Best Hashtags for Gaming to Grow Your Instagram

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Hashtags are important tools for marketing on all social media platforms. Games have a vast number of users and their popularity is worth mentioning. When you upload something on any social media platform without using appropriate hashtags it will be like a fish in the ocean. We have collected the data on hashtags you should use while posting content on gaming to boost your reach.

Why Use Hashtags?

As a gamer, if you want to increase your followers and would like your work or game to be seen by a massive audience then you need a collection of hashtags that are specific to your niche to let people know of your work. Adding hashtags to Instagram story will:

  • Increase your social media presence
  • Attract potential gamers
  • People will get familiar with your work/games.
  • Enable your content to reach the right audience

Youtube Hashtags 

If you are a gamer on YouTube, using these YouTube hashtags for gaming will help your content to reach the right people. 

HashtagNumber of Posts
#Gamers of YouTube29.85M
#Video Games YouTube11.23M
#Gaming Community YouTube3.98M
#Lets Play YouTube3.31M

Fortnite Hashtag

Image from the popular survival game Fortnite

There are hundreds of popular games and kids and adults post about them very often. If you are posting content on the Fortnite game, being more specific in terms of hashtags may benefit you. Use these hashtags instead of general gaming hashtags.

HashtagNumber of Posts (Instagram)Number of Posts (YouTube)Number of Posts (TikTok)
#Fortnite Game78.63M19.51M29.6B
#Fortnite Season5.52M55.32K2.59B
#Fortnite Chapter34.41M45.41K4.49B
#Fortnite Creative2.75M26.14K1.14B
#Fortnite Fun2.52M15.53K1.57B

League of Legends Hashtags

image of two professional League of Legend players pitted against each other

If you are posting about League of Legends, being more specific regarding hashtags may benefit you. Use these hashtags instead of general gaming hashtags.

HashtagInstagram PostsYouTube VideosTikTok Videos
#league of Legends memes283,01031,3006.2 
#lol13.78 1.6 890 
#league of Legends fan art1.1517,60070,000
#league of legends skins267,0306,7601.6 
#league of legend scores play534,0906,28063,000

Call of Duty Hashtags

Image of the popular first-person shooter game Call of Duty

If you are posting Call of Duty content, be sure to check out the following hashtags:

#modern war fareInstagram
#black opsInstagram
#call of duty mobileInstagram
#cod mobileInstagram
#call of duty clipsInstagram
#call of duty memesInstagram
#call of duty black opsInstagram
#call of duty ww2Instagram
#modern war fare clipsInstagram
#war zone clipsInstagram
#call of duty leagueYouTube
#call of duty gameplayYouTube
#call of duty modern warfareYouTube
#call of duty black ops4YouTube
#call of duty ww2YouTube
#call of duty war zoneYouTube
#call of duty vietnamYouTube
#cod mobileTikTok
#call of duty challengeTikTok
#war zoneTikTok

Minecraft Hashtags

There are tons of popular games and people post about them daily. If you are posting content on this game, being more specific in terms of hashtags may benefit you. Use these instead of general gaming hashtags. 

#minecraft builds897K videos1.62M posts1.6B views
#minecrafters492K videos1.24M posts1.6B views
#minecraft memes307K videos1.15M posts1.8B views
#minecraft pc254K videos16M posts957M views
#minecraft art166K videos910K posts931M views
#minecraft community92K videos810K posts2.4B views
#minecraft pe71K videos620K posts3.1B views
#minecraft server63K videos540K posts541M views
#minecraft pocket edition51K videos470K posts900M views

Valorant Hashtag

image of a girl who appears to be streaming a game of Valorant

When posting content about Valorant, use these hashtags instead of general gaming hashtags:

HashtagNumber of Posts (Instagram)Number of Posts (TikTok)Number of Results (YouTube)
#play valorant1.4M7.4B2.53M
#valorant clips350K2.3B602K
#valorant game play230K1.2B558K
#valorant fan art160K344M172K
#valorant esports120K528M252K
#valorant meme70K200M57.3K
#valorant competitive50K96.5M62.6K
#valorant community40K104M34.6K

Youtube Gaming Trending Hashtags

Here are some popular YouTube gaming trending hashtags you should definitely consider using:

HashtagNumber of Posts (Instagram)Number of Posts (TikTok)Number of Results (YouTube)
#game play20.3M73.9B20.9M
#gamers of instagram3.3M28.6B2.2M
#gaming community5.1M24.8B5.5M
#gaming setup4.7M22.4B4.4M
#gaming clips2.8M18.5B3.6M
#gaming memes5.7M15.4B2.1M
#gaming news1.3M8.6B1.5M
#gaming channel1.7M7.9B1.3M

Alternatively, you can use our free hashtag generator and start generating your own gaming hashtags today. 

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