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Master Trendsetting Art: How to Find Trending Hashtags?

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Put aside your struggles that are not fruitful and let’s be smart in opting for the right strategy that works for social media! Believe me, it exists! This article is brought to you here for this! We’ll show you how to find trending hashtags that will uplift your social media marketing strategy.

First, let’s consider the basics. Have any idea of trending hashtags? If yes, pretty good! If not, here’s a simple one for you, my friend, It’s simply a signpost/ small phrase with no spacing that people are liking the most. In simple words, folks can connect with your posts via trending hashtags. 

Hence, they are a connectivity source between you and your followers/ other peeps on social media. Now, use tags that have great potential. And it is how you can turn a random viewer on your post into a loyal fan/follower. 

FYI: Please be sure to pop in your competitors’ popular tags strategy too. Plus, never stop your search for trending hashtags. It’s a constantly evolving world where you can win when you keep yourself updated. Simply putting:

More Trending Tags Research = Better Chances of Winning Targeted Audience

Hashtags are crucial in social media marketing. They can make or break your social media game. But don’t worry about the word break that I just used. This article is here to amp up your social media. Let’s MAKE it! 

So, hashtags are a powerful tool to increase your reach and visibility on social media platforms. Plus, they help your content get discovered by users who are interested in the same topics or themes. It’s crucial to use relevant and trending hashtags to attract the right audience. And get more engagement on your posts. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. But with the right strategies!

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of finding trending hashtags.

We’ll first jump into understanding the science behind hashtags that trend and become popular. Then, there’s an important thing to know to find trending hashtags. You guessed it right! Our targeted audience. After that, here comes the point to explore different relevant hashtags tools. 

How to stay updated on relevant tags is our next query to look for! The most amazing part here is that it covers info on creating your customized hashtags. For now, we are going to explore understanding trending hashtags:

Understanding Trending Hashtags

Catchy trending hashtag featuring a toddler

How to find trending and famous hashtags? Are you in search of this query’s answer? 

Finding trending hashtags is easier than getting dressed in the morning. Let me spill the tea for you. First things first, check out Twitter’s “Explore” section for the most popular hashtags of the day. 

Trust me, it’s like a cheat sheet for all the trending topics. But if Twitter isn’t your thing, worry not! Head over to Instagram’s “Search” section and type in a keyword that relates to your post or post idea. Instagram will give you a list of related hashtags. 

And it even shows you how many posts are using them with the number of post thing behind each hashtag. So, there you have it, honey. Finding trending hashtags is as easy as pie. Happy posting! 

Ok, I am fetching here some real-time results for you.

Image depicting how to find trending hashtags online



Benefits of Using Trending Hashtags on Instagram

When you use trending hashtags, it’s like having a secret weapon to elevate social media posts’ engagement. Here are some benefits to get you on board:

  • Maximum visibility! It’s a simple formula! More eyes on your post = more likes, comments, and followers.
  • Try to pick trendy hashtags yet Relevant! 
  • Use a trending tag and talk to a community with flooded engagement on your posts. 
  • Beat the social media algorithm! You should know which tag is suitable or optimized for which post and use it likewise. 
  • So, there you have it, my friend! Slay on social media apps by using hot and trendy tags!

Oh, you want to know about brands that have nailed the hashtag game?

Examples of Brands That Have Successfully Used Trending Hashtags

  • Oreo: 2013 Super Bowl. And the power went out! Can you imagine the situation? Well, Oreo seized the chance and attracted customers with a catchy Tweet. Its marketing team Tweeted “You can still dunk in the dark.” Yeah, it was a very clever and at the same time smart thing to do. Well, #BlackoutTweeting was a tag that went viral. And it won a major social media influence for Oreo.
  • Nike: Nike’s #justdoit campaign is a standard brand example of using a hashtag. And promoted its products in a well-planned manner. It was a popular tag and the brand used it in many ads. 
  • Wendy’s: Wendy’s Twitter account always entertains its customers with witty comebacks to tweets. The most successful example of their strategic humor vibe is #NuggsForCarter. This tag created a buzz on social media where a customer, Carter, asked for free nuggets for an entire year. And Wendy’s challenged him to get 18 million retweets for it. Carter did it! Amazed? Yeah, it happened and that particular tag went viral. Of course, it earned Wendy’s a ton of positive publicity.
an image depicting customized hashtag on a t-shirt


So, there you have it, honey! These brands established a clear example that how trending hashtags lead to social media success.

Identifying Your Target Audience

How to find popular hashtags on Instagram? Different factors play a significant role in this regard. Let’s jump into them without any delay:

Importance of Identifying Your Target Audience

  • Strive to create content that resonates with your audience. Also, it would be a plus point if you deliver your message in clear and simple hashtag wording.
  • Reach your audience and especially those who have higher chances of converting to your loyal fanbase. 
  • Play smarter and avoid those folks who would be less interested in your content. 
image depicting a marketer zooming in on their target audience


How to Identify Your Target Audience?

  • Determine the interests of your audience based on their demographics.
  • Do some effort and go for adopting different strategies to research what your audience loves the most. A smart tip: Use different techniques including surveys & smart analytical tools to get accurate facts and figures in this regard.
  • A buyer persona is very effective when it comes to identifying your audience. Yes, it is! 

How to Understand Your Audience’s Interests & Behavior on Social Media?

  • Analyze social media metrics to understand what content highly engages your audience. Research it more and prepare some more sizzling things according to it. Plus, note their active timing.
  • Understand what your audience cares about.
  • Use audience targeting tools available on social media platforms to reach specific demographics and interests.

So, here was a sassy guide to identifying and understanding your target audience. Get out there and start targeting like a pro! These all things are vital. When it comes to how to find trending hashtags? Keep reading good stuff!

Researching Relevant Hashtags

A businessman saying research is the secret sauce to finding the right trending hashtags that will allow you to reach a wider audience

Hashtags are the lifeline of social media! They allow you to boost social media post engagement. But how to find popular hashtags for your brand/business? The answer lies in research! 

By researching relevant hashtags, you can ensure that your content is seen by the right people. Actually, at the right time. So, get ready to enter the world of hashtag research. And discover the power of relevant hashtags. Get your sass on and let’s do this!

Different Tools for Researching Hashtags

  • Twitter Trends: See what’s hot in your industry.
  • Instagram Hashtag Generator: Generate related tags.
  • RiteTag: Get suggestions based on relevance and engagement.

How to Use Hashtag Research Tools Effectively

  • Be specific, use tools to find niche hashtags.
  • Avoid using overused hashtags.
  • Combine popular and niche hashtags for maximum reach.

How to Find and Use Niche-Specific Hashtags

  • Research your industry. Find out what’s popular.
  • Use keyword tools to find related hashtags.
  • Check out the competitors. And see what they’re using.

Analyzing Competitor Hashtags

Want to know the secret to a fruitful hashtag strategy? Your competitors can give you the best idea, champ! Yeah, amazed? Analyzing their hashtags can provide you with valuable insights. You can straight jump into what works and what doesn’t. Plus, it’s always good to know what the competition is up to, right?

Why Analyzing Competitor Hashtags is Important?

  • Learn what hashtags your target audience engages with.
  • Understand what content performs well in your industry.
  • Discover new hashtags you may not have considered. Hush, it works like magic!

Hashtag Strategy: Analyzing Competitor’s Playbook!

  • Identify competitors in your industry.
  • Look at their social media profiles for hashtag usage.
  • Analyze their hashtag performance using tools e.g. Sprout Social.

Examples of Brands That Owned Competitor Hashtags

  • Adidas used the hashtag #HereToCreate in response to Nike’s #JustDoIt campaign during the 2016 Olympics. This hashtag became so popular or talk of the town, not, but the world!
  • The car company Audi used the hashtag #WantAnR8 to engage with users who were considering buying a high-end sports car. And the hashtag was inspired by a user who tweeted that he would “marry” anyone who got him an Audi R8 for his birthday. The campaign was a success. It resulted in a 200% enhancement in the @Audi social media account impressions.

These brands know the power of analyzing competitor hashtags. Take a page from their playbook. And start analyzing those hashtags! Boom! Now you’re armed with the knowledge to analyze those competitor hashtags. It’s high time to amp up your hashtag game confidently!

Staying Up-to-Date with Current Events and Trends

How to see what’s trending on Instagram or social media? Here are some cool insights to stay up-to-date on the latest approaches:

Trending Hashtags: How to Ride the Wave!

  • News outlets are the hub of innovative measurements that are crucial for Insta or other social media updates. Spot new trending chunks by noticing popular social channels.
  • Identify targeted keywords and add them to your hashtag strategy. It can work very well.
  • Explore a greater audience with event-oriented hashtags.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of the Social Media World!

  • Follow relevant social media channels and hashtags.
  • Be alert on different niche-specific tags.
  • Join relevant social media forums & groups.

Brands That Nailed the Trending Hashtag Game!

Stay tuned to what’s happening in the world. And watch your hashtag game take off!

Creating Your Own Branded Hashtags

Want to take your brand’s social media game to the next level? Try to create branded tags! Here’s how:

How to Find Trending Hashtags?

  • Research trending topics.
  • Get inspiration from your competitors’ hashtags.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Branded Hashtags

  • Boost brand awareness with smart recognition strategies.
  • Gives your brand a perfect identity and it leads to authentication.
  • Build a community around your brand.
Image depicting how branded hashtags allows businesses to build a community around your brand


How to Create Effective Branded Hashtags?

  • Keep it simple yet effective.
  • Make it memorable by adding unique flavors.
  • To ensure one thing is a must. Check if it aligns with your brand’s values, mission, & messaging.
  • Encourage audience involvement and make it fun!
  • Test and refine your hashtags for maximum impact.

Examples of Successful Branded Hashtags

Measuring and Evaluating Your Hashtag Strategy

After knowing how to find trending hashtags, you should know about hashtag evaluation! Let’s talk about hashtag strategy evaluation and optimization, shall we?

To measure the success of your hashtag strategy, start by analyzing your engagement and reach metrics. Look at how many people are using your branded hashtag. And how much traction it’s getting. And don’t forget to track your competitors’ hashtags too!

There are plenty of tools and metrics out there that can help you measure hashtag performance. Such as social media analytics platforms like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Iconosquare. Take advantage of them. Don’t forget to check out and ensure what works for you and what does not! And go for optimized strategies. 

A fun fact is here too for you! Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Try something new confidently. After all, the beauty of social media is that it’s constantly evolving.

How to Measure Hashtag Strategy Success?

  • Check engagement rates, impressions, and reach.
  • Analyze follower growth, brand mentions, and click-through rates.

Tools and Metrics to Use for Measuring Hashtag Performance

  • Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, and Facebook Insights.
  • Hashtag tracking tools like Hashtagify & Hootsuite Insights.

How to Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy Based on Data Insights?

  • Identify top-performing hashtags and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Monitor competitor hashtags and incorporate successful ones
  • Experiment with new hashtags and track their performance
image depicting a hashtag seen under a looking glass



Here different things are covered for you. It’s all about how to find trending hashtags on Instagram and social media. You’re now armed with the knowledge to find trending hashtags. Amplify your social media hashtag game. Remember, using relevant and popular hashtags can increase your visibility. Plus it boosts engagement too! And helps you connect with like-minded individuals. So, get out there. And slay those hashtags like the social media boss that you are! Make sure to try out our free hashtag generator and happy posting, y’all!

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