30+ Top Blogs on Tumblr to Obsess Over in 2024

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Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. It allows users to create and share short-form blogs, including text, visuals, audio/ video, and links. With 600M+ blog posts, it is the hub of microblogging. 

But not all the blogs are created equal. Some of them are more influential, popular, and engaging than the rest. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top blogs on Tumblr that you should follow in 2024.

Our Picks for Top Blogs on Tumblr

Our Picks for Top Blogs on Tumblr

Tumblr is a hotbed of creativity and self-expression. This is why you can explore a plethora of the best personal blogs to read on the platform. Here are our picks for the overall top Tumblr blog examples to follow and stay updated on.

  • All That is Interesting: All That is Interesting is a captivating Tumblr blog that covers thought-provoking content spanning from fascinating historical artifacts to compelling global events. 
  • The Frogman: This is a blog by Benjamin Grelle, aka The Frogman. Here, you can find everything related to comedy and photography!
  • Life on Sundays: Explore this blog to celebrate the essence of relaxation and leisure to enjoy your Sunday mood to the fullest.
  • Ultrafacts: As the name shows, here you’ll find interesting and eye-popping facts. They’ll help to increase your knowledge, and keep you appraised on world events!
  • Pusheen: It’s a blog about Pusheen the cat and it brings smiles to the faces of followers with its cutie activities.
  • The Classy Issue: This blog covers a versatile range of topics. It never fails to amaze its readers with something new every time.
  • Ruined Childhood 2: It is an awesome compilation of the best moments from relevant TV shows taken out of context for maximum hilarity!
  • Texts From Superheroes: Run by Andrew Ivimey and Diana McCallum, this blog is a comedic series of essays. It gives you exciting content about how superheroes’ extraordinary abilities impact their everyday lives in unexpected and amusing ways.
  • Cannot Unsee: This blog unwraps your childhood heroes and dreams and turns them into nightmares!
  • AZspot: It’s a fun blog that gives readers interesting info with a dose of humor. 

Top 10 Funniest Blogs on Tumblr

I Need Some Space - Alien Graphic Illustration

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We’ve listed below the ten most visited Tumblr blogs that are funny enough to make you laugh out loud.

  • T-Rex Trying: This is a blog about a short-armed dinosaur with unfortunate circumstances. 
  • Pleated Jeans: Pleated Jeans is a quirky and lighthearted blog that gained traction for its eclectic mix of entertaining and relatable posts. They include funny images, memes, gifs, jokes, and all things humor.
  • When Parents Text: This is dedicated to endearing and awkward texts exchanged between parents and kids.
  • OMG-HUMOUR: OMG-HUMOUR will have you laughing out loud and sharing the laughter with all your friends.
  • SRS FUNNY: This blog takes humor seriously and entertains its followers with on-point jokes and memes.
  • Clients From Hell: It captures frustrating and absurd encounters with difficult clients. They are perfect to make you roll on the floor laughing or physically cringe.
  • Daily Meme: This blog has fantastic memes delivered straight to your Tumblr dashboard every day.
  • Literally Unbelievable: A mind-boggling Tumblr blog demonstrating real-life instances of people. It also covers those who take satirical news articles seriously.
  • H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S: Your go-to Tumblr blog for a daily dose of laughter with a lot of haha-larious moments!
  • I Love Charts: A captivating Tumblr blog dedicated to the art of graphics that entertain you.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs on Tumblr

Trendy Woman in Brown Long Leather Jacket

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If you love to know what’s trending hot in fashion, then here’s our curated list of top Tumblr fashion blogs for inspo:

  • All the Pretty Things: This blog shows beautiful clothing and lifestyle and keeps you in the know for the latest trends. 
  • VISABELLEMW: The endless source of daily chic photos for fashion inspiration.
  • Studded Rose: It features a mix of street-style looks and creative ways to style outfits.
  • The Fashion Guitar: It features an off-duty style of models and style bloggers.
  • Anouk On The Brink: This blog showcases individual styling options. Moreover, you can enjoy versatile lifestyle content.
  • Nevskiypodium: Your looks matter and Nevskiypodium helps you there! Decide your daily chic looks by following this blog on Tumblr.
  • Girl With Curves: This blog is popular due to its unique approach. It celebrates body positivity in style for women of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Slufoot: Here, you’ll find the stuff you love about fashion, style, and everything in between.
  • Her New Tribe: This is a blog for empowering ladies who follow a fashion-forward approach. One can explore new fashion trends here and stay updated.
  • Death by Elocution: It is a hub of endless chic styling strategies. 

If you ever plan to start your own lifestyle blog, these best lifestyle blogs will help inspire you.

Bonus: Top 3 Tumblr Fandom Blogs

Following are the top 3 Tumblr fandom blogs we specially handpicked for you:

  • Just Another Fandom Blog: This blog connects fans through a shared love for movies, TV shows, and more.
  • Multi Fandom Blog: It’s a dynamic Tumblr blog space covering a wide range of fandoms. Simply put, it is no less than a one-stop destination for fans to enjoy all their favorite shows.
  • Fandom: It lets fans explore, engage, and connect with fellow enthusiasts who share their passion for all things pop culture

Have you checked out our picks for the best photography blogs on Tumblr? If not, explore them now to get an idea of the latest photography trends!

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular types of blogs on Tumblr that you should start following now. Consider leveraging Tumblr to express your creativity to the world!

Once you go through these top blogs on Tumblr, try using our Free Blog Post Idea Generator. It’ll help you to generate tons of content ideas. It’s absolutely free and a sweet spot for all bloggers out there to try and test their ideas!

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