Hashtags to Skip on Instagram: Your Guide to Avoiding the Banned Hashtags List

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You can use free speech on the internet. Anything you want to talk about, you can say that on your social media pages. However, there are certain rules that one has to follow. Social media pages have certain community guidelines that need to be followed in order to maintain decorum in the online world. For example, one cannot simply add racial slurs to their posts, and spread hate speech. How are these kinds of posts flagged? How does the Algorithm of Instagram work to distinguish hateful posts? The answer is banned hashtags. 

There are certain hashtags that are banned on social media. Use of these banned hashtags may result in your profile being flagged, or worse suspended. Before selecting the right caption for your post, go through our banned hashtags checker to see if you are using any banned hashtag. We have compiled a list of hashtags for shadowban checker Twitter. But before we get into that, let’s explain why you should not use banned hashtags and how to avoid them!

Gaining Wrongful Attention

Some people tend to use banned hashtags because they want to get unnecessary attention. Their views on certain matters may differ in real life, but they choose to post controversial opinions online. These people try to bypass any sort of algorithm that can ban them by being careful about their usage of words.  Use our Free Hashtag Generator for tons of ideas to use the right words and get attention from people. 

Knowingly, or unknowingly they tend to gain wrongful attention. Their social media sites boost and tons of people start following them to be a part of the drama these people bring. 

List of Instagram Banned Hashtags [Updated 2023] | IDEADECO


Lack of Awareness

You might be unsure of which words are banned and might end up using them in your hashtags. So we have created an instagram banned hashtags checker to help you solve all those problems. If you are new to social media, you must understand that the list of banned hashtags is never consistent. It is ever-evolving. So look into the list of banned hashtags to steer clear of:

List of Banned Hashtags 

The List of Banned Hashtags table provides a comprehensive overview of hashtags that have been banned by various social media platforms. These hashtags have been deemed inappropriate or violate community guidelines, and their use can result in account suspension or removal. This table can serve as a helpful reference for individuals and businesses looking to maintain a positive online presence.

#weed#weedstagram, #weedporn, #420, #ganja, #maryjane
#sex#sextalk, #sexting, #sexytime, #sexual
#naked#nudity, #nakedgirls, #nakedboys, #nakedselfie
#thinspiration#thinspo, #ana, #anorexia, #proana
#selfharm#selfharmmm, #selfinjury, #selfhate
#suicide#suicidal, #suicideprevention, #suicideawarness
#terrorism#terrorist, #isis, #alqaeda, #jihad
#hatecrime#hatecrimeawareness, #antihate, #stopracism
#whitepower#whitesupremacy, #whitepride, #kkk
#elevatorselfie#liftselfie, #escalatorselfie, #selfieinlift
#adulting#adultingishard, #adultingproblems, #grownup
#daddydaughterdance#daddydaughterdate, #daddydaughtertime
#trump2024#trumptrain2024, #mag2024, #donaldtrump
#bikinibody#beachbody, #summerbody, #fitfam
#savage#savageaf, #savagequotes, #savagecaption
#fitspo#fitfam, #fitnessmotivation, #fitnessjourney
#sexy#sexymodels, #sexyselfie, #sexymen, #sexywomen
#porn#pornography, #pornlife, #pornstar
#booty#bootylicious, #bootyfordays, #bigbooty
#thot#thotlife, #thotiana, #thotful

Source: ChatGPT

Note: Banned hashtags and their variations may vary depending on the platform and the region

Usage of Banned Hashtags

It’s no secret that if you use banned hashtags, you can get serious repercussions. No matter how strong your profile is, or how many followers you have, you can get shadowbanned. During this, your posts will not be seen by many people, and your growth will be halted. Moreover, you will get hidden in the search results. None of your hashtags will bring any visibility. 

Essentially, Instagram Shadowbanned profiles get under the radar to check for any suspicious or malicious activity. Your DM’s, likes, comments, and posts go under review. You might lose your engagements, and it will take a long time to recover your insights. Thorough checking for hashtags should be done by a banned hashtag checker. Use our hashtag generator to check if the hashtags you use are banned or not. 

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Why Has Instagram Banned Some Hashtags? 

Instagram has banned specific hashtags to protect its users from harmful content and maintain a safe and inclusive environment on the platform. Here are some of the reasons why Instagram has banned specific hashtags:

  1. Instagram has banned hashtags that promote hate speech, harassment, and bullying. These hashtags can incite violence, discrimination, or abuse towards specific groups of people, such as #whitesupremacy, #feminazi, or #fatshaming.
  1. Instagram has banned hashtags that spread false or misleading information, such as conspiracy theories or medical advice that contradicts scientific consensus. These hashtags can mislead people and potentially harm their health or safety, such as #vaccinescauseautism or #stop5g.
  1. Instagram has banned hashtags that promote or glorify destructive behavior, such as self-harm, suicide, or eating disorders. These hashtags can trigger vulnerable individuals, potentially leading to dangerous or deadly actions, such as #selfharmmm or #thinspiration.
  1. Instagram has banned hashtags associated with illegal or unethical activities, such as drug use, prostitution, or copyright infringement. These hashtags can violate the platform’s terms of service or even local laws, such as #weedporn or #piracy.

A Pro Tip: By using a banned hashtag checker tool, as well as a hashtag tracking tool, you can monitor the performance of any hashtags, and ensure that yours are safe and won’t harm your social media presence. 


In conclusion, using banned hashtags on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter can severely affect your social media success. Not only can using them harm your reach and engagement, but it can also lead to your account being flagged, suspended, or even permanently banned. It’s crucial to be mindful of the hashtags you use and avoid those that are prohibited.

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