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Created by David Karp in 2007 and currently owned by an American company Automatic, Tumblr is a social networking website. In his own words, Tumblr’s founder, David Karp boasted his efforts as “there are very few people who have the privilege of getting to invent things that billions of people use.” And, of course, he was right as Tumblr has almost 550M users.

All the same, it welcomes bloggers from all parts of the world. They can create enjoyable types of blogs on Tumblr here and win more likes, shares, and followers to grow. But Tumblr blogs are different from the blogs hosted on other sites. 

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Unlike conventional text-heavy blogs, Tumblr is tailor-made for sharing pictures, GIFs, videos, text, and links. Simply put, it is a micro-blogging platform that lets you share no-nonsense (or nonsense, if that’s more your vibes) and visually-driven content.

You can craft engaging blogs on this platform almost related to anything. Anything can be advice, review, art, design, fandom, theme, inspiration, food, fashion, lifestyle, nature, animals, photography, sports, politics, humor, music, etc. In this guide, we’ll dive into the rundown of different types of blogs on Tumblr. Let’s get started to explore Tumblr better than ever!

Quick Tour of Tumblr

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As we discussed above, Tumblr is all about quick hits of content. It may include photos, GIFs, quotes, and snippets of text. Basically, it offers a space for those who want to connect with others to explore, share, and express their creativity and blogging skills. 

It’s a place to make friends, connect with influencers, and even gain an online following by showing your quirky charm.

To put it plainly, Tumblr is a creative space for writers, artists, photographers, and creators of all kinds. Everyone is free to share their ideas based on any topic (as posts). The users here can like, comment, or reblog the posts they love. It’s really that simple! 

Apart from its simplicity, Tumblr’s mobile-friendly interface makes it popular among users. As of 2023, its monthly visits were 222M+ which proves that Tumblr has a huge user base. A study by Marketsplash shows that it has hosted more than 570 million blogs to date.

How to Use Tumblr?

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Now that you know what is Tumblr, we’ll explore its usage in this section. It’ll help you to start your own blog, set up an account, leverage customization, and create content.

How to Set up a Tumblr Account?

  • Head to the register/ login page on the website.
  • Enter your email address, a password, and a username. Please note that your username will be part of your blog’s URL. So, you need to choose something that reflects your blog’s theme/ topic or your personality. You can also change your username later in your blog settings. 
  • After you sign up, you will need to verify your email address and select at least five interests to follow.

There you go! You’ve successfully created your Tumblr account.


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Tumblr is home to a mix of bloggers and brands. Here they can showcase their blogging, creativity, and skills. The best thing about Tumblr is that it is highly customizable. This feature makes it easy for users to personalize their blogs with colors and HTML. Here’s how to do so: 

  • You can access your blog settings by clicking on the “Edit appearance” button on your blog’s page. 
  • From there, you can change your blog title, description, avatar, and more. 
  • Now you can pick a theme, change colors, and fonts, and even add a background image to reflect your style. You can use the default (free) themes provided by Tumblr. You can also browse and install themes from other sources. 
  • You can edit your blog’s HTML and CSS codes if you want to create a custom layout.
  • Additionally, you can add pages, links, and widgets to your blog. 

These small details can help make your blog one of the top blogs on Tumblr!

Content Creation

It’s time to learn about content creation on Tumblr. To create content on Tumblr, you can use the dashboard or the App. The dashboard is the main page where you can see the posts from the blogs you follow, as well as create your own posts. 

Following are the different types of posts you can craft on Tumblr with their descriptions:

Post TypeDescription
Text PostShare your thoughts, stories, or ideas through written content.
Photo PostUpload and showcase your favorite images or art designs.
Quote PostShare inspiring quotes or snippets from books, movies, or your own thoughts.
Link PostShare interesting articles, websites, or videos by pasting the link.
Chat PostCreate conversations or dialogues in a chat format.
Audio PostShare music, podcasts, or any audio recordings.
Video PostUpload and share videos on your blog.

As of now, you have an idea about Tumblr posts. Now identify your suitable niche. It will help you attract like-minded followers who are interested in your content. 

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to use tags in your content. They are the keywords that help categorize your content and make it discoverable by the audience. Keep in mind that people search Tumblr blogs mostly by keywords.

Post consistently and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content. Practicing new things can keep your blog dynamic and engaging.

You can use the app to post content from your mobile device, as well as access other features like messaging, notifications, and search. It’s very easy to download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

2 Types of Blogs on Tumblr

2 Types of Blogs on Tumblr

On Tumblr, you can have more than one blog on your account. However, not all blogs are the same. There are two types of blogs on Tumblr: primary and secondary blogs. We’ll explore both below.

Primary Blogs

These are the main blogs associated with your account. You can have only one primary blog, and it’s the one you originally signed up with. This is where your original content is posted.

Secondary Blogs

As the name shows, these are additional blogs you can create under the same account. They allow you to explore other interests or create specific content separate from your primary blog. 

You can create and manage multiple secondary blogs from your primary account. The limit set by Tumblr is up to 10 secondary blogs per day.

To explore more about the detailed differences between these two suggestion blogs on Tumblr, take a gander at this table:

Primary BlogsSecondary Blogs
Main blog associated with your accountAdditional blogs linked to your primary blog
Represents your online identityExplores different topics or interests
Customizable appearanceLimited customization options
Has its own set of followersShare followers with the primary blog
Features original contentFocuses on a specific theme or project
Uses tags for categorizationCan reach different audiences while staying connected to primary blog’s followers
Share and interact with like-minded usersHelps in targeting diverse audiences

What Types of Blogs Do People Create on Tumblr?

Blogging on Tumblr is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It greatly depends on your interest in what you love to blog about. 

Once you select the niche of your interest, then you can create engaging and insightful content. No wonder (if done right and passionately) this content can make you one of the top bloggers on Tumblr!

Below are the common and popular Tumblr blog types with brief descriptions. See what inspires you and start your blogging journey today!

Types of Blogs on Tumblr


Fandom blogs are dedicated to a specific TV show, movie, book series, or celebrity. Fans connect and share their love for a particular fandom through discussions, fan art, fanfiction, and more.

Mood Boards

These blogs focus on creating and sharing aesthetic collages of images, colors, fonts, and quotes. They are based on a theme, a mood, a character, a place, or anything other central idea. Mood boards are a way of expressing one’s personality, style, and emotions through visual elements.


Music blogs focus on sharing and promoting different genres of music. They feature playlists, reviews, artist spotlights, and discussions about the latest releases and classic favorites.


The best lifestyle blogs on Tumblr revolve around personal interests, daily routines, fashion, beauty tips, travel experiences, and personal stories.


Food blogs can post recipes, photos, videos, reviews, and stories related to food. Moreover, they let you explore different cuisines, dishes, ingredients, and techniques related to food.


The best Tumblr photography blogs usually post photos, videos, tutorials, tips, and inspiration related to photography. They also feature different types of photography, such as landscapes, portraits, streets, wildlife, and more. 


Nature blogs focus on appreciating and exploring the wonders of the natural world. They feature breathtaking photos, educational content, environmental discussions, and travel experiences related to nature.


Animal blogs celebrate the beauty and charm of animals. They share adorable and captivating photos, videos, and stories about pets, wildlife, animal welfare, and conservation efforts.


Sports blogs center around discussions, updates, and analysis of various sports, teams, players, and athletic events.


Politics blogs can post news, opinions, debates, and analysis related to politics. They give you a chance to discuss different political issues, ideologies, parties, and leaders related to politics. But you need to be careful and not post hateful content.


Such blogs let you share jokes, memes, funny videos, and humorous content that aims to entertain and bring joy to the audience.


Theme blogs focus on a particular theme or concept, such as minimalism, vintage, aesthetics, or specific colors. They curate content that embodies and celebrates the chosen theme.

Art & Design

Tumblr is a hub of aesthetic blogs that are all about art and design. Here, you can post drawings, paintings, sculptures, graphics, logos, and other forms of art and design.


The inspirational Tumblr blogs offer motivational quotes, uplifting messages, personal stories, and life advice. They aim to inspire and empower readers to overcome challenges and live fulfilling lives.


Advice blogs can post answers, tips, suggestions, and guidance to questions and problems that others have. Here, you can offer guidance to your followers as an expert on a subject matter.


Review blogs focus on evaluating and sharing opinions on various products, books, movies, TV shows, video games, and more. They help users make informed decisions and discover new recommendations.


Q. How to send asks from a secondary blog?

To send asks from a secondary blog, navigate to the blog you want to ask from. Click the person icon (or “Ask”, if available) on the top right of the blog’s page. Once you do this, type your question in the “Ask a question” box provided. Then, click “Ask” to send it.

Q. How do I delete a blog on Tumblr?

To delete a blog on Tumblr, you need to go to your blog’s settings and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a “Delete blog” button. Click on it and confirm your action. You can delete a secondary blog without affecting your primary blog. Remember, you cannot delete your primary blog without deleting your entire account. If you want to delete your primary blog, you need to go to your account settings and click on the “Delete account” button.

Q. Can I change the type of blog I have on Tumblr?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to change the focus or theme of your primary or secondary blog at any time. This allows you to adapt to evolving interests or explore new topics.

Wrap Up

Setting up a Tumblr account is simple. Personalizing it with customization options and creating various types of content to share with the Tumblr community is the real challenge. Even more so might be to decide on one from all the Types of Blogs on Tumblr there are to choose from. But that’s where all the fun is!

When you start blogging on Tumblr, you need some catchy blog post ideas to craft engaging content. Our Free Blog Post Idea Generator comes to the rescue! It’ll give you tons of share-worthy blog post ideas to select from. Start leveraging it right now as it’ll not even cost you a single penny!

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