How to Craft Click Bait Titles That Boost Your Online Presence

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Click bait titles are all about acquiring the attention of users and compelling them to click. These titles often spark curiosity and lure audiences with the – oftentimes false – promise of intriguing content. The goal of click bait titles is simple – attract as many viewers as possible.

How clickbait titles can help in getting more traffic.

However, the use of click bait titles is a double-edged sword. While they considerably increase traffic, sometimes they mislead audiences by promising more than the content delivers. Let’s further explore the different aspects of click bait titles, the best tips on how to make clickbait titles, and some effective examples as well.

Understanding Click Bait Titles

Understanding what clickbait titles are and why they are used

Have you often heard about click bait titles but are unsure what exactly they are? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

What Are Clickbait Titles?

Click bait titles are engaging headlines used in online content to captivate readers into clicking the link. These titles promise sensational content by creating a sense of curiosity or urgency. The fundamental aim of click bait titles is to increase web traffic.

Sometimes, click bait titles may be misleading. They can misrepresent the actual content of the article or video. This could lead to the disappointment of readers and undermine the trust of the website.

Why Do People Use Clickbait Titles?

Click bait titles are a common tactic used to get attention and entice online readers. People use them primarily to increase their website’s traffic. A higher number of visitors leads to more ad revenue and greater online visibility.

Click bait headlines play on human curiosity and the desire to get quick information. People utilize them particularly on social media platforms. This is because social media users scroll quickly and are captivated by eye-catching headlines.

How to Use Clickbait Titles to Your Advantage

How to use clickbait titles that work for you

Have you ever wondered how to make a clickbait title that works for you? Let’s discover some of the most effective strategies for clickbait titles.

1. Use curiosity.

Best clickbait titles hint at information without giving it all away. For example, you may write “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next”. This approach leaves readers wanting more and compels them to click on your links.

2. Use numbers and lists.

Titles with numbers or lists, like “Top 10 Tips,” promise more readable and exciting content for users. They suggest a structured format that promises quick and specific insights. This makes readers more likely to click.

3. Create a sense of urgency.

The best clickbait headlines convey urgency, such as “Act Now”, which prompts readers to click immediately. This strategy works on the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and can be quite effective in driving quick engagement.

4. Use power words.

Incorporating power words like “Amazing” or “Shocking” into catchy clickbait titles can evoke strong emotional responses. These words enhance the impact of the title, making it more click-worthy.

5. Pose a question.

Titles that ask intriguing questions can be very effective. Questions engage readers by directly involving them and prompting a desire for the answer.

6. Promise a solution.

It is important to suggest a solution to common problems in your title. You can craft titles such as “How to Lose Weight Fast.” Such titles appeal to the desire of the readers by giving practical advice or answers.

7. Keep it short.

Short and concise good clickbait titles are easier to read. For smaller devices such as mobile phones, these titles are more likely to be fully reviewed. Brevity ensures your message is clear and makes the title more impactful.

8. Test and optimize.

You can use A/B testing to see which click bait title performs better. This strategy involves changing one element of the title and then comparing the performance of each version. Continuous testing will ensure that your titles remain quantitatively effective.

9. Add a personal touch.

In a clickbait title, adding “you” or “your” makes the title more personal to the reader. This approach creates a stronger connection with your readers. It also ensures your title directly addresses their interests, garnering those clicks.

10. Use trending topics.

One of the most effective strategies for clickbait article titles is to use trending or the most searched topics. You can reference the latest trends or even break news. Altogether, this will make your content more relevant to the readers.

What Not to Do While Using Clickbait Titles

Some of the common mistakes to avoid when crafting your clickbait tiles

Let’s explore the common mistakes to avoid when you’re brainstorming about how to make clickbait titles. This will ensure that your content remains both engaging and credible.

1. Avoid misleading content.

You should ensure that your clickbait headline accurately reflects the content of your article. A clickbait title that is misleading may damage your credibility. It can further deter readers from returning, as they feel tricked into clicking.

2. Don’t exaggerate.

While exaggeration may be effective, it can mostly lead to disappointment in clickbait titles. This happens when the content doesn’t live up to the hype of the title. In the long run, it may even harm your reputation and reader trust.

3. Avoid offensive language.

Titles with negative or offensive language can turn the readers away. Whenever crafting a clickbait title, always remember to keep titles respectful and inclusive.

4. Don’t ignore SEO.

While clickbait titles are there to get attraction, neglecting SEO practices can limit your content’s visibility. Hence, you should balance catchy titles with relevant keywords to create effective SEO blog titles.

5. Avoid spammy elements.

It is always best not to make your title look too spammy. This can happen with excessive use of capital letters or punctuation marks. Such clickbait titles can be off-putting and even be penalized on certain platforms.

6. Don’t overpromise.

Do not make grand promises in your click bait titles that your content doesn’t fulfill. Disappointed readers are less likely to trust your future content or even your brand.

7. Avoid being vague.

While invoking curiosity is effective, being overly vague can frustrate readers. For instance, a vague title could be “This is Amazing”. A better version of the title would be “Discover the Amazing Secrets to Double Your Savings”. Hence, your title should give a clear idea of what the content is about.

8. Don’t use complex language.

Complex language, jargon or niche terms can confuse your readers. Therefore, you should use clear and easy language to ensure your content is accessible to a wider audience. 

9. Avoid controversies.

Staying away from controversial topics in clickbait titles is advisable to maintain the positive image of your brand. Controversial titles may attract initial attention, but will backfire in the long run. That’s because such titles may lead to negative publicity and might even upset some segments of your audience.

10. Don’t use unreliable metrics.

You should not use any questionable or unverified statistics in your clickbait titles just to get more views. Misleading metrics can erode trust and credibility among your readers. 

Top Examples of Clickbait Titles That Actually Work

The most effective examples of click bait titles

Get inspired by these best clickbait headline examples that are crafted to get attention and drive clicks. We’re going to talk about two major categories, but you can use these as inspiration to create any title you want.


  • “You Won’t Believe What This Celebrity Looks Like Now”

This title works because it piques curiosity about a celebrity’s transformation. Also, it incites those interested in gossip and dramatic changes.

  • “This Video Has Gone Viral for One Surprising Reason – Find Out Why” 

This title taps into curiosity about viral phenomena and engages you to find out more.

  • “See the Photo That is Making Everyone Emotional”

This title works by invoking curiosity and empathy. It encourages you to see what could be so moving.

  • “Unbelievable! Man Survives in Wilderness for a Year With Just This Tool” 

This title captivates with a story of survival. It entices you to read more about the mysterious tool that made this survival possible.

  • “The Hidden Side of History – What Your Teachers Never Told You” 

This title captivates you by suggesting there are unknown aspects of history. It further emphasizes that these historical facts were never taught to you.

  • “Financial Secrets That Investment Bankers Don’t Want You to Learn” 

The title hints at exclusive financial knowledge that may not be found easily elsewhere. It taps into your aspirations for wealth and insider information.

  • “Millionaire Reveals Secrets to His Success – You Can Do It Too!” 

This is one of the click bait titles that offer inspiration and practical advice. It appeals to the universal desire for success and financial freedom while still keeping it attainable.

  • “Mother Saves Family With This One Weird Trick”

This title acquires attention by combining danger, family, and an unusual solution. It also makes you curious about the story behind it.

  • “Why Are People Rushing To Get This New Tech Gadget”

This title taps into the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) on a popular item and stimulates curiosity about the gadget.


  • “10 Secrets Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You to Know”

This title is effective as it suggests exclusive knowledge. It taps into your desire to be informed about the secrets to your well-being.

  • “The Top 5 Foods You Should Never Eat – Number 3 Will Shock You!” 

This title intrigues you to examine your diet. Also, the promise of shock at number 3 keeps you hooked. 

  • “This Simple Trick Will Help You Lose Weight Overnight!” 

It’s compelling since it offers you an easy solution to a common issue, i.e., weight loss. The title promises immediate results which is quite appealing.

  • “Experts Are Stunned By This New Health Discovery!” 

It suggests a groundbreaking revelation in health. It incites your desire for new and authoritative health information.

  • “The Diet Hack Celebrities Don’t Want You to Know About” 

The title combines the allure of celebrity secrets with the promise of an easy solution to a common challenge, i.e., dieting.

  • “Hidden Dangers in Your Kitchen – What You Need to Know” 

It creates a sense of urgency and fear about everyday safety in your kitchen. This engages you to learn more about potential risks in your kitchen.

  • “The Shocking Truth About Your Favorite Supermarket Foods!” 

This title refers to a scandal or hidden negative aspect of the everyday supermarket products you consume. This lures you to read more about concerns regarding food safety.

  • “How This Simple Change Can Add Years to Your Life” 

The title promises a life-enhancing tip that anyone can use. It provides you with an easy solution to living a healthy and long life.

Be sure to check out our guide on the idea of a clickbait title maker to make headlines that get the attention of your audience.

Final Thoughts

There is no better way to attract your audience and increase your website traffic than by using click bait titles. However, it is important that you do not mislead with these titles to maintain credibility among your audience. And remember to explore our clickbait title examples and follow our tips to craft the perfect titles that enhance the engagement of your content. 

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