Trendy Anime Hashtags for Social Media

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There are a lot of anime fans all over social media who are constantly searching for anime content. By categorising and specifying content you can make this easy for anime fans to reach your content. This can also help to boost your social media by attracting more anime followers and using relevant hashtags. 

If you are a person who is interested in anime, we have compiled some trendy and cool anime hashtags for you to reach the height of your ultimate social media goals.

How to Use These Hashtags?

If you are interested in content related to anime and want to promote this trend on social media, there are a few ways that tell how you should use anime hashtags:

  1. Identify your niche: Knowing your niche before making content on it is necessary. So make sure you know where your niche stands.
  2. Search Popular Hashtags: Search for the hashtags already doing good in your niche and make a list of those popular tags.
  3. Follow more people: You should follow people in your community and interact by commenting on what they are posting and sharing.
  4. Raise Voice: By using anime hashtags you can increase awareness about a particular topic that is related to this group.
  5. Creative Content: By posting creative content related to the niche you can capture the attention of the audience.

Top Notch Hashtags

There are millions of anime fans around the world. Whether you are new to this genre or if you are a die-hard otaku, Anime Hashtags are always good reasons for you to use on social media. We are giving you some hashtags that you can use on social media for anime content.


Top Ranked Hashtags 

Hashtags related to anime are very trendy on different social media channels. Depending on the popularity of this category the competition is also high on these hashtags. Some top-rated hashtags related to this category are mentioned here:

Hashtags No of posts
#Anime72.5 M
#Animelove30.2 M
#Animecraze12.78 M
#Otaku39.9 M
#Manga50 M

Cool Hashtags 

Some simple hashtags related to the anime category that you can use on your social media are;

  • #animefans
  • #animecartoon
  • #animelove
  • #myanime
  • #animeselfie
  • #animeanimal

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Top 10 Hashtags

The top 10 hashtags of the category anime are as follows;

HashtagsNumber of Posts
#mangafans60.2 M
#cosplay65.3 M
#animelover10.6 M
#otaku 34.6 M
#animegirl 9.4 M
#japan164 M
#animeheart27.4 M
#animememes14.9 M


Related Hashtags 

Below are the hashtags that are related to the category of anime;

#oOKATU34.6 M

Note that you can also create your own hashtags using our free hashtags generator. Give it a try today!

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