170+ Catchy Craft Blog Name Ideas to Make Yours Stand Out

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Are you about to start a craft blog and need a list of cool name ideas? If your answer is YES, then you’re in the right place to find its name! Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a seasoned crafter, or just starting out, you can rely on us for help. 

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We’ve got tons of fun and creative name ideas for your craft blog! A catchy, easy-to-remember, and fun blog name helps you attract more visitors. It reflects the theme of your creative ideas and your blog’s niche and purpose. 

So, let’s begin the journey of exploring 170+ all-new craft blog name ideas. Use any of them as-is or if you want to modify them for your blog, go for it.

Choosing the Right Craft Blog Idea

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There’s no shortage of options to explore for choosing the perfect craft blog idea. The most popular of them are: 

  • Traditional knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Sewing
  • Scrapbooking
  • Upcycling old materials
  • DIY home decor
  • Origami art
  • Modern paper quilling
  • Resin art

What matters the most is to have fun and not be afraid of trying out new things. You never know what might click with your audience. Moreover, you can check out popular craft blogs and see what they are doing well and what they are missing. Check out popular platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube for trending ideas. 

Funky Craft Blog Name Ideas

Colorful Funky Graphic

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A funky craft blog name is a perfect idea to add a groovy touch to your blog. Let’s explore the one-of-a-kind options below to pick from:

  • Artistrophic
  • Doodle Dreams
  • Craftopia
  • Kaleido Craft Carnival
  • Yarn Aficionado’s Asylum
  • The Funky DIY Guru
  • Quirk Craft Quarters
  • The Craft Emporium
  • Knot Nook
  • Funk Feather Artistry
  • Groovy Craft Junction
  • Craft-o-Rama
  • Glue Gusto
  • Quirky Quill
  • Craftastic Club
  • Psychedelia Crafts Corner
  • Craft Factory
  • Funky Craftaholic
  • Crafty Chaos
  • Funkify Your Fiber
  • Glitter Bomb Guerilla
  • The Funky Crafting Co.
  • Origami Oasis
  • Crafty Cat
  • Funky Junk Creations

Funny Names for DIY Blogs

Funny Craft DIY Image With Cute Characters

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Who says DIY blogs have to be serious and boring? These funny craft blog names will show your sense of humor and make your readers laugh out loud.

  • Crafting While Catnapping
  • Oh-So-DIY
  • DIY Drollery
  • The DIY Dilemma
  • Build Banter
  • DIY on a Dime
  • The 5-Minute Crafts Debunkers
  • Joyful DIY Ventures
  • The Procrastinator’s Project Parade
  • Giggle and Glue
  • Haha Hammer Hobbies
  • DIY Disaster Zone
  • Crafty Capers Comedy
  • DIY Don’t Cry
  • Pinterest Fails in Real Life
  • The “I Told You So” DIY Blog
  • DIY or Die Laughing
  • The DIY Circus
  • DIY-arious Delights
  • The Quirky DIYer
  • Nailed It…Mostly
  • The “I Can Google That” Challenge

Catchy Names for Craft Blogs

Meme for Excitement on Coming Up With a Perfect Craft Blog Name

To create a buzz in the craft community, you need to explore unique blog name ideas. They should be catchy enough like the ones below to hook your readers:

  • Craftiverse
  • Art & Craft Guru
  • Zest Zigzag Artistry
  • Legend Craftsmen
  • Artistry Ready Crafters
  • Craft Craze Corner
  • Projects Pandemic Crafters
  • Crafts Villa Creators
  • Designs Kit Crafters
  • Crafty Couture
  • Trendy Thread
  • Crafty Quipsters
  • Snap Craft Sensations
  • Catchy Craft Canvas
  • SparkNSpool Studio
  • Craft Chance Crafters
  • Thread Tango Trends
  • Craft Mix
  • Artful Abode Crafts
  • Charm Craft Haven
  • Artistry Alcove
  • Crafters Lab
  • Flash Fabric Fusion
  • Crafty Mantra
  • The Button Jar
  • Craftylicious
  • Paper & Pearls
  • Catchy Craft Carousel

Creative Craft Blog Names

Cute Colorful Origami

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Crafting is all about being creative and sparking inspiration. We thought outside the box to curate the best blog names that stick in the reader’s minds like glue.

  • From Scraps to Spectacular
  • Yarn Odyssey
  • The Crafty Sphere
  • Crafty Concoctions Corner
  • Threads of Time
  • Artistry Ablaze
  • Inspired Craftworks
  • Craft Zone Artisans’ Guild
  • Ingenious Inkwell Creations
  • Crafty Creations Hub
  • Pint-sized Palette
  • Dazzling Design Den
  • Inspire Craftivity
  • Craft Minds Unite
  • The Crafty Compass
  • Catch On Canvas Crafts
  • The Upcycled Unicorn
  • Craft Patterns Artisans
  • The Craft Alchemist
  • Crafty Space
  • The Imperfectly Perfect Craft
  • Craftsmanship Co.
  • Whiz Craft Workshop
  • Craftitude
  • Crafty Wonders
  • Artisan Arcade
  • Crafting Outside the Box
  • Legend Craftsmen’s Den
  • Crafty Innovators

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Cool DIY Blog Names

Graphical Illustration of DIY Crafts

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Do you want to impress your readers with your cool DIY projects and skillset? Keep it trendy with these DIY blog name ideas that are hip, modern, and match your style and vibe.

  • Modish Mosaic Maker
  • Crafting With Caffeine & Coolitude
  • The Cool Craft Workshop
  • DIY With Style
  • Urban DIY Dynamo
  • DIY Chic
  • Mr Crafter
  • Craftastically Curated
  • Upcycled Empire
  • Trendy Tool Time
  • Cool Crafts Chronicles
  • Trendy Thread Thrills
  • Hip Hammer Hobbies
  • Kustom Krafts
  • Craftastically Confident
  • Heavenly Handcrafts
  • Crafty Cool Concepts
  • Bespoke Baubles & Bits
  • Garage Guru’s Guide to DIY
  • Chill Craft Corner
  • DIY Deluxe Designs
  • Glitter and Glue
  • DIY Daredevils
  • Cool Crafter
  • Frost Forge Fabrics
  • Minimalist Maker
  • Razzle Dazzle DIY
  • Maker Made Maven
  • Cool Canvas Crafts
  • DIY Dapper Designs
  • Crafty Conundrum
  • DIY Decoded
  • The Cool Creatives
  • DIY Fashionista
  • Maker Militia
  • Stylish Sculpt Studio
  • Groove Gadget Garage

You can check out this guide on how to use a cool blog name generator to craft personalized names for your blog.

Artsy Craft Blog Name Ideas

Illustration of Craft as a Hobby With Different Angles

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These artsy craft blog name ideas will help you channel your inner Van Gogh and ooze your crafty personality.

  • Brushstroke Bohemia
  • Artisan Aura Alley
  • Artsy Craftsy
  • Palette & Prose
  • Cable Craft
  • Fabric And More
  • Craft Planet
  • Artsy Spotsy
  • Gallery Glow Crafts
  • The Indigo Studio
  • The Creative Touch
  • Inky Cuttlefish Studios
  • Regents Idea
  • Misfit Masterpieces
  • Crafty Command
  • Craft Close
  • Patterns Striker
  • Lost Craft
  • Crafty Hub
  • The Artful Craft Lab
  • Canva Xpert
  • Paper & Possibility
  • Crafty Expressionism
  • The Artful Nook
  • Project Fleck
  • Fiber Fantasies
  • Craft Mart
  • There You Have It
  • DIY Engine
  • Hobby Hut
  • We are DIYers

Dive into our fresh take on hobby blogs – inspiration and tips on how to make the most of it!


No more brainstorming blues when it comes to selecting a blog name! From silly to sophisticated, pick any of these unique craft blog name ideas to kickstart your craft blog.

Do you want to start your own blog and want to make the process quicker? Use our Free Blog Post Idea Generator to generate multiple topic ideas. You can get 10 ideas in a single go. Want more? Rerun and collect more until you gather as much as you need! Everything is free, so give it a shot now!

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