Everything About Book Blog Names & 230+ Ideas for Your Own Blog

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Hey book lovers! Are you excited about starting a personal blog to review and recommend books to avid readers? To start blogging off right, the first step is to select the optimal option from a plethora of book blog names. It should be super catchy yet easy to remember, spell, and pronounce. 

But coming up with such a booktastic blog name that meets all these criteria is somehow knotty. Worry not as we’ve already done the hard work for you! In this blog, you’ll learn about tips for choosing a name and examples of popular book blog names.

Hand Drawn Stack of Books

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Wait, the best is yet to come – the names! Brace yourself to explore 230+ book blog names that are simple, exciting, and totally you. From catchy to the downright clever, we’ve got something for every book blogger. Let’s roll! 

How to Choose a Book Blog Name?

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Before addressing ‘how’ let’s talk about what role good names for a blog play. A good blog name draws in potential readers by giving a glimpse into what it is about. Furthermore, it serves as a descriptive and memorable title that reflects the content and theme of your blog. Now we’ll discuss how to pick a good book blog name.

  1. Identify your blog’s niche that you’ll focus on. For example, book reviews, literary recommendations, or author interviews.
  2. Brainstorm some words/ phrases that relate to your book genre, theme, or style.
  3. Make a list of book blog names that have the potential to capture your reader’s interest.
  4. Incorporate relevant keywords to help readers find your blog in searches.
  5. Make sure the blog name you’ve settled on is not too similar to any other (competitor) blog.
  6. Test the options you’ve narrowed down with your friends, family, or potential readers.
  7. Ask your primary testers – friends and family – for their feedback. Then, consider this feedback to select a book blog name that resonates with your target audience and reflects your blog’s personality.

Congrats! You’ve selected a name for your book blog. Now you can start creating and sharing your content with the world.

Checking Domain Availability for Your Book Blog

Illustration of Searching for Domain Availability

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A domain name is the web address that people use to find your blog online. To check the availability of a domain for your book blog, visit a domain registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap

Enter your desired blog name in the search bar to see if it’s available. If it’s taken, experiment with slight variations or explore different extensions like .net or .co. Once you find an available option, register it to secure your unique online address.

Real Book Blog Name Examples

Graphic of a Goup of Book Readers Sitting Together

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Before diving into examples of book reading blog names, let’s find some of the best blog names online in this category.

  • A Literary Escape – Delightful journey into enchanting literature, providing readers an immersive escape through the book pages.
  • BookBub – With such a catchy name, this blog is your go-to hub for discovering and buzzing about the latest and greatest books.
  • Wottaread – With its informal tone and wordplay, it hints at engaging book discoveries that leave avid readers saying “Wow!”
  • Book Nerdection – It cleverly combines ‘nerd’ and ‘detection,’ signaling a quirky approach to in-depth book reviews.
  • Good Comics for Kids – A welcoming blog name highlighting its focus on recommending quality comics suitable for children.
  • That Artsy Reader Girl – It’s a creative platform for book reviews, discussions, and topical lists that engage readers.
  • 49th Shelf – Your go-to blog for Canadian literature, demonstrating diverse voices and compelling stories from the Great White North.
  • Crime By The Book – It’s a book blog about crime fiction, offering book recommendations, reviews, and a monthly subscription service called Crime by the Box.
  • Bookworm Girl – Emma runs this delightful blog where she shares her love for books with passionate readers across the globe.

Book Blog Name Ideas

Now we’ll share our hand-crafted book blog name ideas that are catchy, funny, clever, unique, nostalgic, vintage, and more for your very own blog.

Catchy Name Ideas for Book Blogs

Graphic of a Girl Reading a Book After Finding It Has a Good Feedback

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Stay on your readers’ minds with these catchy names for blogs about books.

  • Book Zone
  • The Book Club
  • Cover Craft Corner
  • Story Stride Spot
  • Bookish Bonanza
  • Literary Journey
  • Beyond the Last Page
  • The Bookish Buzz
  • Coffee & Story
  • Bibliophile’s Bonanza
  • The Book Addict
  • Plot Twist Pavilion
  • The Bibliophile’s Bookshelf
  • Chapter Chatter Corner
  • The Bookworm’s Burrow
  • Prose and Pages
  • The Book Geek
  • Literary Lure Land
  • Book Nerd Nook
  • Literary Leap Lounge
  • Book Mark
  • Chapter by Chapter Adventures
  • The Book Binder
  • Lit Vibes Lounge
  • Bookworm’s Bounty Bay
  • Literary Love Letter Loft
  • The Reading Retreat
  • Reading Corner
  • Bookish Blitz
  • Paperback Ponderings
  • Word Wonders World
  • Book Burst Bliss
  • Page Palette Paradise
  • Novel Nook Delights
  • Literary Delights
  • Ink Insider Insights
  • Book Odyssey

Funny Book Blog Names

Cute and Funny Orange Drawing of a Book

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Let your bookish humor shine through with these playful book blog names that’ll bring a smile to your readers’ faces.

  • Book Binge
  • Comic Capers With Books
  • Book Hoarder
  • Hilarious Haven Reads
  • The Hilarious Hardcover
  • Quirky Quotation Quarters
  • Funny Fiction Finds
  • Chuckles & Chapters
  • Quirk Quest Quarters
  • The Comical Chapter
  • Haha Book Haven
  • The Laughing Library
  • Punny Page Parade
  • Comic Chapter Carnival
  • Laughing Lines Library
  • The Book Snob
  • Gigglesome Genre Hub
  • Punderful Pages Palace
  • The Bookish Giggle
  • Laugh Lit Lounge
  • The Comic Bookworm
  • Wit and Words
  • Chuckle Chapter World
  • Bookish Banter
  • The Bookish Buffoonery Blog
  • Quirky Reads
  • Book Ninja
  • The Laugh-Out-Loud Library
  • Basically Just Book Memes
  • Laugh and Leaf
  • The Procrastireader’s Den
  • Amusing Adventures in Books
  • The Funny Page
  • Satire Saga Spot

Clever Names for Book Blogs

Book Review Illustration

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Grab attention with these witty and thought-provoking names for your book blog.

  • Literary Labyrinth Log
  • Confessions of a Bookaholic
  • Bookish Boulevard
  • The Hook of The Book
  • Shelfies & Selfies
  • Clever Covers
  • Book Break
  • The Bookish Muse
  • Sage Script Space
  • Book Hangovers Are My Thing
  • A Bookish Misadventure
  • Cleverly Crafted Reads
  • Tales from the TBR Pile
  • Book Brainwave Base
  • Literary Logic Lair
  • The Bookish Blueprint
  • Storycraft Studio
  • The Reading Riddle
  • What’s In the Story?
  • Intellectual Ink Inn
  • Tales Untold
  • Quill Quotient
  • Verse Vista
  • The Smart Page-Turner
  • Pages Unfurled
  • The Savvy Scribbler
  • Literary Lens
  • Prose Puzzle Pavilion
  • The Witty Writer
  • Brainy Book Buffet
  • Smart Script Review
  • I Read, You Read, We All Read
  • The Bookmarked Life
  • Smart Style Script
  • The Book Wanderer

Unique & Aesthetic Book Blog Names

Concept Image of Someone Holding a Book and Feeling Its Imaginative World

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Embrace individuality with these visually pleasing and unique and short blog name ideas.

  • Literary Euphoria
  • Booktastic Delight
  • Fae & Fiction
  • Moonstone & Moonlight
  • Your Bookshelf
  • Prose Paradise
  • The Graceful Bookmark
  • Velvet Verse
  • The Painted Page
  • Artistic Alcove of Books
  • Ethereal Bookish Bliss
  • The Bookish Bohemian
  • Avid Readers Nirvana
  • Dreamydiction Domain
  • Quill & Compass
  • Serene Pages
  • Charming Chapter Corner
  • Bohemian Bookish Bazaar
  • Aesthetic Arcade Archives
  • Fairytales & Folklore
  • Starlit Library
  • Literary Serendipity
  • Surreal Storytelling Haven
  • Moonlit Chapters
  • Aesthetic Pages
  • Whispers & Ink
  • Serendipitous Stories
  • Epic Elysium of Books
  • Serene Storyteller
  • The Delicate Narrative

Nostalgic Book Blog Names

Drawing of Old Books With Cute Quill Giving a Nostalgic Vibe

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These memorable and evocative book blog names will guide you to tap into your readers’ nostalgia.

  • Timeless Tales
  • Literary Flashback
  • The Bookworm’s Wayback Machine
  • Rainy Day Reads
  • Time Capsule Reads
  • Storytime by Candlelight
  • The Yellowed Pages
  • Reading by the Fireplace
  • Once Upon a Storytime
  • Classic Chronicles
  • Pages of Yesteryear
  • The Bookcase of Memories
  • Literary Throwback
  • The Bookmarked Past
  • Adventures in Paperback Paradise
  • Retro Readings Retreat
  • Classic Comforts
  • Tales from the Attic
  • Bibliophilic Nostalgia
  • Echoing Epoch
  • The Bookworm’s Bookmobile
  • Vintage Tales
  • The Book Nook of Childhood
  • Bookish Memories
  • The Sentimental Storyteller
  • Golden Age Gazette
  • The Bookworm’s Blanket Fort

Creative Vintage Names for Book Review Blogs

Drawings of a Set of Vintage Books

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Give your book review blog a timeless and classic feel with these artistic names.

  • Nostalgic Narrative Notes
  • Vintage Reading Room
  • The Bookworm’s Bindery
  • Bygone Book Bulletin
  • Vintage Bookmarks
  • Aged Pages
  • Booked Spotlight
  • Nostalgia Notes Nexus
  • The Vintage Book Blog
  • BygoneBook Bulletin
  • The Literary Timepiece
  • Literary Heirlooms
  • The Bookish Relic
  • Vintage Whispers
  • The Quill and Scroll
  • Dusty Pages
  • The Old-School Reader
  • Literary Time Machine
  • Antique Aisle Archives
  • The Classic Critique
  • Literary Antiques
  • Vintage Volumes 

Non Fiction Book Review Blog Names

Illustration of Literature Review

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These captivating blog names are perfect who want to review non-fiction literature. 

  • The Researcher Review
  • Knowledge Chronicles
  • Truth Trail Tales
  • Fact Finder’s Library
  • The Real-Life Reader
  • Authentic Analysis Alcove
  • Beyond the Hype
  • The Knowledge Codex
  • Documented Discovery Domain
  • Insightful Inquiry Inn
  • Fact File Fables
  • NonFic Nook Notions
  • Real Read Reflections
  • Informative Imprint Inn
  • The Non-Fiction Notebook
  • Factual Frontier
  • The Knowledge Corner
  • Non-Fiction Junction
  • The Critical Eye
  • Inquiry Insight Index
  • Truth Seeker’s Den
  • Unbiased Ink
  • True Tale Terrace

Fiction Book Blog Names

Concept of Fantasy World Imagination in a Fiction Book

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Transport your readers into the imaginary world of fiction with these enchanting book blog names.

  • Novel Notes
  • Fictional Narratives
  • The Romance Book Blog
  • What’s the Plot Twist
  • Fictionscapes & Fantasies
  • Page-Turning Adventures
  • The Fictional Fix
  • Fictive Fiesta Frontier
  • Whimsical Words
  • Character Chronicles
  • Surreal Storyteller’s Spot
  • Lost in Literary Lands
  • Sci-Fi World
  • Dystopian Literature
  • Story Safari 
  • World of Fiction Lovers
  • Plot Play Playground
  • Fiction Fiesta Foyer
  • Novel Nirvana Nook
  • Fanciful Fiction Frenzy
  • The Fiction Fanatic
  • Enchanting Epic Enclave
  • The Fictional Enchantment
  • Novel Escapades
  • Otherworldly Oasis of Books
  • Supernatural Storytelling Sanctuary
  • The Literary Imaginarium
  • Literary Dreamscape
  • Storybook Spectrum Spot


Q. Should I include my name in my book blog name?

Including your name in your book blog will add a personal touch to it and level up the chances of audience connectivity. However, not including it will give an air of mystery.

Q. Can I use puns or wordplay in my book blog name?

Absolutely! As long as your selected blog name is catchy and memorable, it works. Feel free to take inspiration from our suggested book blog names for your own blog.

Q. What are the common mistakes to avoid when choosing a book blog name?

Avoid blog names that are too long, generic, hard to spell or pronounce, or similar to other existing blogs. Simply put, keep things interesting and concise. 

Q. Can I change my book blog name in the future if I want to?

Yes, you can change it whenever you want, but consistency is generally beneficial for building your brand. Hence, prefer to put a lot of thought into deciding on a blog name first, rather than changing it later. 


By choosing a name that reflects your personality and passion for books, you’ll create a space that invites readers to join you on your literary adventures. From catchy and nostalgic to fiction and non-fiction, we presented 230+ unique ideas for book blog names. So, now you can easily find a name that matches your taste and vision. 

Once you decide on the blog name, try using our Free Blog Post Idea Generator to generate multiple content ideas for it. You’ll get quality content in one click, so there’s no more need to spend hours researching blog topics!

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