How Trending Blogs Are Changing Mindsets In 2024

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Blogs are truly the most effective source of information on the internet today. Whenever someone starts searching for the meaning of a term or a concept that has been nagging them throughout the day, they type their question or term in the Google search bar. The first thing that comes up as a result of this search is an article belonging to a trending blog. These bite-sized pieces of information have come a long way from being mere journals.

Graphic of a man looking through a telescope standing on an arrow pointing diagonally upwards

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People are more likely to read trending blogs as compared to other sources to get information on certain topics. The various subjects where blogging prevails as a source of information include food, travel, health, fitness, politics, religion, music, business, art, design, photography, finances, news, and even sports.

Blogging trends are all about the latest things people are into. New trends replace some of the older ones in a matter of weeks. However, there are some niches or areas where blogging trends remain consistent. They are related to the daily practices of people’s lives. The key is to find what people like and the things they can easily include in their daily lives. Trending blogs show the audience that they can be content and happy without spending a lot of money. If you tap into this market with the understanding that trending blogs are merely people trying to help others, you will be able to come up with relatable content every day.

How to Find Trending Blog Topics?

Many writers are enthusiastic when it comes to content writing for blogs. They are confident that their content is enough to give them a headstart in the blogging world. But the truth is that blogging has become a science.

Trending blogs are those whose owners have achieved perfection in meeting all the technical requirements of blog writing including design, images, and, of course, content. Each blog must have a unique storyline and should cater to a specific niche. Readers love blog posts designed along the lines of a particular niche that allow them to make significant changes in their lives.

Use CG’s Blog Post Idea Generator

Content Gorilla's blog post idea generator for trending blogs

Source: Content Gorilla

Writing is a process that flows when you have a list of ideas to expand upon. You can keep those ideas flowing by doing keyword research for all the latest trends you can find. You can then use those keywords and take them for a spin in Content Gorilla’s Blog Post Idea Generator.

For example, you just need to write the word “food” in the search bar to search for the top ideas for food blogs. Just click on the “Generate AI Text” button and you will see a list of 10 blog post ideas in a matter of seconds.

Trending Blog Post Titles on Content Gorilla's Blog Post Idea Generator

Source: Content Gorilla

Choose any topic you like from the list of titles from the Blog Post Idea Generator and start writing trending blogs. If you think you’re running low on ideas, just run it again to get 10 new ones!

See What’s Trending on Social Media

Graphical representation of social media

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Blogging is all about doing your research about what is trending on social media. For blogging trends, you need to do a complete review of all the trending topics on social media apps.

Look for the most popular posts on your Facebook feeds, Instagram reels, and X for trending blog topics. Take a close look at the social media hashtags and pick the ones with the most likes, shares, and comments. The time you spend searching for the impressions on these hashtags will help you stay on top of the hashtag-driven trends. You can also do a daily Google Trending Search to get an idea of which trending blogs are the most popular among Google users on that day,

Follow Popular News Stories

Trending page on NDTV website

Source: NDTV

Check up on the latest news coming across your screen from all over the world. Find out what people are most interested in. If you don’t have a natural inclination towards politics, you can find a cause to support. Start blogging about that particular cause and you will begin to get more followers for your blog posts. Check out news headlines and newspaper subheadings to better understand what’s trending on social media.

Nowadays, news websites like NDTV also have a separate list of trending topics. These news stories are mostly outrageous or violent and become the top social media trends because of their shock value.

Look Up Google’s People Also Ask

Google search engine results page showing the People Also Ask section

Source: Google

When you are searching for trending blogs, you need to exhaust every resource to find the best topics for your blog. When you scroll down the Google search engine you can see a series of questions under the heading People Also Ask. These are the most common questions that people search for on Google. These questions break down your topic of research into simple steps.

Check out all the questions posed under the People Also Ask section to find relevant problems you can answer in your blog post. But be careful while using the answers to these questions as they’re given. This information is mainly used to give you an idea of the type of content you need to make, not the actual content. 

Explore AnswerThePublic

Answer The Public search results page

Source: Answer The Public

Searches on Google can sometimes show redundant results. If you want to make your content more compelling you can use the platform Answer The Public to get all the information regarding trending blogs. This tool provides you with trending taglines and even clickbait titles. Moreover, it shows you the search volume of each keyword as well as the cost per click.

The best thing about Answer The Public is that it also shows the various elements that make up a successful blog post title, including prepositions, comparisons, numbers, and related keywords. You can use the related keywords to come up with blog titles of your own and create a successful blog post for your website.

What’s Trending in 2024?

2024 is the year of change, whether it’s fashion, photography, climate, politics, or religion. From shocking news to weird dresses and humble brags, the top trends circling the news and social media are definitely worth a watch. We have made this step of your blogging journey easier by highlighting the top trends in 2024. 

1. Met Gala

Tyla's sand dress at the Met Gala 2024

Source: Vogue

What does it matter if the clothes are so tight that you cannot even walk up the stairs? That is exactly what happened at the 2024 Met Gala. Tyla Seethal, the South African singer wore such a tight dress that two men carried her over the stairs. Zendaya, on the other hand, wore a dress that was comfortable and also great to look at. A generation that has grown up seeing celebrities show off their clothes is naturally excited when they see their favorite celebrities wearing unique clothes. Plus, it makes for good quality (and quantity of) content.

2. Putin’s 5th Term As President

Valdimir Putin walking while guards salute him

Source: BBC

Russia has decided to embrace Vladimir Putin as its president for the fifth time in a row. He introduced the concept of national champions by placing all assets under the government’s control. However, his decision to attack Ukraine on 24 February 2022 threw the economy into a tailspin. Vladimir Putin said that he would serve his country for a fifth time and exclaimed that he would help the country overcome all obstacles. His words have gotten other world leaders, and even laymen such as us, all riled up and engaged in heated conversations.

3. Israel and Palestine Conflict

Israel and Palestine conflict maps

Source: Al Jazeera

When the world was recovering from the Russia-Ukraine war, another bomb exploded in the state of Israel. Hamas fighters killed 1300 Israelis by throwing rockets at the Southern part of Israel. The Israelis, in retaliation, began a counterattack which is continuing to this day. The plight of the Palestinians is being felt across the world through social media. Israel continues to bombard Rafah, a city in the Southern Gaza Strip even after sending a team to negotiate a ceasefire with Hamas.

4. 2024 Summer Olympics

Olympic Rings in front of the Eiffel Tower

Source: Yahoo Sports

When we talk about sports, the Olympics is the major event that stands out among all others. This year, the Olympics will be held in Paris from 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024. According to the latest estimate, 10,500 athletes will participate in the Olympics. Paris has set down 35 venues for major competitions and 45,000 volunteers to make sure that everything goes smoothly. As the City of Lights hosts this remarkable event, all the cameras will be directed towards the show. This will inevitably lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of articles covering the event.

5. King Charles’ Return to Public Duty

    King Charles waving to the public

    Source: Vanity Fair

    King Charles, the current monarch of England, had been diagnosed with cancer in February 2024. He had to take a backseat from royal engagements and other public duties to recover from his illness. After almost two months of waiting, people saw King Charles visiting a cancer charity at the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre in London. People on social media are now speculating whether Charles will continue his role as King or this visit is just a one-time appearance.

    10 Ideas to Create Trending Blogs

    The final step in creating a trending blog is to select a particular niche to start your work. A niche is a particular area of knowledge that you can use to create blogs on a regular basis. For example, food, health, and climate change are all niches that provide you with a large set of data to work with. Take a look at some of the top niches for trending blogs in the year 2024.

    1. Health and Fitness

    Fitness and exercise article from the trending blog Everyday Health

    Source: Everyday Health

    Taking care of your health is and should be your utmost priority. That is why blogs related to health are the most popular among readers. People love reading articles and sources that are medically reviewed by a certified doctor.

    Starting a blog related to health and fitness requires research and ingenuity. You need to create sections to help readers choose their favorite topic. You can also come up with attractive fitness blog name ideas to get started on creating a fantastic fitness blog. 

    2. Climate Change

    Climate and energy section of the from the trending blog WWF

    Source: WWF

    Our earth is constantly changing, but not for the better. Every day we see another alarming situation developing due to an increase in temperature, but we do nothing about it. That’s why blogging about climate change should be accurate, to the point, and compelling.

    If you choose to go down this route, make sure you research each topic to make your blog stand out from the rest. Take a look at the WWF climate change blog. It allows users to search for blogs by adding keywords, while the About section gives a clear message to the readers, prompting thought and action.

    3. Fashion

    Homepage of the trending blog Hello Fashion

    Source: Hello Fashion

    Fashion comes to life when people wear clothes that define their personality A trending blog about fashion is a source of information on the latest dresses, trending hairstyles, and the way you carry yourself. It can also be a guide to styling affordable clothing to make it look more fashionable.

    If you’re planning on writing fashion blog posts, use relevant fashion captions and titles to make your blog visible to your relevant audience. Blogs like Hello Fashion can be your inspiration as they talk about everything from wedding dresses to complete guides on creating a perfect wardrobe for each season. 

    4. Travel

    Homepage of the trending blog We Seek Travel

    Source: We Seek Travel

    Traveling is challenging regardless of whether you do it for fun or business. Most people who love to travel do a thorough background check on the location, airlines, and safety protocols in each country. You can tap into this potential market by starting a traveling blog of your own.

    Check out the top travel blogs like We Seek Travel, Nomadic Matt, and The Blonde Abroad for inspiration. Start your blogging journey by exploring and discussing “popular travel destinations” and move on to more relatable topics like “tips on saving money while traveling”. 

    5. Food 

    Homepage of the trending blog Pinch Of Yum

    Source: Pinch of Yum

    Everyone loves food, especially when it comes to delicious cuisines you can cook at home. With the rise in inflation, people don’t always have the budget to go to fancy restaurants every week. That’s why they follow food blogs instead to get new cooking ideas.

    For example, a food blog like Pinch of Yum is about the unique experience of each reader. You can also add a touch of mystery and nuance to the recipes by telling the audience how you discovered each recipe and how it turned out the first time you cooked it.

    6. Parenting

    Homepage of the trending blog Happy You Happy Family

    Source: Happy You, Happy Family

    Taking care of children is a full-time job, and mothers are constantly pressured to be perfect in every aspect of motherhood. With so many sources of information available, it can be difficult for parents to decide which advice to follow. Luckily parenting blogs provide a space for parents to express their frustrations and seek advice without being judged.

    You can take inspiration from blogs like Happy You Happy Family to create blogs that tackle the issues of parenting without overwhelming the readers with loads of information.

    7. Art

    Homepage of the trending blog Colossal

    Source: Colossal

    Artists are constantly looking for new ways to inspire themselves. Each artist has a unique perspective on life and they try to showcase it through their work. An art blog brings out all the best qualities in an artist by providing them with tips on new painting techniques or materials used for creating art.

    Colossal is a great example of an art blog with the right approach to art and artists as a whole. Most importantly, art blogs can be a great way to showcase the work of budding artists while also serving as inspiration.

    8. DIY

    Homepage of the trending blog Addicted2Decorating

    Source: Addicted2Decorating

    Hiring a professional for every odd job around the house can be expensive. That is why most people choose to follow the Do it Yourself route. What better way of making their lives easier than by starting a DIY blog? These blogs talk about and aim to help with the daily struggles of common people.

    These DIY blogs, like Addicted2Decorating, show readers how to transform their bland rooms into exquisite living spaces by using resources they can afford. When you write for yours, make sure you add ideas for decorating for the holidays or crafty ideas for children’s school projects. 

    9. Lifestyle

    Image with drawings of daily life objects and healthy lifestyle caption

    Source: Freepik

    In the age of smartphones and tedious jobs, lifestyle blogs are a breath of fresh air. These blogs provide a fresh perspective on life. For instance, women lifestyle blogs talk about all kinds of topics including fashion, aging, mom life, and time-saving tips.

    You can choose to explore various topics through a women’s lifestyle blog such as travel, food, budgeting, mental health, and careers. A lifestyle blog should help people feel good about their decisions and offer advice on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and general happiness.

    10. Gaming

    AI-generated graphic of a person playing video games in augmented reality

    Source: Freepik

    The gaming world is full of enthusiasts who are ready to search each and every page for gaming advice. A gaming blog is a place where you can provide information on the latest gaming trends and provide solutions for fixing everything from Nintendo switches to PC monitors. You can also provide updates to your audience about new games available on the market.

    Another issue you could tackle is the most annoying problem gamers face: glitches in their system. You can create blogs on troubleshooting various devices and reloading games to save your reader’s time, energy, and money.


    Blogging is the perfect way to connect with other people. Trending blogs simply follow the latest trends in gaming, food, travel, health, fitness, and any other niche. The key to creating a blogging trend is to find topics that resonate with your readers. By talking about the real problems people face every day, you can create a blog that people will remember. You can jump-start the process of blogging with a blog post idea generator and work your way towards more personalized content. Once you build an audience for your trending blog, there is no looking back.

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