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As a blogger, you know how important it is to publish quality content on your website to attract more readers, rank higher in Google, and earn more money. However, producing quality content is not very easy. It requires you to spend a lot of hours on research, writing, editing, and formatting skills. 

Did you know the average blogger spends approximately 4 hours crafting a single post? That’s almost half a workday! No wonder We Write Blog Posts, a content creation service, has gained so much traction. 

They promise premium-quality articles for a fraction of the time. But do they truly live up to their promises? Can pre-written or outsourced articles ever truly capture your unique voice and vision? In other words, is We Write Blog Posts legit?

A Glimpse into We Write Blog Posts

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In this article, we’ll give you an honest We Write Blog Posts review, exploring what it is, its pros and cons, customer service, and pricing to see if it’s a blogger’s dream or a nightmare that should be avoided.

What Is We Write Blog Posts?

About Us Section of We Write Blog Posts

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If you’re thinking about whether We Write Blog Posts is legit or not, buckle up. We’ll talk about its ins and outs and at the end tell you what we think.

Founded by Steve Rajeckas, We Write Blog Posts is a customized service to create high-quality and SEO-optimized content for your blog. It claims to offer original and authoritative content on various topics, such as tech, food, beauty, fitness, and more. They also claim that they provide SEO content that Google loves and can write more or less on every topic.

How Does We Write Blog Posts Work?

To outsource content from this platform, you need to fill out a form. It includes all the necessary details about what type of content you want them to write. For instance, the total number of words and blog posts, the niche of your posts, whether you want their titles, (free) publishing on WordPress service, etc. 

You can write your custom requirements in the provided field too. Once you send them the form, they’ll give you a PayPal invoice (with some other available options for money transfer). It usually takes them 1-2 weeks to submit the articles. Keep in mind that the time depends on the number of articles you order. 

The tools they use include Grammarly Premium & Copyleaks to ensure content quality. Moreover, there’s a team of editors who check your content. Once the content piece is ready to go, they’ll give you it to publish on your required platforms.

Let’s see below other essential info about them, including writers they hire, who their clients are, and what they charge:

  • Kind of Writers They Hire: They have a team of over 180 freelance expert writers and editors who work remotely and service clients globally across a wide variety of different niches.
  • Clients: They work with different clients globally. Their target audience is primarily bloggers, online marketers, and website owners looking for content.
  • Pricing Structure: They have a straightforward and transparent pricing structure. It usually starts from $0.055 per word for blog posts of 25k-1000K words to $0.07 per word for <10K word count.

If you still want to write articles online yourself, here’s our guide on our Free Content Generator 24/7 at your service supported by a lot of customized settings. You can get a plethora of content ideas for your next blog posts without spending a single penny!

We Write Blog Posts Review

Testimonials of We Write Blog Posts

Source: WeWriteBlogPosts

Can We Write Blog Posts really save you time and is it worth the hype? This section will answer this query for you. We’ve formulated this We Write Blog Posts review based on testimonials and the authentic opinions of their clients. Let’s dive into it with no further delay.

According to the testimonials of their clients, We Write Blog Posts delivers original and authoritative content that ranks well on Google and drives more traffic plus revenue to their websites.

Their clients rave about their simple and transparent pricing, fast and easy ordering process, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and exceptional customer service. The speed at which content is delivered stands out as a massive time saver. And the best part is that they can focus on what matters most — expanding their business. 

They’re amazingly good at writing about many different topics and can help websites that get between 10,000 and 100,000 views each month. That takes their service value up a notch.


Following are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy when leveraging WeWriteBlogPosts’s services:

  • High-quality, SEO-optimized, and ready-to-publish content.
  • Primarily focused on search engine rankings.
  • Maven writers and experienced editors.
  • Niche expertise in almost every walk of life.
  • Simple and transparent pricing.
  • Fast and easy ordering process with quick turnaround time.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Client-focused, responsive support.


Here are the concerns that you should keep in mind when outsourcing their content writing services:

  • Relatively higher pricing compared to alternatives.
  • No direct involvement of the clients in the writing process.
  • Ghostwriting option means less of a personal touch. 
  • No trial posts to test the service before buying.
  • Premium turnaround times might not be ideal.

Our Verdict

For people intending to buy a blog post with custom requirements, We Write Blog Posts is a go-to source. They have a fast and easy ordering process, where you can choose your topic, word count, keywords, and tone, Moreover, you’ll get excellent customer service, with immediate resolution of any issues. However, you may need to test the waters a little before committing to them full-time.


Our We Write Blog Posts review covers the fact that it is a content writing service platform that offers original and authoritative content on various topics and niches. They provide SEO content that “Google loves” using state-of-the-art methods. They comprise a top-tier team of 180+ writers and editors. Additionally, their pricing structure is simple and transparent.

Are you looking to craft a list of creative ideas for your next blog posts without spending a penny? Leverage our Free Blog Post Idea Generator that offers you unlimited customizable ideas. It’ll cover every type of blog ranging from informal blogs to formal ones.

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