From Clichés to Typos: The Top Instagram Caption Errors to Avoid

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Since the algorithm on Instagram is being updated every day, keeping up to date with trends is very essential for any blogger. As an online persona, there are several caption errors that we make on a daily basis. These errors must be avoided if you want to build a successful Instagram page.

Bad Instagram captions are a roadblock in creating engaging content. They do not let you build a brand identity. The main reason why one should focus on writing a good Instagram caption is so that he/she can create content that is engaging.

In this article, we will talk about the errors or common mistakes to avoid when writing your Instagram captions. Let’s go!

One Size Fits All

A common notion is that in order to be successful on Instagram, you have to follow a set of rules and regulations. However, this is not the case. Instagram’s success is not based on a one-size-fits-all formula.

You need to check what kind of content works best with your audience and try to make future content along the same lines. If you are stuck, there is a high possibility that you might be choosing Bad Instagram Captions.

It is not fairly necessary that you are making a mistake. But there is a possibility that you might be following a certain practice with posting your content that does not work for you.

For example, you might be using generic captions like simple quotes or irrelevant content. You can just skip the whole process and try our Free Captions Generator for tons of unique and personalized ideas in under a minute.

There might be errors in your Bad Instagram captions like grammatical mistakes which would showcase non-seriousness. You might also be using hashtags that do not go in line with your niche. Choose appropriate hashtags by doing research on what your competitors are posting.

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Employ the Best Practices 

To avoid mistakes in your bad Instagram caption, follow these steps:

Choice of Content

First of all, pick and choose what your audience likes the best. It doesn’t necessarily have to be unique. The content you post should be up to the mark in accordance with quality. Choose understandable language and appropriate words.

Try to communicate with your followers as much as you can. Do not use inappropriate or defamatory expressions in your captions. Moreover, keep your captions short and sweet. Be genuine and authentic.  

Add a Touch of Flair

No matter what content you use, if you don’t add flair to it, chances are that your engagement levels will be quite low. You can add a touch of elegance in multiple ways.

Add CTAs at the end of the caption. You can use Emojis too. Ensure that whatever content you post, proofread it over again. Try to proofread it a few times so that there are no grammatical errors in it. 

Don’t Use Generic Content

Make your bad captions amazing by adding a personal touch to them.

For example, if you write a basic caption for boys like “I love football”, it potentially shows that no effort is done to write it. Your followers will not take you seriously. You must write a caption that is perfectly curated. 

Uplift and Motivate

Choose words that inspire your audience to be a better version of themselves. Uplift and motivate your viewers with positive words of affirmation in your captions.

Hence, to avoid bad insta captions, do tons of research.

Use these pointers to create non cringe Insta captions that will make your viewers follow you. At the end of the day, it’s about posting content that your users can relate to. It is also about making the captions meaningful and understandable. 


When you choose bad insta captions, you put yourself in danger of losing followers and engagements. Check out our guide to acing the captions game. Follow our integral steps to have a positive impact on your following and build your brand online. Just a few tips and tricks can make or break your brand online. 

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