Pro Tips for YouTube Clickbait Titles [5 Examples Inside]

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These days people on the internet have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. The reason behind this is pretty obvious. There’s a lot of content available online. It’s like you have to pick from a lot of options. And obviously, you’ll select the one that piques your interest e.g. YouTube clickbait titles.

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Building on that, the title is the first handshake of your YouTube video with the visitor. The moment a visitor sees it is very crucial. It can make or break their decision about whether they go further with it or skip it and jump to the next. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the importance of YouTube titles. We’ll be discussing why they are necessary and the facts about YouTube clickbait titles. From the use of sensationalist and misleading click bait titles to the psychology behind their effectiveness, we’ll explore it all.

Why Are YouTube Titles Important?

As discussed above, the title is the first thing that people see when they search for videos on YouTube. You should pay attention to it and make it as catchy, clear, and effective as possible. The following are the reasons why you need a YouTube clickbait title. It can:

  • Attract attention and curiosity.
  • Communicate the value and relevance of your video.
  • Influence the ranking and visibility of your video.
  • Affect the retention and engagement of your viewership.
  • Increase traffic to and revenue of your channel.

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How Necessary are YouTube Clickbait Titles?

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After discussing their purpose, it’s time to explore how necessary the clickbait titles are for YouTube. As of now, we know that they are essential to make the viewers click your video out of curiosity. 

Let’s keep it honest. They are not necessary for creating quality content. But you can win a lot more than expected views via such titles. They’re good enough to make them say OMG what is this leading to open that link! Here a strategy known as FOMO works. It’s fear of missing out (on something special).

Anyhow keep in mind that if you start to implement this trick regularly, it may disappoint the viewers and harm your credibility in the long run. You can use it but not that much that ends in de-ranking!

What do Viewers Really Think of YouTube Clickbait Titles?

According to a study by Zhi Zhou on clickbait titles, some people feel cheated by such titles while some see it as a creative strategy. According to the latter, there’s nothing wrong with sparking curiosity as it’s one of the most effective marketing tactics. 

In the next section, we’ll explore four examples to see how those YT video titles attracted a large viewership. These interesting examples are backed by stats and facts, so stay tuned!

4 Examples of YouTube Clickbait Titles That Got the Most Views

Let’s explore whether videos with clickbait YouTube titles perform better in the light of some examples.

I Was Murdered – Stokes Twins

I Was Murdered - Stokes Twins

Source: Stokes Twins

This video title is so scary yet crazy — right? The video was uploaded 4 months ago and it already has millions of views. 

The video is a murder mystery game, where the Stokes Twins (Alan and Alex) pretend to be killed by a masked killer. Their friends have to find out who the killer is using clues and evidence.

It’s a perfect example of a clickbait title because it uses sensational, exaggerated, and provocative language. It helps attract attention and entice people to click on the video. The title implies that the Stokes Twins were actually murdered, which is not true, and it creates curiosity and suspense for the viewers.

This video got so many views because of the popularity and influence of the Stokes Twins, who have over 26 million subscribers on YouTube. But the star of the show is the clickbait title, of course!

I Survived 50 Hours in Antarctica – MrBeast 

MrBeast Survived 50 Hours in Antarctica - YouTube Video Title Image

Source: MrBeast

This YouTube video title claims that the Youtuber, Mr. Beast, survived 50 hours in Antarctica. Well, everyone knows that Antarctica is not suitable for human habitation, but evidently Mr. Beast survived there, so it must be doable, right? 

He got 173M+ views on this video and that’s proof that a promising YT title can contribute to the video’s success. Clickbait titles, such as the one used in this video, are designed to attract attention and can lead to high Click Through Rates (CTR).

Klunatik Eating Brains, Eyeballs and a Tongue – Kluna Tik

Klunatik Eating Brains, Eyeballs and a Tongue

Source: Kluna Tik

This video was uploaded on YouTube 7 years ago. But it’s eye-popping enough to grab your attention today as well due to such a weird yet catchy title. 

It features the host, Kluna Tik, eating a raw brain, eyeballs, tongue, nose, and teeth. The interesting thing — it is presented in an ASMR style with close-up shots of the food and exaggerated eating sounds.

The video’s success can be attributed, in part, to the effectiveness of the clickbait title in generating curiosity. The shocking and sensational nature of the title likely intrigued and attracted a large number of viewers. The result? 180 million+ views!

Losing 10 Pounds in 1 Week – Motivationaldoc

Losing 10 Pounds in 1 Week - Motivationaldoc

Source: Motivationaldoc

This clickbait YouTube title can attract anyone who’s looking to lose weight in seconds. It leverages the psychological phenomenon of curiosity and the desire for quick results. 

Clickbait titles like these are designed to grab the viewer’s attention and prompt them to click on the video. They often present sensational or exaggerated information. This can lead to a higher CTR as viewers are more likely to click on the video out of curiosity. 

The title “Losing 10 Pounds in 1 Week” likely appealed to viewers who are looking for quick weight loss solutions and generated curiosity about the methods used in the video. And when this information comes from a professional doctor (as mentioned in the title), it amplifies its credibility.

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[Bonus] Tips to Write Click-Worthy YouTube Video Titles

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Follow these tips to write engaging and click-worthy YouTube clickbait titles:

  • Be concise – Keep your title short, snappy, and to the point. Long titles can be overwhelming and may not fully display in search results or on mobile devices.
  • Use keywords – Incorporate relevant keywords in your title that accurately describe the content of your video. This will help improve your video’s visibility in search results.
  • Create curiosity – Spark curiosity or intrigue by posing a question, teasing a surprising fact, or hinting at valuable information within your title. This can entice viewers to click and watch.
  • Be specific – Clearly convey what your video is about. Instead of vague titles like “Amazing tutorial,” opt for something like “5 Proven Tips for Mastering Photoshop.”
  • Highlight benefits – Focus on the benefits viewers will gain by watching your video. For example, if your video offers time-saving techniques, emphasize that in the title.
  • Use powerful adjectives – Incorporate descriptive words that evoke emotions or convey the unique nature of your video. For instance, “Incredible,” “Essential,” “Mind-Blowing,” or “Exclusive.”
  • Add numbers – Numbers in titles tend to attract attention. Consider using them to indicate a list, steps, or specific quantities. For example, “10 Unbelievable Facts About Space”.
  • Stay authentic – While it’s important to create attention-grabbing titles, avoid clickbait tactics that mislead or deceive viewers. Your title should accurately represent the content of your video to build trust with your audience.

Wrap Up

We hope you loved this insightful guide on clickbait YouTube titles. Don’t forget to follow the tips shared at the end as they’ll help you a lot while crafting a YouTube video title.

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