Redefine Your Blog Design With An Aesthetic Blog Theme

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Subtlety is the art of conveying something pleasantly and idyllically. The same principle applies to your blog design. A blogging template that includes soft colors and appealing designs makes up the structure of an aesthetic blog theme. Such themes not only enhance the look of your website but also create a lasting impression on the reader. 

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An aesthetic blog theme is your gateway towards creating a memorable and impactful aesthetic blog. In this blog, we will dive into the details of aesthetic themes and how you can use them to beautify your blog design. 

Understanding Blog ThemesVector illustration of a woman sitting on a stool and evaluating graphs on a big screen

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Creating a blog design from scratch requires a lot of work, especially if you are starting a blog with a full-time job. However, you don’t have to spend all your time in front of a screen as you can use the wide range of aesthetic blog themes available on the internet. But before you take your pick of a blog theme, you should consider the following elements.


A blog theme should display all the elements of your blog. A simple blog theme allows the structure of your blog to shine through and its various design elements make it SEO-friendly. 


A theme that includes the best images and designs should also be functional. That translated into an aesthetic blog theme providing the same layout and quality on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 


The design of your blog should always be crafted in your style. That is why you should use aesthetic blog templates that you can customize according to your requirements. 


Make sure the blog theme is compatible with the content of your blog. Select a theme whose colors, pictures, and font express the style of your brand and augment your on-page SEO.


Social media icons are a must for a blog. Consequently, you should select a blog theme that integrates the social media icons and call to action throughout the web pages of your blog design.

Top 10 Aesthetic Blog Themes

Stylized pink home office desk workspace with a keyboard, bouquet, phone, pair of glasses, and stationery on pink background

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Each person’s aesthetic is different as they explore their favorite color palettes and design combinations. That is why aesthetic blog themes come in all shapes and sizes. Some include vibrant colors and artistic images, whereas others have light colors with stylized fonts and images. Let us take a look at the top ten aesthetic blog themes for modern blogs.

1. Cabin

Cabin aesthetic blog theme

Source: Select-Themes on ThemeForest

Cabin by ThemeForest offers you a vintage aesthetic blog template that will add a certain level of class to your blog. This simple blog theme includes the name of the logo in cursive style with a brown navigation tab and a series of beautifully angled photographs you can use for your background.

2. Jevelin

Jevelin aesthetic blog theme

Source: Colorlib

Jevelin by Colorlib is a free WordPress blog template that is perfect for a clutter-free blog design with a background image mostly in blue and white colors. Moreover, this completely customizable theme allows you to make the aesthetic blog theme your own.

3. Feelin’ Good

Feelin' Good aesthetic blog theme

Source: Automattic on WordPress

This free WordPress theme is perfect for people who have an artistic mindset. Feelin’ Good combines pink and blue colors and gives an ethereal vibe to your blog. You can download the theme directly from the WordPress website and customize it according to your liking.

4. Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance Theme From Canva

Source: Social Assumptions on Canva

The Work-Life Balance theme from Canva has a minimalistic design that you can easily customize any way you want. The theme includes beige, pink, and white color combinations and a backdrop that you can use for creating a lifestyle blog and other blog post ideas.

5. Jelly Bean

`Jelly Bean WordPress aesthetic blog theme

Source: Little Theme Shop

If you love fun colors, then the Jelly Bean theme is perfect for your blog. The combination of light pink, yellow, blue, and white colors creates a wholesome look. The theme is only $30 and it is definitely worth the price. 

6. Carbon 

Carbon aesthetic blog theme by Tumblr

Source: xuethms on Tumblr

A pixie holding a bouquet of flowers graces the cover of the Carbon aesthetic blog theme. The purple background makes the light colors of the image stand out. You can access the free theme from your Tumblr account by following the xuethms page on Tumblr.

7. Dianna Adams

Food Blogger template

Source: Website Demos

The Dianna Adams WordPress blog theme from Website Demos is perfect for food blogs, aesthetic business blogs, and travel blogs. You can choose this theme as it will support your interest and/ or business, and then customize it by adding images and colors to create a unique blog design.

8. Zoya

Zoya aesthetic blog theme

Source: Qode Interactive

If you love a neat and organized look for your blog, then the Zoya theme from Qode Interactive is perfect for you. It has a slideshow-like layout of images on the front page whereas the blog titles can be arranged in a grid. The price tag for this blog is $69 and includes multiple features.

9. Bohemian WordPress Theme

The Bohemian Aesthetic blog theme

Source: Creative Market

Imagine the smell of fresh air and sunny beaches translated into a blog design and you will get the Bohemian WordPress Theme available from Creative Market. The beautiful theme is a perfect fit for a personal blog design and costs only $35.

10. Soledad 

Soledad Simple blog theme

Source: Soledad on ThemeForest

The Soledad Simple blog theme on ThemeForest allows you to feature a slideshow of the most attractive images of your blog and place them right below your blog’s logo. The logo itself is displayed in capitalized font with social media icons placed right beneath it and provides views with a quick overview of your blog.

How to Select the Best Aesthetic Blog Theme?

Vector illustration of a woman presenting a spreadsheet to another woman

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Whenever you are looking for a new aesthetic blog theme for your blog, you need to consider a few aspects. Trending blogs always evaluate the following characteristics of aesthetic blog themes to enhance the quality of their blogs.


A theme should always match the niche of your aesthetic blog. If you are creating a blog on motherhood, you can use light-colored themes with a beige or pink background. In contrast, if you are blogging for companies, you can use a theme with purple and navy blue colors with a grid layout. 


The audience of different blogs have different sensibilities towards blog designs. Some people like sharp colors and animated blog designs with all the information on direct display. Others like a more sophisticated approach where blogs are arranged in a visually pleasing design. Therefore, pick a design that resonates with yours.


The beauty of an aesthetic blog theme lies in the sequence of images and content in a clear format. For example, the color of the background and the navigation tab could be the same to help the audience feel a sense of calm.

Wrap Up

An aesthetic blog theme is important if you want to engage an audience from various niches. Make sure you modify the theme that you have downloaded to give it a personal touch. You can remove the rough edges of the theme by adding fonts that are easy to read and divide the content of your blog precisely. Moreover, a blog post idea generator can help you jumpstart your blog with interesting blog titles. So, start enhancing your blog by choosing the best aesthetic themes and introduce yourself to the world as a writer – with a bang!

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