How to Boost Your Reach With Podcast Hashtags

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Podcasts have become popular on different channels of social media. Some music players also stream live podcasts of some popular podcasters.

But as this space got hype the number of podcasters also increased. In these competitive circumstances, how can you assure that your podcast reaches the right number of people? 

Through Podcast Hashtags!

With the use of hashtags, you can make sure that your creative stuff reaches the audience of your target and will automatically turn them into your forever followers.

Today, we’ll dive into the details of what are podcast hashtags and how you can use them effectively.

What Are the Best Hashtags for Podcasters?


You should do proper research before selecting hashtags for your podcast as your reach will entirely depend on your choice of hashtags.

If you don’t know how to do that, check out this article on how to find trending hashtags for Instagram.

When choosing hashtags, make sure to consider these points:

Relevance: Choose such hashtags that are closely related to the content or core importance of your discussion in a podcast.

Popularity Idea: It is always a good idea to use popular tags that other podcasters are using. Because these hashtags will be already doing well and will help you to reach your material to a wider audience.

Specificity: Use more specific or precise art hashtags for Instagram (if art is your niche) to specify your target audience. It all depends on your discussion and topic of hashtags e.g.; comedy, art, intellectual, educational, horror, etc.

Why Use the Best Hashtags?

Using the best hashtags is beneficial for your social progress and will help you to meet your ultimate goals. Here are some reasons why you should use the best hashtags for your podcast;

Boost Visibility: You can reach a more precise and accurate audience by using the best and specific hashtags that best align with your niche.

Reach Target Audiences: By using some trendy podcast hashtags you can attract new audiences and listeners who have never heard about you. By using hashtags they will get to know about you and your content will be available to them.

Connect with Other Podcasters: All podcasters use the same kind of hashtags that are specific to their niche. This will help them to see other people’s content and you can connect or develop a sense of improvement by watching their content.

Best Hashtags 

Here we are providing the lift of the best hashtags that you need to use for a successful journey as a social media podcaster.

Top Rated Hashtags

HashtagNumber of Posts
#podcast23.7 million
#podcasts7.5 million
#podcasting2.5 million
#podcaster1.1 million
#podernfamily245.3 thousand
#podcastlife215.9 thousand
#podcastersofinstagram112.4 thousand
#newpodcast101.4 thousand
#podcastlove59.6 thousand
#podcastcommunity42.5 thousand

Simple Hashtags

  • #PodcastTips
  • #PodcastForBeginners
  • #PodcastAdvice
  • #PodcastTraining
  • #PodcastTutorial
  • #Podcast101
  • #PodcastNewbie

Trendy Hashtags

  • #Podcast
  • #Podcasting
  • #PodcastersofInstagram
  • #PodcastCommunity
  • #PodcastLife
  • #PodcastAddict
  • #PodcastersUnite

 Related Best Hashtags for Podcasts

HashtagNumber of Posts
#Podcast23.3 million
#Podcasting3.3 million

Need more hashtag ideas? Use our Free Hashtags Generator to find an unlimited number of hashtags on any topic!

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