Learn How to Use Ethnicity Hashtags to Connect With Your Community

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Community game is strong on social media. Everyone belongs to a certain region or community in the world and they support their ethnicity in terms of culture, food, fashion, and other things.

Hashtags are beneficial tools to connect with the world, and with different communities and races of people. 

In this article, you will learn what are ethnicity hashtags and why you should use them.

We will also share our handpicked collection of hashtags that can effectively amplify your voice and contribute to meaningful conversations about diversity, culture, and identity on social media platforms.

Why Use These Hashtags?

Girls from different ethnical background

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If you are interested in content related to ethnicity and want to promote this trend on social media, utilizing these hashtags can help foster a sense of community and belonging.

There are a few ways that tell how you should use ethnicity hashtags;

  • Identify your niche: Knowing your niche before making content on it is necessary. So make sure you know where your niche stands.
  • Search Popular Hashtags: Search for popular tags that are already doing good in your niche and make a list of those. If you need some help with that, check out this article on how to find trending hashtags for any niche.
  • Follow more people: You should follow people in your community to like and comment on what they are posting and sharing.
  • Raise Community Awareness: By using ethnicity hashtags you can increase awareness about a particular topic that is related to a cultural group.
  • Cultural Diversity: Using ethnic hashtags can promote cultural diversity by sharing stories and posts that can promote understanding.

Ethnicity Hashtags of Africa

People use African hashtags to raise awareness about political and environmental issues related to Africa. These hashtags can also promote African heritage as well as business. 

Here’s a list of some of the best hashtags of Africa: 

HashtagNumber of Posts


Trendy Hashtags

Here is the list of trendy hashtags related to Africa that can always boost your social media:

A pie chart showing popular African hashtags

Ethnicity Hashtags of Spain

Spanish people use Spanish hashtags to promote tourism, Spanish heritage, as well as some issues plaguing the country.

Some of the best Spanish hashtags include:

HashtagNumber of Posts

Trendy Hashtags

Here is the list of trendy hashtags related to Spain that can always boost your social media:

chart showing popular Spanish hashtags

Related Ethnicity Hashtags

Here are some ethnicity-related hashtags that you can use:

  • #AsianHeritageMonth
  • #BlackExcellence
  • #Indigenous
  • #HispanicHeritageMonth
  • #Pride
  • #WomenOfColor
  • #Multicultural
  • #Unity
  • #GlobalCitizen

Want to generate your own ethnicity hashtags? Check out our free hashtags generator and tell us what you think in the comments.

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