A Beginner’s Guide to A Quote Maker for Instagram

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If you’re seeking an innovative tool to elevate your social media quotes, a quote maker for Instagram is an ideal choice. This tool helps to combine words with striking graphics to create captivating quote designs for your followers.

A motivational quote in yellow background.

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To further explore an Instagram quote maker and its related aspects, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide for you. Read on to discover what a quote maker is, how to use one, and explore the top quote makers in the market.

What Is a Quote Maker for Instagram?

A blank template for adding a quote.

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A quote maker is a digital tool that helps you to create and share inspiring quotes in a visually appealing photo format. With different templates, fonts, and design elements, a quote maker allows you to share your quotes in custom and personalized styles. It works especially well if you are seeking to engage your audience with motivational, inspiring, and/ or humorous content.

How to Use a Quote Maker for Instagram?

An inspirational quote for moving forward in life.

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Are you unsure of how to utilize a quote maker for your Instagram? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Let’s look at our step-by-step guide on how to use a quote maker for Instagram.

Choose a Quote Maker App (or Website)

There are different apps and websites available that allow you to create quotes for Instagram. The popular ones include Canva, TextGram, and Quozio. Download one of these apps or visit their website.

Select a Template

Once the app is downloaded, you will get a variety of templates that you can start with. These templates are pre-designed with fonts, colors, and various layouts. Choose a template that works best for the quote you want to share.

Type Your Quote

Type in your chosen quote in your chosen template. Remember, the quote should be short enough so it is easily readable on Instagram.

Customize the Design

After entering your quote, you can now customize the design of the template. This may include changing font style, color, size, and alignment. Moreover, you can also adjust the background and add shapes or other elements available in the quote maker.

Add a Watermark

If you want to make your quote design distinctive, you can always add a watermark to it. In addition, you can also include your Instagram handle to make your design unique.

Preview and Finalize

It is always good to see the preview of your quote before you proceed. You can make any required changes to ensure the text is readable and the design is captivating.

Save and Export

After finalizing the design, you can then save it. Once saved, you can export the design in different formats supported by Instagram such as PNG or JPEG.

Be sure to read our guide on using an Instagram Caption App which provides creative insights on crafting the best captions for your posts.

Top 5 Quote Makers for Instagram

Are you overwhelmed with the many quote maker options available online? If so, we will help you narrow down the top 5 quote maker tools that you can use to create amazing quotes for Instagram.

1. Quote Poster Maker by Canva

Canva's Quote Poster Maker for designing tailored quotes.

Source: Canva

Canva is the most popular design tool that offers different templates including those tailored for your quotes. With its Quote Poster Maker, you can customize your quote’s font, color, and background. In addition, Canva also provides an extensive library of stock images and design elements to help you enhance your quote image.

2. Text Gram

TextGram's quote maker homepage.

Source: TextGram

TextGram is best for those looking for an easy-to-use tool to create beautiful Instagram quotes. This Instagram quote app allows you to write the text and embellish it with beautiful themes, colors, stickers, and fonts. Apart from the image library, you can also use your own pictures or go for the Randomize tool, which picks random images from the library.

3. Quozio

Quozio's tool for creating beautiful quotes.

Source: Quozio

Quozio is a free online tool that allows you to create beautiful quotes by simply adding the quote and its author. You can also customize your quotes with millions of backgrounds and 100+ fonts, and even save your designs for later use. The tool features pre-made designs to make elegantly designed quotes within minutes.

4. Quotes Creator – Quote Maker

Quote Maker app for designing elegant quotes.

Source: App

“Quotes Creator – Quote Maker” was made specifically to be an app to make quotes for Instagram, featuring quote graphics, fonts, and a wide range of backgrounds. It has preloaded templates that can help you to design your quotes within a few minutes. Also, it allows for watermark addition which may be used to keep your quote designs unique.

5. WordSwag

WordSwag's quote maker graphic

Source: WordSwag

WordSwag is known for its cool text styles and its ability to add customized quotes to your photos within no time. It is perfect for the quick creation of beautiful custom quote layouts with its exclusive Typomatic Engine. Also, if you are ever at a loss for words, this website has hundreds of quotes to add to your template.

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  1. How do I add text in a quote maker?

To add text, simply open the app, select a template, and tap on the text area to start typing your quote. The quote maker apps provide easy-to-use text editing tools for customization.

  1. Can I use my own photos in a quote maker?

Yes, quote-maker apps and websites allow you to upload and use your personal photos as backgrounds for your quotes. Just select the ‘Upload’ option and choose the desired photo from your device.

  1. Are there any pre-designed templates in a quote maker?

Quote maker tools offer a wide range of pre-designed templates that you can use as a starting point for your quotes. These templates are customizable to suit your preferences.

  1. Can I share my quotes directly to Instagram from a quote maker app?

Yes, many quote maker apps allow you to easily share your quotes directly to Instagram with just a few taps.


There is no better option for making the most captivating quote designs than with a quote maker for Instagram. And with our tips and top picks for the quote maker tools, you will be all set to create amazing quotes featuring the best designs and engage with your followers on a deeper level. Happy Quoting!

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