Make Your Blog Look More Modern?

Modern blogs are all about resonating with the audience. The designs, colors, and themes combine to create a modern blog. By adding unique elements to your website, you can attract a consistent stream of audience for your blog. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that can make your blog look more modern.

Take Inspiration From Your Niche

LiveWriteThrive Blog Homepage

Source: LiveWriteThrive

The themes that you choose can transform your website into a modern blog. Minimalist designs are the go-to themes for modern blogs, but your blog may require flashier graphics if your niche or audience calls for it. For example, if you are thinking of starting a writer blog, you can follow the design of LiveWriteThrive. However, if you are starting a teaching blog for kindergarteners, your teacher blog design should consist of lots of colors, images, and teaching tools that attract children as well as their parents. The design therefore depends upon the content of the blog.

Choose The Right Template

Krypton modern Blog Template

Source: Theme Forest

There are dozens of blogging templates available on the internet. These templates come in all shapes and sizes including minimalist themes and dark tones. People who begin their blogging journey from WordPress can benefit a lot from these blog design template. Some templates, like Krypton, provide you with the option of displaying all your content on the Homepage. Others, like Zento, are lightweight with a search bar and a quick introduction of the owner.

Make an Interactive User Interface

Zento modern blog template

Source: Theme Forest

A blog that offers a chance for one-on-one interaction with the audience is what makes it modern. Using a template with a search bar for your blog is one way of creating an interactive user interface. Users are more likely to engage with your blog if they have the option of asking questions through a dialogue box or inputting their email. You can add a few questions with prewritten answers to help users navigate your blog with ease. That’s another element where the Zento template might be useful.

Focus on Color Theory

The Blonde Abroad Homepage

Source: The Blonde Abroad

Colors play a huge role in attracting the right audience, especially when you are designing a modern blog. Light tones are great if you are creating a women’s lifestyle blog like The Blonde Abroad. Dark colors like black, navy blue, or purple are better suited for technical and professional blogs. These colors reveal a sense of seriousness and focus more on the written content rather than the design.

Personalize Your Homepage

Illustration of a woman standing beside a phone

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People want to know the face behind a blog. They need to understand that an actual person is giving them advice, not just a faceless robot. When you design the Homepage of your blog, try to tell your story in an engaging manner. You can add a picture of yourself on the “About Us” page or add a snippet along the margins of the website to personalize your blog. Describe your journey and explain how you were able to reach your goal.

Top 5 Modern Blogs You’d Love to Explore

Modern blogs are based on multiple themes and designs. If you want to create a modern blog, you need to do a complete overview of all the latest blogs out there. Here are our five favorite modern blogs that will have you swooning over their design and content.

1. Remodelaholic

Remodelaholic Blog Homepage

Source: Remodelaholic

Justin and Cassity started Remodelaholic to share their DIY projects. This is a perfect example of a modern blog because its homepage has everything you need to know about the blog. The light colors and beautiful designs make the viewer want to explore the blog and discover everything it has to offer.

2. Bold

Bold Blog Homepage

Source: Bold

The educational blog Bold is the perfect place to get inspiration for a modern blog. Jacobs Foundation, dedicated to children’s learning, founded Bold to help improve the learning methods for children. This modern blog has animated images, clear headings, and an easy-to-use interface, making it the perfect inspiration for an early education blog.

3. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy Blog Homepage

Source: Scary Mommy

Do you ever feel like parenting is becoming the biggest challenge in the world, even with all the parenting advice out there? Ironically, you’re in luck! The Scary Mommy is different from other parenting blogs because it does not sugarcoat the struggles of parenthood. Instead, it embraces the unpredictability of motherhood and helps mothers find their footing amidst all the chaos. Jill Smokler, the founder of Scary Mommy, was overwhelmed by her experience as a mother. She decided to create a blog that would explain motherhood as it is, crazy, unpredictable, and scary. Her struggles and expertise come through beautifully in her blog’s design which is reader-friendly and dynamic, while still being informative.

4. Modern Food Stories

Modern Food Stories Blog Homepage

Source: Modern Food Stories

You know how you keep scrolling through recipes on Instagram but never find one that truly sticks? Modern Food Stories gives you a glimpse into the world of cooking with a side dish of good content. Jo started the Modern Food Stories blog after getting diagnosed with a rare disease and decided to share her healthy diet tips with the world. The blog design is simple and elegant and showcases the one thing it was made for: delicious food plated beautifully.

5. Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules Blog Homepage

Source: Sincerely Jules

As far as modern blogs go, Sincerely Jules takes the cake for being one of the most unique fashion and lifestyle blogs for women out there. Jules, the owner of the blog, shares glimpses from her life as well as fashion tips. The minimalist theme of the blog with the latest article’s heading written across the screen in a beautiful scrawl speaks to the aesthetics of the fashion industry. You can find the menu by clicking on the three bars on the top left and discovering a completely different world.


Blogging is fun as long as you enjoy every aspect of creating and running a blog. Modern blogging is all about diving into your creative mode and coming up with clever headlines and design ideas. Start brainstorming ideas and create an unforgettable modern blog of your own. If you don’t have the time to come up with new ideas for your blog, you can use our Free Blog Post Idea Generator to get the best results!

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