150+ Topics for Articles You Wish You’d Known Earlier

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Can’t think of topics to write about for an article? We got you! Sometimes finding a good article topic is nothing short of a challenge. It may feel like you’re running out of ideas, or that everything has already been written about. At this very moment, all you (badly) want is a list of good topics for article writing.

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Fret not, for we stand before you with the ultimate list of high-caliber article writing topics you’ll ever need in your arsenal. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled writer, read on to select topics for your next inspiring blog post. By the time you reach the end, you’ll have a compilation of article ideas to start writing with confidence.

How to Find Topics for Articles?

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Let’s discuss some helpful tips to find good topics for article writing.

  • Look for recent trends on the internet about the topic you want to write about.
  • Explore some topics that you love to write about. 
  • Use keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz to get ideas.
  • Take inspiration from what other bloggers are talking about in their blogs.
  • Look for gaps in existing articles and create content to fill them.

But sometimes nothing works and you’re left only with limited topic ideas to pick from. Well, that’s not the case anymore because now you can count on our Free Blog Post Idea Generator. It’ll assist you with getting unlimited ideas in a few seconds once you enter your requirements into it.

As the name implies, it’s 100% free and completely customizable. Besides, you can generate 10 ideas in a single go. If you want more, rerun the tool. Once you have enough ideas, check out this easy-to-follow guide on how to write an article online. Your inner writer will thank you for this! 

What Are the Best Topics for Creating Articles?

There’s a plethora of content topics out there, but not every topic is for every writer. Non-technical writers cannot write technical content pieces effectively, and vice versa. Every blog writer should explore interesting ideas surrounding their niche or better yet, expertise. 

Following is an article topic list with a whopping 150+ ideas to write about. Check it out and pick what works for you and your blog, of course!

Topics for Articles on Technology & Gadgets

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Today’s advancement follows from ever-evolving technology and versatile gadgets like smartphones and laptops. It’s no more a matter of choice but a necessity to stay updated on recent technology trends and gadgets in application. Exploring awesome tech topics to write about is a great idea to inform, entertain, and inspire your readers with the latest innovations in this niche. Check out the following for inspiration.

  • 5G technology
  • Home automation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum computing
  • Computer security
  • Augmented reality
  • Biotechnology
  • Smartphones
  • Mobile apps

Quick Tip: If you’re writing about any particular app or tech gadget, consider writing it in the how-to article topics format. Such step-by-step guides help folks understand technical concepts faster and better.

Topics for Articles on Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are two important things to take care of if you want to live your best life. Do you have a knack for writing about physical well-being, mental health, and related topics? Then the following share-worthy topics for articles on health and wellness are for you. Take inspiration from any of these and educate your readers.

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Gut health
  • Body detox
  • The power of sleep
  • Yoga 
  • Common health myths
  • Healthy aging
  • Stress management 
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Healthy eating

Quick Tip: For more health and wellness blog post ideas, check out our guide and decide on your next content piece!

Topics for Articles on Business & Finance

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The best way to know about how the world and its economy work is to stay updated on the latest business and finance trends. We’re about to share some brilliant and current topics for article writing for this niche. They’ll help bloggers and marketers like you provide informative analyses on various business-related and personal finance topics. For example:

  • Online business
  • Stocks investment 
  • Finance management 
  • Budgeting
  • NFTs
  • E-commerce
  • Business opportunities
  • Successful entrepreneurs and their habits
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Side hustles
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Topics for Articles on Must-Read Books

Beyond a doubt, books have the power to inspire, educate, and transport readers to different worlds. Book blog ideas help you introduce, review, and even recommend some of the best books in different genres to avid readers. The following topics for articles on must-read books will give you ideas to write engaging blogs to help you connect with and extend your readership.

  • Fiction
  • Cultural books
  • Non-fiction
  • Biography 
  • Self-help
  • Best books of 2024
  • Historical books
  • Books to inspire creativity
  • Classic novels
  • Science fiction

Topics for Articles on Travel & Adventure

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Do you love to travel to experience new cultures and places and want to document those wonderful experiences? Then travel blogging is your cup of tea! These blog topics will help enthusiastic travelers or adventurers share their stories and guides on how to plan, prepare, and enjoy different trips and destinations.

  • Travel photography tips 
  • Solo travel
  • Road trips
  • Personal travel experiences
  • Adventure experiences for thrill-seekers
  • Backpacking
  • Travel on a budget
  • Destination guides
  • Food tourism
  • Solo female travel tips

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to include real photos of the places you’ve been exploring/ explored to engage your audience.

Topics for Articles on Sustainability

The debate to take crucial steps to save our planet and humanity is ever-important. And it’s evident that this will continue in the years ahead with even more influence. This makes sustainability one of the hottest topics of 2024. Check out these trending sustainability-themed article topics to write on and guide readers about the recent developments and (future) plans regarding this area.

  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Zero waste living
  • [X] Ways to save energy and water
  • Food sustainability practices
  • Electric cars
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Plastic-free initiatives
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Ocean conservation

Topics for Articles on Fashion & Lifestyle

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We all know that there are hundreds of thousands of fashion and lifestyle blogs available online. And people love to read about such cool and chic stuff, be it tips, and tricks on how to dress, accessorize, or beautify yourself. Thus, we’ve handpicked these best articles topics for fashion and lifestyle so you can write in this niche confidently.

  • Celebrity style
  • Gender-neutral fashion
  • Interior design ideas
  • Skincare routine
  • Beauty hacks
  • Streetwear influence
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • DIY fashion
  • Capsule wardrobe essentials 
  • Trending fashion accessories

Quick Tip: Before starting your personal lifestyle blog, be sure to explore the best lifestyle blogs to ensure that yours stands out.

Topics for Articles on Education & Career

Education and career are important for your personal and professional development and success. Are you thinking of starting your blog or running one in this niche? Have a look at these best article topics to inform, advise, and support your readers with useful information and resources. That’s so that after reading your blog, they can get answers to their doubts and excel in different fields and professions.

  • Skill-building
  • Career in digital marketing
  • Best degree for you
  • Career advancement strategies
  • Mentorship programs
  • Career growth
  • Online education
  • Internships
  • Jobs with the highest salary
  • Importance of a strong resume
  • Best educational resources
  • Role of soft skills in job

Topics for Articles on Personal Development 

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Personal development is a lifelong process of continuous improvement in different walks of life. People love to grow and read such motivational content. Hence, it’s a good niche to invest your time in as a blogger. We’ve curated the best personal development topics for articles. Pick some from below that suits your writing style to empower your readers to improve and become a better version of themselves.

  • Goal setting 
  • Tips to boost confidence
  • Growth mindset
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Power of positive affirmations
  • Time management
  • Hacks to overcome procrastination
  • Resilience 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Nurturing your strengths

Quick Tip: These personal development blog ideas will help you in two ways. First, to inspire your readers to take action for their betterment. Second, to give them enjoyable and insightful content so they come back for more.

Topics for Articles on Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is a subset of personal development. It mainly focuses on helping you to upskill yourself, develop good habits, and boost your abilities. If this is your favorite niche to write about, consider the topics below for article writing. Share your personal experiences or tips and tricks to evolve with the readers. 

  • Importance of setting boundaries
  • Winner’s mindset
  • Being creative
  • Self-reflection
  • Emotional well-being
  • Boosting productivity 
  • Importance of self-care
  • Communication 
  • The psychology of motivation 
  • Breaking bad habits

Topics for Articles on Sports & Entertainment

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Sports and entertainment are a source of fun, excitement, and relaxation. And people love to read blogs on this type of content. So, if you select an engaging topic for an article on sports or entertainment, it can amuse your readers while also being informative. Here’s a plethora of popular topics from sports events to entertainment news. Choose any of them that suits your writing style and keep your readers updated on what’s happening where.

  • E-sports
  • Inspiring sports biographies
  • Women in sports
  • Sports bets
  • Athletic mindsets
  • Sports as a career choice
  • History of Football
  • Rules of Tennis
  • Reason for cricket’s popularity
  • Music industry trends
  • Behind-the-scenes of popular shows
  • The reality of reality shows
  • Celebrity gossip

Topics for Articles on Food & Drinks

Are you a food blogger looking for sizzlingly good article topics in this category? The following topics will help you share your passion for yummilicious food, tempting cuisines, and beverages from different cultures across the world. Feel free to share your stories, experiences, and insights on how food and drinks affect your health and mood.

  • Street food
  • Art of food presentation
  • Fermented food
  • Signature cocktails
  • Health benefits of superfoods
  • Tips for food photography
  • Baking basics
  • Coffee brewing techniques
  • Vegan cooking tips
  • Global flavors
  • 2-minute recipes
  • Easy weeknight meals
  • Best places for foodies

Topics for Articles on Productivity & Remote Work

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The trend of remote work will continue to surge in the upcoming years. Do you know that by 2025, 32M+ Americans will work remotely? Productivity is essential, especially if you’re working in a remote setting. In simple terms, productivity means how much work you can do in the time you have. The following productivity topics for an article will help you share your knowledge about tools and apps to track time, tasks, and project productivity.

  • Science of productive mornings
  • Pomodoro technique
  • Remote onboarding
  • Balancing work and life
  • Productivity apps for every need
  • Remote workspace setup tips
  • Future of remote work
  • [X] productivity tips
  • Challenges of remote work
  • Team collaboration tools

Topics for Articles on Politics & Social Issues

Articles on politics and social issues educate readers with factual and credible information. Most of them require a detailed analysis of the topic. Following are some popular article topics to write about politics and social issues. While writing on any of these, be careful and share your opinions and arguments based on facts, not rumors.

  • Elections
  • Social justice
  • Democracy
  • Policies
  • Gun control debates
  • Gender equality
  • Political polarization
  • Human rights 
  • Youth activism
  • Power of protest
  • Laws
  • Movements
  • Feminism
  • Journalism ethics
  • Climate change policies


It’s stressful when you’re constantly struggling to come up with the right content ideas but can’t. Now that you have these 150+ topics for articles, we are pretty sure that you can get rid of writer’s block. Select any of these ideas and start writing now! But don’t forget to give our content generator a try for unlimited ideas. After all, who knows if an idea might ignite your inner writer’s imaginative spark!

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