50+ Cool Indie Captions for Instagram With Quotes

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Tired of cliche Insta captions? There’s no better solution than exploring some creative & thriving Indie captions for Instagram. Just like Indie music, these captions will take your IG fam by storm & give you a chance to connect to your followers on a deeper level. 

Buckle up to make a statement with these authentic Indie captions celebrating the individuality of independent artists. We’ve crafted 50+ indie music captions for you so you can avoid common mistakes that make you end up with bad Instagram captions. So, without further ado, scroll down, and pick the Indie-inspired captions you want!

Indie Instagram Captions & Lyrics for Hip Hop

Indie Instagram Captions for Hip Hop

Source: Unsplash

Check out the following Indie captions for Instagram to elevate your IG game:

  • I’m proud of being Indie hip-hop. #indie
  • Pushing hip-hop boundaries by fusing Indie culture in it. 
  • From the booth to the gram, indie hip hop fam.
  • Indie flow ensures the authentic glow of hip-hop.
  • “I pace me game to zero hour completion cretin, splash” – Aesop Rock
  • This is my jam, I can’t get enough of it.
  • Let’s craft our own legacy with Indie-inspired hip-hop.
  • “I’ll hold the door open so you can stumble in.” – Aesop Rock
  • Indie culture is bridging the gap of hip-hop music flawlessly.
  • “Show me a prehensile tail is not your style homie.” – Themselves
  • “Put your quarter up, I got first.” – Molemen
  • Rhyme is revolutionized in Indie form.
  • “Yo aiiyo people wonderin’ where the f*** I been. At the VIP section they ain’t lettin’ me in.” – The Rugged Man
  • Embracing Indie hip-hop style.

Indie Rock IG Captions & Lyrics

Indie Rock IG Captions

Source: Pexels

Break the mold with the following Indie rock Instagram captions & capture the true essence of the Indie spirit:

  • Indie is the new trend for rock stars.
  • A poet is here to rock it with a mic having dynamite flow! #indie
  • “There isn’t much that I feel I need. A solid soul and the blood I bleed.” – Animals Collective
  • Indie music is all about spitting some fire and making waves!
  • Blazing a trail with my Indie-inspired vibe. 
  • “I have all the time in the world. You want it none of that.” – Bahamas
  • Let’s keep the music culture alive with Indie impact. 
  • I’m independent and do whatever I want to. 
  • “A thousand years in one piece of silver. She took it from his lily white hand.” – Vampire Weekend
  • Let’s appreciate Indie artists for their untiring endeavors.
  • Indie Rock is my home. 
  • “Thinkin’ ’bout thinkin’ of you. Summertime think it was June.” – Stereophonics
  • My garage is thriving in Indie vibes these days. #indie #lover

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Catchy Indie Captions for Instagram

Catchy Indie Captions for Instagram

Source: Pexels

Whenever running out of captions, come here, and pick any of the following heart-throbbing Indie captions for Instagram:

  • Indie anthems are heard by souls, not merely ears. 
  • Gritty guitars & Indie rockstars!
  • Mic check, do we have enough indie elements?
  • Indie song in the making. 
  • Captivating the crowd with Indie lyrics.
  • Burning the Souls bright & bold with Indie music.
  • Indie music brings infinite excitement.
  • Free and untamed Indie soul. 
  • Indie beats make my feet dance.
  • Mastering the art of Indie music nowadays. 
  • My rhymes are raw & Indie is my law. 
  • Indie music is no less than a heartbeat. 

Cool Indie Captions for Instagram Bios

Cool Indie Captions for Instagram Bios

Source: Pexels

Go Indie or go home! We’ve brought you here some unconventional Indie Instagram bios to level up your IG feed:

  • Meet an indie kid, I’m not mainstream.
  • Fulfilling my dreams of creating Indie music songs.
  • Are you ready to explore the world with me through an Indie lens?
  • Making my mark on the world with my talent & embracing Indie culture. #independent 
  • Life’s nothing but an Indie adventure.
  • Indie melodies speak to my soul.
  • Creating my own path.
  • Dancing to the beat of my own indie drum.
  • Indie wanderlust, chasing adventures & capturing the dust.
  • Living life unapologetically indie!
  • I’m not like others. I am inspired by Indie vibes!

Aesthetic Indie Instagram Captions

Aesthetic Indie Instagram Captions

Source: iStock

Rock your Insta game with our trend-setting, aesthetic, & stylish Indie captions: 

  • Be an Indie voice, not an echo. 
  • An aesthetic voyage into Indie-inspired songs.
  • Step into the indie realm with me.
  • I’m the Indie artist of my life’s canvas.
  • For great things, you need to go out of your comfort zone. #indie #music
  • Just striving to make it in the crazy crowd. #indie #inspiration 
  • Unveiling the ethereal allure of the indie aesthetic.
  • Indulging in the symphony of Indie dreams. 
  • Indie culture’s beauty is acknowledged now.

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Short Indie Quotes

Short Indie Quotes

Source: Pexels

Embrace Indie style with our trendy Indie quotes & inspirations illustrated below:

  • “I’m a rebel just for kicks now.” – Portugal. The Man, Feel It Still
  • “Live life as an Indie to get the maximum out of it.” – Unknown
  • “Embrace Indie aesthetics by drenching in soft hues” – Unknown
  • “I wear glasses and suits, so I guess I am an indie artist.” – Stevie Jackson
  • “Go on, burn a little.” – Unknown
  • “I came out of independent film, that’s my roots.” – Nicolas Cage
  • “I’m on a new level, I’m on a new level” – A$AP Ferg, New Level

Wrap Up

Capture your true Indie spirit by admiring its allure in a trendy way now. Express your unique style with our unconventional Indie Instagram captions & brighten up your Insta feed. To generate more captions, use our Free Captions Generator & get unlimited ideas for free.

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