60+ Awesome Rainy Day Instagram Captions for Your Posts

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A rainy day is the perfect day to take some stunning pictures for Instagram.

Whether you enjoy the rain, singing in the shower, or doing fantastic stuff like dancing, writing, or reading poetry, there is always a unique way to enjoy a rainy day.

But what about posting rainy-day pictures along with rainy day Instagram captions? Of course, your followers and loved ones would love to see what you do on rainy days!

While posting photos of a rainy day, add an ideal caption that genuinely depicts your mood and thoughts. This will make your post an ideal fit for the day and Instagram.

We’ve compiled a variety of rainy day Instagram captions for you to try.

Romantic Rainy Day Instagram Captions

Here are some cool and amazing rainy day Instagram captions that you can use to boost your reach on Instagram:

  • With every drop of rain, I feel your touch on my skin.
  • Every day with you is a romantic rainy day.
  • My favorite weather is when you smile.
  • I will always bring an umbrella for you on a rainy day.
  • A good rain initiates good beginnings for our love life.
  • The sound of rain reminds me of our love backstory.
  • Raindrops bring your memories back to my life.
  • Whenever it rains, I feel you are coming.
  • Rains wash everything for us so that we see our paths together.
  • I promise I will be as gentle with your heart as raindrops.

Sad Rainy Day Instagram Captions

Rainy day captions
  • Rain makes my heart cry for you again.
  • I can wash my tears in the shower so nobody sees me.
  • A lonely raindrop on my window reflects my inner loneliness.
  • Only a shower can understand what my sorrows are.
  • The sky cries with me when I miss you.
  • My broken heart finds solace in the rain.
  • My sadness is washed away by this rain.
  • Seems like my tears have reached heaven; it’s crying too.
  • Raindrops fall directly on my heart and come through my eyes.
  • There is something special that the rain is conveying in my ears.

Torrential Rain Instagram Captions

rainy captions for IG

  • It pours when the rain occurs.
  • My spirit cannot be dampened by torrential rain.
  • Stormy weather brings storms into the heart too.
  • Rain pours vibrant energy into the world.
  • The raindrop teaches us to splash in the ocean of life!
  • For something great to happen, we have to first face the storm!
  • Torrential rain is the symbol that reminds everyone in this world is tested.
  • Torrential rain tells us that it is not easy to wash your past memories.
  • There is no doubt that after a rainstorm, you see clarity in the world and in life.
  • I feel I am alive when I dance in torrential rain!

Summer Rain Instagram Captions

Ah, the smell of rain on dry soil! The word describing it – petrichor – is almost as beautiful as the feeling itself.

What better day than this to capture some incredible and unique photos and add the best summer Instagram captions to level up your game on Instagram?

  • The real magic happens when it’s summer and it rains too!
  • Vibrant flowers are a blossoming gift for a summer shower.
  • Nature cools off the summer heat with the blessing of rain.
  • Summer rain heals everything and brings joy.
  • What will be the perfect excuse to dance other than summer rain?
  • A splash of happiness is rain in summer.
  • Freedom and joy combine when rain and summer unite.
  • Summer rain is the secret blessing of God only a few can hear.
  • The smell of wet soil in summer rain brings pure nostalgia.
  • Summer rain is the time when we can enjoy rain to the fullest!

Rainy day captions

Happy Rainy Day Instagram Captions

Did you know happiness experts claim that rainy days make you as happy as sunny ones? Let’s enjoy that fact with a good ol’ instagram post captioned from below:

  • I let my inner child come out on a rainy day.
  • Every inch of my body feels like dancing on a rainy summer day.
  • I create memories of laughter on a rainy day.
  • A rainy day never dampens the light. It washes everything so the light reaches everyone!
  • Rain is a form of coziness and happiness inside the home.
  • It’s a rainy day, an accessible shower day.
  • The smell of rain is far better than perfumes.
  • The sound of rain is therapy for my heart and soul.
  • Catch up on some books and enjoy a rainy day.
  • Rain brings happiness to those who embrace it.

Funny Umbrella Captions

  • My umbrella and I are the perfect fit for a rainy day.
  • Carry an umbrella, or else enjoy bad hair the whole day.
  • Be my umbrella and be with me in the rain and sun.
  • Never throw your umbrella on a sunny day, or else it will take revenge.
  • Enjoying the rain but using an umbrella as a sidekick always.
  • Umbrella twirling is an underrated skill.
  • My umbrella is my superhero on a rainy day.
  • My umbrella shines while I keep myself in style.
  • It’s a wonder how I carried an umbrella in a rainy storm.
  • If umbrellas could scream, they would never let the rain come again.

Rainy day Instagram Captions

Best Rainy Day Quotes for Instagram

  • Rain teaches us how to walk in the storms.
  • Let the rain wash every sorrow of our hearts.
  • Rain is a blessing that washes all the dirt off our spirits and the world.
  • Nobody has heard a conversation between a tiny leaf and a first raindrop.
  • My heart translates the sound of rain into mesmerizing music.
  • Rain not only waters the plants but also the souls.
  • When the sky cannot take any more burden, it descends to the earth in the form of rain.
  • I am ready for a fresh start as the rain will set everything to restart.
  • Rain is a gentle reminder that someone lives in the skies too.

Final Thoughts

Elevate your rainy-day posts with our curated list of 60+ captions. Transform your selfies into visual stories, pair them with trending hashtags, or channel your inner artist with our unique art captions for Instagram.

And if you want to create your own rainy-day Instagram captions, why not give our Free Captions Generator a spin today?

Just like raindrops that keep falling, our generator can pour out as many captions as your creativity desires.

Embrace the art of expression, and let your rainy day moments shine brighter than ever before.

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