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Are you tired of staring at a blank screen and trying hard to come up with classy Instagram captions? Blank copy and paste Instagram is here to save your day with just a few simple clicks!  

This trendy technique allows you to create blank spaces in your Instagram captions, bio, comments, and stories. Now, you can format your text, create line breaks, and add aesthetic appeal with blank text for Instagram highlights. 

Blank Copy and Paste Instagram Text with an iPhone Background

However, you might have noticed that the Instagram app does not let you type blank spaces or use the enter key to create line breaks. So, how can you create blank spaces on Instagram without using special apps or jumping through hoops?

In this article, we will show you some easy and effective ways to create blank spaces on Instagram using different methods. Let’s begin with understanding the definition of an invisible character.

What is an Invisible Character (Blank Text) on Instagram?

An invisible character, also known as blank text on Instagram, refers to a special character that appears empty or invisible when typed into a text field. This character doesn’t display any visible content but occupies a space within the text.

The other common terms for invisible characters are the following:

  • Blank Characters.
  • Empty Characters.
  • Whitespace Characters.

They seem like spaces but in fact, they are unique and non-printable Unicode characters that the text recipient can’t see. We’ve made it easy for you to use them as beneath is a table for these characters with the meaning of each:

​​Zero Width Space
Zero Width No-Break Space
​ Hair Space
Six-Per-Em Space
​ Thin Space
​ Narrow No-Break Space
​ Medium Mathematical Space
Four-Per-Em Space
​ Punctuation Space
​ Three-Per-Em Space
​ En Space
​ Figure Space
​⠀Braille Pattern Blank
​ Ideographic Space
​ Em Space
​ En Quad

Why Are Empty Characters Used?

Reasons for Using Empty Characters

Invisible or blank copy-and-paste Instagram characters help to create a cleaner layout, separate paragraphs, or add spacing between elements in an Instagram post. 

However, you cannot type an invisible character using your keyboard. You need to use a tool or a method that can generate and copy an invisible character for you. You can then paste it anywhere you want on Instagram.

If you want to know how to copy Instagram captions, we’ve discussed 3 easy ways in our tutorial. Be sure to check it out now!

How to Copy Blank Space on Instagram?

There are different blank space generators but you may want to prefer to do it by yourself. But how? It’s very simple! Follow these steps to copy a blank space on Instagram:

  1. Open a text editing app on your device, such as Notes (for iPhone) or Google Keep (for Android).
  2. Type a blank space using a character called “zero-width space.” 
  3. Copy it from this line:  ​
  4. Highlight the blank space character you just typed. 
  5. Copy the blank Instagram highlighted character to your device’s clipboard. 
  6. You can usually do this by tapping and holding the selected text and selecting the “Copy” option that appears.

Moreover, to copy an Instagram comment, find some go-to and effective strategies in our guide. 

How to Paste Blank Space on Instagram?

Now that you have copied Insta space, here are a few steps to paste it. 

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to the section where you want to add blank space. This could be your caption, bio, comment, or story.
  • Long-press the blank space. This will bring up a menu with various options.
  • Select “Paste.” The blank spaces you copied should now be pasted.

Optional: If you used a code format like U+200B instead of brackets, you may need to replace the code with the blank space symbol directly. You can find this symbol on your keyboard or by using an online emoji keyboard.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ve accomplished blank space copy and paste on Instagram successfully! 

Now, here’s our go-to guide for everyone who wants to know how to copy the text on Instagram. Follow any of the 3 quick solutions mentioned in it and you’ll easily copy the text you want!


What is blank copy and paste Instagram?

The ‘Blank Copy and Paste’ feature allows you to copy or paste empty or invisible characters on Instagram. As a result, it creates spaces that appear blank or invisible in posts, bios, comments, stories, or messages.

Has Instagram restricted the use of empty characters?

Yes, Instagram has restricted the use of blank characters. So be sure to add them mindfully (& when needed).

Why might users want to use a blank space when posting on Instagram?

This technique helps Insta users to format their text, create line breaks, and add some aesthetic appeal to their posts.

Can I use blank copy and paste Instagram posts for marketing or promotional purposes?

When you add an empty character to your Insta post or anywhere you want, it appears to be invisible. Hence, it’s not conveying the thought behind your marketing /promotional post. While you may use it to enhance or clean up the aesthetics of your post, it doesn’t add promotional value by itself. We suggest you add a clear yet catchy brand message to promote things the right way! 


We’ve covered everything essential in this comprehensive guide for blank space copy and paste Instagram. Be sure to be mindful of the width of space you need and pick the right one from the templates we provided.

If you want to explore awe-inspiring Instagram caption templates, give a try to our Free Captions Generator. You’ll be impressed by its simple user interface with different exciting features, including multilingual support, impressive customization, and adjustability of creativity. Play with different ideas and craft unlimited best captions for your next piece of Insta content!

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