Mesmerize Your Audience By Designing Beautiful Blogs 

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The human brain is inclined to remember beautiful things; the same principle applies to beautiful blogs. The best blog site designs are those that combine, design, content, and creativity in developing the final look of your blog.

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A beautiful blog design can mean many things to many people. A tech blog may seem beautiful with geometric patterns whereas a food blog’s beauty you find on the internet lies in the images of scrumptious meals.

The difference is in the perspective of beauty of each blog owner and designer. However, there are a few common things that make a blog look attractive. These are the elements that we will discuss in this blog to help you create a memorable design for your blog.

What Makes a Blog Beautiful?

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Trending blogs are those that keep the readers engaged with their beautiful blog designs. These blogs follow a few principles that make the blog design more beautiful. If your blog has the following elements, it will create an intrinsically beautiful blog.

1. Symmetry

Symmetry is the core of beauty especially when it comes to blogging. A blog design whose elements are in harmony with each other creates a beautiful blog. It means that the font, the size of the icons, and even the images should align seamlessly with the content.

2. Color Theory

Whenever you design a blog, you must choose colors that merge seamlessly with each other. For example, you can use the following color combinations to create a theme for your blog design. Follow the given table to find the best color combination for your blog.

Type Of BlogColor Combinations
Modern BlogsBeige and Red, Pink and White
Art BlogsBlue Shades, White, and Red-Violet
Business BlogsTeal and White, Purple and White, Brown and White
Technology BlogsWhite, Purple, and Orange
Sports BlogsDeep Purple, Orange, Red, and White
Fashion BlogsRose Pink, White
Aesthetic BlogsBrown, Beige, Rose pink

3. Header

Designing the header is an important part of your blog. It includes a navigation menu, a search bar, and social media icons to help people find their desired content. The key to creating a beautiful blog is to add aesthetic titles, graphics, and colors to make the header stand out.

4. Content

Presenting the content in a pleasing manner means arranging it in unique patterns. You can either divide the content into two to three-line paragraphs or divide the content by adding spaces between each line. This will make your blog easy to read and help you engage more visitors.

5. Intricate Designs

Sections that include small details are more attractive to the eye than big designs. Add intricate designs and striking images to provide visual relief to your readers. You can use an aesthetic background in light colors to enhance the overall look of your blog.

6 Beautiful Blogs You Must Follow

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Collecting information about a particular blog may not help you design a beautiful blog unless you see a real-life example. That is why you must scour through the most beautiful blogs you can find online in the form of WordPress example blogs. Make sure you take inspiration from the overall look and feel of the blog rather than individual elements as you study each blog design.

Brit + Co

Brit + Co Homepage - beautiful blogs example

Source: Brit + Co

The dazzling image of Brit + Co is in complete contrast with blogs with light color themes and backgrounds. As a leading lifestyle blog for women, Brit + Co is filled with content related to the latest trending drama on Netflix as well as fashion trends. Brit Morin has kept the header of the blog in a simple white and black format but adds color to the website by posting vibrant pictures with each blog title. She also gets creative by changing the white space into a pink backdrop which highlights the most-read blogs on her homepage.

Katie Grazer Blog

Katie Grazer Homepage - beautiful blogs example

Source: Katie Grazer Blog

Learn from the best as you follow Katie Grazer through her journey from a corporate employee to a full-time blogger. Katie advises her readers on marketing their content to the world by sharing tips on using Pinterest and other marketing tools. Her cute blog is a medley of dark and light brown colors. The header of the blog advertises Katie’s masterclass in increasing traffic on Pinterest. As you scroll down you will see that each blog is designed with a breathtaking picture in mind which compels you to start reading it right away.


ClickUp Blog homepage - beautiful blogs example

Source: ClickUp

ClickUp may be a great content management system but what most users fail to see is its beautiful blog design. The ClickUp blog combines the bright colors of its logo into the whole design of the blog. You can see the pink, orange, red, and blue colors cleverly dispersed throughout the blog design. Even the About page is filled with images of professionals with similarly colorful backgrounds. Moreover, each article of the blog is designed with animations that capture the reader’s attention.


Notion Blog Homepage - beautiful blogs example

Source: Notion

Notion is a web application that helps you create a workspace for all the tools you use in a single day. But we are here to talk about the Notion blog. It has a black-and-white theme, but the thing that sets it apart from other blogs is the use of black-and-white animated pictures of their personnel. This addition gives the blog a quirky look. Moreover, the simple layout of the blog allows the content to shine through. Overall the beautiful blog is the perfect fusion of art and technology.

Zapier’s Blog

Zapier Blog Homepage - beautiful blogs example

Source: Zapier

Zapier is one of those companies that help you integrate your web applications with their automated workflows. The organization helps keep everything on track from small tasks to huge projects. But the best thing about Zapier is its blog. The nice blog is designed with such ingenuity that each image used in its articles adds to the beauty of the blog. You can see the clever overlapping of graphs and data analytics over the picture of employees working on a project boosting the impact of the blog.

Coda Story

Coda Story Homepage - beautiful blogs example

Source: Coda Story

News outlets are our major source of information regarding the incidents happening all around the world. But what happens when you can’t trust the sources of news around you? In such conflicting times, blogs like Coda Story aim to preserve the integrity of journalism by exploring the harsh truths. Accordingly, the blog uncovers various topics by using images with sharp colors and thought-provoking designs. The blog’s design is beautiful in the sense that the simplicity of the header and font is complemented by breathtaking images related to each article.

Beautiful Blog Design Best Practices

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One of the easiest ways to create a beautiful blog design is to follow the blog website examples with unique designs. Add a little bit of oomph to your blog design by following the best particles below for creating spectacular blogs.

  1. Decorate The Homepage: Spend your time designing the homepage of your blog to make it simply irresistible. Modify the header, add colors, and experiment with font styles to hook the visitor rights away.
  2. Broadcast Your Best Articles: Showcase the best of your content on the top of your blog. Use clear fonts and catchy titles to broadcast your successful blogs on the homepage.
  3. Create A Colorful Background: Design the background of your blog with bright colors to highlight your content and make it pleasant for your regulars as well as first-time visitors.
  4. Design Your Logo Artfully: Add a small image of flowers, a vase, or simply a few lines alongside your logo, or decorate it by using different types of stylized fonts to add a quirky touch.
  5. Reinvent The Blog Layout: Reinvent your beautiful blog by changing the position of the blog cards and creating a unique viewing pattern for navigation.

Wrap Up

Beautiful blogs are born from beautiful minds and you can create a masterpiece by following the tips given in this blog. Play with new ideas, colors, designs, and anything else that comes into your mind. Your blog is like a canvas where you can create anything you want. If you revamp your content with exciting titles from a free blog post idea generator, it will be a cherry on top. 

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