Your Guide to the Leading Professional Women Blogs of the Year

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The days of one-size-fits-all, hate-to-be-in career choices are gone. Today, 75% of self-employed women love their jobs. That’s tremendous! We live in an age where you CAN tailor your career to suit your aptitude. If you’re looking for platforms to further guide you on this, you’re in the right place!

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Today, women use blogs to communicate their career experiences. They discuss the hurdles they’ve faced related to career growth and work-life balance. Also, they share invaluable insights, tips, and expertise to help others overcome similar challenges. 

Women’s blogs play a crucial role in empowering their voices and shaping narratives of professional success. We’ll walk you through the top 8 professional women blogs. They proficiently guide career-oriented females like YOU.

Top 8 Professional Women Blogs You Must Follow 

World Bank data shows that nearly 40% of the global workforce are women. Are you a lady looking to kickstart or boost your career too? Check out these 8 professional women blogs that we handpicked for you! Stick around for our recommendation at the end.

See Girl Work

See Girl Work - Blog Web Page

Source: See Girl Work

See Girl Work is an excellent blog for professional women. It empowers them with actionable career tips, ambitious ideas, and business-minded hacks. It caters to female entrepreneurs looking for ways to foster leadership skills.  

Moreover, this blog is a go-to resource for content creators. It guides on how to craft a captivating brand story on the blog — be memorable, build trust, and ultimately, drive sales

Here are the two most engaging blogs from See Girl Work in our opinion:

Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino - Blog Web Page

Source: Kathy Caprino

With exceptional career coaching capabilities, Kathy Caprino has helped 11K+ women achieve a career upswing. If you’re dealing with any corporate challenges, this blog is for you. Here, you can find interesting insights on how to move forward from burnout and self-doubt. Moreover, she will also guide you on the smart ways to assess poor management and how to rectify things that don’t work for you!

We’ve mentioned some of her recent blog titles to give you a clue about the value you’ll get from her blog:

Thumb through these handpicked women over 50 blogs. They offer insights on health, lifestyle, and personal growth!


Careershifters - Blog Web Page

Source: Careershifters

Careershifters is our next pick in professional women blogs. Their readership comprises around a whopping 8 million members. Are you about to change your career path? Then it’s the right time to follow this blog. They mostly conduct interviews with clients or industry experts and share them with you, so you can stay updated on current trends in your favorite field. 

You can most likely get blogs like these here:


FairyGodBoss - Blog Web Page

Source: FairyGodBoss

According to Forbes, FairyGodBoss is like Glassdoor for women. We couldn’t agree more with this statement as this platform has 1M+ monthly visitors. That’s because they empower women by providing millions of funds to launch their startups or propel them forward in their careers. This blog lets you connect with like-minded women in your professional field, join communities, and receive job alerts for new postings.

Here, you can find the answers to your work-related queries like these:

Also explore these best women blogs that cover fashion, beauty, empowerment, and lifestyle.

My Life, I Guess 

My Life, I Guess - Blog Web Page

Source: My Life, I Guess

My Life, I Guess is your go-to for relatable insights on stuff like how to grow up professionally. From career tips to personal stories, they’ve got it all. Explore their all-inclusive how-to guides, like how to search for jobs on Google smartly. Wait, there’s more to the story! Keep yourself in the know about topics like unemployment, career advice, money, etc. 

For example, their blogs usually cover topics such as:

We’ve spilled the tea here on the secret behind viral blogs. Check it out to make your own blogs go viral!

Bloom Hustle Grow

Bloom Hustle Grow - Blog Web Page

Source: Bloom Hustle Grow

Our next recommended professional women blog is Bloom Hustle Grow which is run by Mariah, a successful business coach. It is especially helpful for females with an entrepreneurial mindset. It offers you different courses to start, organize, and optimize your business. You can follow this blog to get all the up-to-date information on what’s happening in the business sector.

For example, their blog topics include:

Amanda Clayman

Amanda Clayman - Blog Web Page

Source: Amanda Clayman

Amanda Clayman is run by Amanda, well-known in the industry as a financial therapist. This blog is suitable for women searching for how to be more prudent in financial matters. It covers different topics like fixing education debt, spending savings smartly, and more in an incredibly interesting way! Her engaging writing style makes personal finance easily manageable. Resultantly, it empowers you to gain financial well-being. 

For example:

Explore trending women lifestyle blogs for an inspiring infusion of fashion, wellness, and everyday tips.

Editor’s Pick: The Muse 

The Muse - Blog Web Page

Source: The Muse

We ultimately chose The Muse, an all-in-one platform for female aspirants, as our top pick. Not only does it provide valuable career advice and tips, but it also serves as an ideal platform for transforming passion into a rewarding profession. Let’s answer how: it features a plethora of exciting job openings for passionate ladies like you!

You can find out about any job you’re looking for in their search field. It is advantageous to stay updated with the most recent job openings in the market. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource with an easy-to-use interface that combines career insights and an extensive job portal. 


Q. Are professional women blogs really helpful in my career growth?

Absolutely! Follow any of the recommended blogs as they’ll provide you with advice, insights, and inspiration you need to grow professionally.

Q. Are professional women blogs suitable for all career levels?

Yes, they’ll help you to thrive in your career whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional.

Q. How can I start my professional blog?

Start by following some of the blogs mentioned here for inspiration. After understanding this niche, plan out your blog topics where you can leverage our free content generator to craft different professional posts. 


Career growth is everyone’s dream but you need to stay informed on the latest industry trends to propel forward. That’s why we provided you here with 8 top professional women blogs, including a platform to search for jobs online. Explore, learn, and advance your career journey with these empowering blogs.

To craft ideas for your own professional blog, try using our Free Blog Post Idea Generator. It’ll give you unlimited blog ideas with 10 in a single go. Try it now for free.

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