Best Vegan Hashtags to Boost Your Reach on Social Media

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Hashtags are the mandatory tools to rank something on every social media platform. They make the process of finding information/content super easy for the users. If you are a food blogger or a dietician who likes to share the food routine or vegan food recipes with the world, you will need some good vegan hashtags. But let’s start from the beginning:

Why Use Vegan Hashtags? 

Now that you know the importance of using hashtags let’s talk about why you should use vegan hashtags. As the world is progressing and advancing so fast the habits of eating are also evolving. Now a good population of the world is vegetarian. The reason for being vegetarian depends on personal reasons but the most common is the idealogy of saving animals. Speaking of animals, check out these awesome animal hashtags for your Instagram posts!

Now the necessity for using vegan hashtags is the fact that many dieticians, cooks, or influencers are guiding people with food and recipes to include in their diet as vegetarians. So to ensure that their content reaches the right audience they use vegan hashtags.

How To Properly Use Them?

If you are interested in plant-based living and want to promote this trend on social media;

  1. Identify your niche: Knowing your niche before making content on it is necessary. So make sure you know where your niche stands.
  2. Search Popular Hashtags: Search for the hashtags that are already doing good in your niche and make a list of those.
  3. Follow people in your category: Follow some vegan dieticians or influencers that actively post content and use hashtags to get an idea.

Best Vegan Hashtags

Here we have compiled the data of hashtags that you will need while posting food and ideas for a vegan diet.

Best Vegan Hashtags

  • #healthyfood
  • #healthylifestyle
  • #cleaneating
  • #fitfood
  • #eatclean
  • #wholefoods
  • #plantbased
  • #veganfood
  • #vegetarianfood
  • #nutrition

Top 10 Vegan Hashtags

If you want to land your social media on top of the category of the vegan space, use these top 10 hashtags to boost your social media reach tremendously.

HashtagNumber of Posts
#vegan131 million
#plantbased25.4 million
#veganfood17.5 million
#whatveganseat9.3 million
#vegansofig8.9 million
#crueltyfree7.9 million
#veganism7.6 million
#veganrecipes7.3 million
#vegansofinstagram6.9 million
#veganlife6.7 million

Easy Difficulty Vegan Hashtags

There are some hashtags that are easy to use and they have less competition as compared to others. We have compiled a list of such hashtags along with a table mentioning their difficulty level. Use these hashtags according to your need.

HashtagDifficulty Level

Popular Vegan Hashtags 

Here is the list of some popular hashtags that you can use:

Image listing popular vegan hashtags

And if you want to generate your own, give our free hashtag generator a spin today!

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