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Do you know the one thing that helps us run a civilized society? You guessed it…our education systems. However, education sometimes takes a backseat due to the complexities of culture, race, and politics. Educators have to bear the burden of responsibility for such complexities. That is why education blogs are so important in supporting teachers and students alike.

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The top education blogs take it upon themselves to report discrimination, offer advice, and create a safe space for educators to share their ideas. The blogs, with top education blog topics, also help us keep track of the technical advancements happening in the world of academia. 

Let’s take a deep dive into the best education blogs that are making waves all across the globe one article at a time.

Our Picks for the 8 Top Education Blogs

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Talking about education is one thing. Trying to improve the tried and tested methods of imparting education is another. That is why top education blogs have their work cut out for them. They must appeal to the psyche of both teachers and students. We have compiled a list of the 8 top education blogs that are having a huge impact on the academic world.

1. The Cool Cat Teacher

The Cool Cat Teacher Blog Homepage

Source: The Cool Cat Teacher

Vicki Davis, a classroom teacher, started teaching in the year 2002. Working as a teacher for almost twenty-two years has given Vicki the insight to deliver content that is relatable, funny, and informative at the same time.

As a mom and a career woman, Vicki realized that every child has the ability to learn, no matter their genetic composition. So, she created a blog that could cater to people of all types of intellectual abilities.

Thus, The Cool Cat Teacher was born! This blog is definitely one of the top education blogs because it explores everything that happens at an educational institute. For example, one of their blogs on deep fake images of girls in high school shows the level of commitment of the Cool Cat teacher. Overall, the blog explores the use of artificial intelligence to write good articles for school as well as its impact on the quality of education. 

2. edCircuit

edCircuit Homepage

Source: edCircuit

edCircuit has built a community that aims to provide a coherent approach to education. Found in 2014 by academic experts and entrepreneurs, edCircuit is a little different from other educational blog examples you will find on the internet. But what makes edCircut different is its focus on Social Emotional Learning, the impact of social media content on students, and how they perceive themselves in an overflow of information.

Some of the topics on edCircuit where experts explain and discuss the pain points of students and teachers alike include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Stem And Steam Education
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Esports
  • Professional Development
  • Covid-19
  • School Safety
  • Future Of Education
  • Innovation

As one of the best education blogs out there, edCircuit has built a safe learning space for parents, students, educators, advocates, and leaders. Moreover, educational podcasts allow people to have meaningful conversations and come up with inspirational solutions to common problems.

3. Teaching With Technology

Teaching With Technology Homepage

Source: Teaching With Technology

Do you remember when you first handled a pencil properly? Don’t worry if you don’t because the days of writing with pencils are long gone. Teaching With Technology highlights the positive points of technology during learning.

Bethany Christian, a social studies teacher and educational technology professor, has taken it upon herself to use academic tools to her advantage. She has created a place for teachers to find innovative ideas and tools to create a classroom environment that is engaging and fun at the same time.

Bethany has created Digital BreakoutEDU activities that help develop students’ cognitive and problem-solving skills. These educational technology activities create problems by replicating real-life situations. Students then use their knowledge and problem-solving skills to find answers on the spot and solve the puzzles to win points. These activities also use Google Maps to inspire the students with a sense of adventure.

4. Edutopia

Edutopia Homepage

Source: Edutopia

When we talk about the learning niche, Edutopia is the perfect example. It is an educational blog that caters to students enrolled from Pre-K to the 12th grade. With a team of reporters, editors, producers, and designers, Edutopia is a great source of inspiration for teachers and students. Cindy Johanson, the Executive Director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, is Edutopia’s brains.

Cindy is an avid supporter of online learning. She started her e-learning journey in 1989 and began working with text-based interfaces. Her mission is to focus on project-based learning simulations to help students develop new ideas with the help of technology.

Edutopia lives up to its name by offering information on brain-based learning, technology integration, and culturally responsive teaching. The blogs on using tech tools to create a wholesome learning environment make Edutopia one of the top education blogs on our list.

5. Cult of Pedagogy

Cult Of Pedagogy Homepage

Source: Cult Of Pedagogy

Do you ever feel stuck in life? Like no one understands what you are trying to do because they don’t have the same passion as you? Jennifer Gonzalez, the Editor in Chief of Cult of Pedagogy felt the same way. That’s when she decided to create a safe space for herself and teachers who were truly passionate about teaching.

Cult of Pedagogy is divided into three indexes with a wide range of topics to choose from.

The Craft

This index aims to improve the teachers’ experience and their teaching patterns. 

  • Instruction
  • Classroom Management
  • Technology
  • Equity

Go Deep 

This index allows teachers to dive into teaching methods inspired by learning theories and recommended research.

  • Learning Theory
  • Leadership
  • Career & PD
  • Book Recommendations
  • Hot Topics

Teacher Soul

This index provides an in-depth study of teacher’s behavior with students and their colleagues.

  • Attitude Adjustments
  • Working Together
  • Inspiration
  • Stories

6. Discovery Education 

Discovery Education Blog Homepage

Source: Discovery Education

Reading is the first act of learning for children throughout the world. As a child learn to understand the written word, a whole universe of knowledge opens up to them. That is why Discovery Education explores components of reading as well as silent reader fluency in its blog. These elements often go unnoticed by educators in traditional settings. This blog offers a versatile reading list for both students and teachers by providing well-researched content on virtually every learning-related topic.

However, one of the best educational blogs cannot merely focus on reading. This blog contains multiple tags that help new readers navigate its rich portfolio of informative blogs.

The list of topics on Discovery Education’s blog is versatile and thought-provoking. These topics include:

  • Augmented Reality​
  • Career Exploration Career Paths
  • Coding 
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Learning
  • English/ Language Arts 
  • Lesson Planning
  • Mystery Science​

7. EdSurge

EdSurge Blog Homepage

Source: EdSurge

Teachers are the glue that holds classrooms together, but what happens when teachers themselves get burned out? Such instances occur when the teachers’ needs are not met. That’s where EdSurge comes in. This blog explores the various ways a teacher navigates the difficult job of teaching students belonging to different backgrounds and ethnicities. It explores various alarming questions like the use of AI to check standardized tests in schools.

EdSurge does not shy away from starting conversations that can have a major impact on the education systems all around the world. It explores various niches including politics in education, AI-generated content, standardized tests, as well as social-emotional learning.

Other intriguing topics on EdSurge are Edtech Disruption and AI-Powered Reading Coaches. These blogs explain how we can move forward from a completely complacent learning environment to create a space where students can grow and nurture new ideas.

8. EL Education

EL Education Homepage

Source: EL Education

Blogs about kindergarteners are great in number, but there are only a few education blogs that cater to the needs of students who are going for higher education. EL Education stands out from all the general educational blogs by offering practical advice on building a career. Students are allowed to interact with community members and learn new techniques to manage their time and resources.

The blog is based on the premise of Expeditionary Learning, where students learn by exploring subjects through one-on-one interaction. It is a type of education where students are actively involved in each task and are ready to learn without memorizing loads of information in one go.

EL education focuses on building character and allows students to work out their differences with each other. As a result, students learn to become more efficient and develop a tolerance for people with different world views.

What We Learn From the Top Education Blogs

Now that you have learned about the top education blogs out there, let us take a look at some tips you can use to create your own education or academic blog:

  1. Focus on building a community by connecting readers, writers, teachers, and students under one platform. You can do this by introducing topics like social-emotional learning and technology integration.
  2. Avoid controversial topics, especially politics and religion. Always focus on the positive aspect when dealing with tough subjects.
  3. Explore topics that appeal to the sensitivity of student life including their social relationships and their interaction with others. 
  4. Create a brand by exploring your personal journey as a writer or teacher. Let your audience know that you are just another human being looking to make a connection.
  5. Adapt to the changing educational scenario. Incorporate new ideas and themes in your education blog to make it relatable.
  6. Choose a niche to make your content precise and easily accessible. A general blog may seem great at first glance but it becomes confusing for the readers.
  7. Create online activities for students and teachers that they can access through your blog. These activities improve your chances of increasing your reach and build a good reputation. 
  8. Update your readers on the latest happenings. Offer pieces of and your opinion on news, statistics, and information that can help teachers and students in their academic pursuits.
  9. Delegate your writing by hiring professional blog writers or use killer subheadlines that support the titles of your blog.
  10. Interact with your audience by starting a podcast or a newsletter to provide them with the latest information. 

Now that you have all the information on education blogs, let us move on to the next step…starting your own educational blog. 

How to Start Your Own Education Blog

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An education blog requires research and learning. You need to stay on top of the latest trends in education and explore various avenues before writing your first article. Make sure you don’t sound too pedantic, though. Keep the content light and add a touch of humor to keep the audience engaged. 

So, take the plunge and start your education blog by following the given steps:

Choosing a Platform and Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is choose a platform to start your blog. There are many platforms available on the internet like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, etc.. However, WordPress is the best platform for blogging because of its simple layout and easy-to-use interface.

Design and Branding Considerations

Once you select a niche for your educational blog, you can pick colors and themes that resonate with that niche. For example, if you are starting a blog for high school students, it is better to use a minimalist layout and do in-depth research on teen blogging sites to create an attractive brand.

Types of Content to Include

As a blog owner, you are the only one who can decide what type of content should be available on your blog. Accordingly, you can start by sharing your experience as a teacher and the management skills you used to manage your classroom. Other interesting topics of discussion include reviewing learning management systems, analyzing cooperative learning techniques, and discussing the latest news on education.

Promoting Your Blog and Gaining an Audience

Use your blog as a foundation to promote yourself. You can add a few personal blogs to show the readers your soft side. However, after one or two personal blogs, you should start building a brand and master content writing for blogs. Make accounts for your blog across various social media platforms and post consistently to gain traction and increase your blog’s reach.

Wrap Up

Education is the threshold that leads to new avenues for both teachers and students. It is not simply a system that can be tossed away. That is why it is necessary to harness the power of education and use it to fuel your imagination.

By doing so, you will not only expand your horizons in the academic arena but also build a business that brings you profits regularly. If you are still confused about how to come up with exciting ideas for your blog, you can always use our Free Blog Post Idea Generator to help you out.

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