How to Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos

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Youtube has proved itself as the world’s largest video-sharing platform for years. Its vast number of users has made this an essential and useful platform for creators as well as businesses. Since the number of youtube creators increased immensely so is the competition.

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To cope with this race of competition we need to use hashtags. Using hashtags on YouTube will enable our content to dive into engagement and increase visibility. 

To reach a wider audience we need to use proper hashtags. Today we will look into how we can add hashtags to Youtube and how they work.

What Are YouTube Hashtags?

Hashtags are used to categorize content for social media users these may be words or phrases with a # sign along with them. There is no space between the words like in #MondayMotivation. These words or phrases make it easy for users to search for relevant stuff and also for creators to rank their content.

Why Hashtags Are Important?


As a YouTube user, if you want to increase your visibility and would like your work or act to be seen by a massive audience then you need a collection of hashtags that are specific to your niche to let people know of your work. Using hashtags will;


  • Increase your social media presence
  • Attract potential clients
  • People will get familiar with your work
  • Enable your content to reach the right audience

How Can You Add Hashtags?


Here are the steps to add hashtags to your YouTube videos:


  1. By Identifying relevant hashtags: You can use the search bar of YouTube to search for relevant hashtags and can make a list of those
  2. By Deciding on the number of hashtags: Limit your hashtags to relevant ones. Try to use only 2-3 hashtags.
  3. By Adding hashtags to the video description: Always use hashtags in your description it will help to rank content depending on the topic.
  4. By Adding hashtags to video tags: You can add hashtags to the Tags section as well by going to YouTube Studio. 
  5. By using hashtags in the video title: Try to add a hashtag to the video title.
  6. Monitoring hashtag performance: Keep on changing hashtags by analyzing hashtag performance. 


By following these steps, you can effectively add hashtags to your YouTube videos and increase discoverability, engagement, and viewership.

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Where to Add Hashtags?


YouTube doesn’t provide much space for adding hashtags and captions like Instagram and Facebook but we can add hashtags to specific places to direct traffic towards our content or channel. You can add hashtags to your YouTube videos in three places: 


  • Video’s title: When we upload a video on our YouTube channel we are asked to add a title to it. Adding hashtags along with the title is always the best idea. It helps the YouTube algorithm to understand the topic of your video more clearly.

  • Description: After adding a title, there is a box for adding a description of your video too. You can explain what your content is about in this description box. At the end of your description, you can place suitable hashtags as many as you like.

  • Tags: In YouTube Studio while adding a thumbnail on your YouTube video you can also find a category as tags, there you can add hashtags or keywords that will help you to optimize your content and increase its visibility.


It’s a good idea to include hashtags in all three places to maximize the chances of your video being discovered by users searching for relevant content.

How to Find the Best Hashtags?


You can always search on Google for the best hashtags that are relevant to your niche or category. You can find YouTube Hashtags by;


  • Google Trends: Always keep on checking google trends for the latest topics, you can add hashtags to them and also use those topics for your content so that more people watch your video.
  • YouTube Search Bar: YouTube search bar is another good place to search for hashtags, you should keep on searching for certain keywords and hashtags to see how much they are ranking.
  • Other Competitors: Keep a record of what other competitors are doing and what kind of hashtags they are using. Use a combination of those as well as your own researched hashtags for a good reach.


Never stop looking for the best hashtags and keep on changing them according to need.


Adding hashtags will always benefit you no matter which social media platform you are adding. Youtube has a much higher competitor due to its wider audience. Adding hashtags is always a good idea to cope with the race for visibility. Also, try using our Free Hashtags Generator for adding relevant hashtags without spending hours in searching. And don’t forget to drop a comment and visit our blog for more content marketing tips!


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