Best Thanksgiving Instagram Captions for Couples [2023]

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Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to express gratitude for the blessings in our lives & celebrate these moments with loved ones.

It’s also a great opportunity to be thankful for the love in your life.

If you’re celebrating this Thanksgiving with your special someone, be sure to click some Insta-worthy photos reflecting togetherness.

And then add some sparkle with cute Thanksgiving Instagram captions for couples to capture the moment perfectly.

Couple Celebrating Thanksgiving

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Share your lovely vibes with followers & attract more likes, comments, and shares.

Our tailored couple Thanksgiving Instagram captions will add a touch of romance to your Insta feed.

Don’t miss this chance to grab the attention of Instagrammers on the 2nd most popular holiday in the U.S.A.!

Best Thanksgiving Captions for Couples

Best Thanksgiving Captions for Couples

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Thanksgiving is not only a time to count blessings, but it’s also a perfect chance to create sweet memories with your loved ones.

Don’t forget to document them on Instagram to let your followers join in the fun. To ensure you don’t fall short of Thanksgiving Instagram captions for couples, here is a plethora of them:

  • Turkey, pie, and you by my side — what more could I ask for?
  • We’re thankful for each other and all the good times we’ve shared.
  • Our love story is my favorite Thanksgiving tale.
  • Thankful for a partner who makes every day feel like a harvest celebration.
  • Forever grateful for the love we share, today and every day.
  • You’re the gravy to my mashed potatoes.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to my better half.
  • Our love is the pumpkin spice that makes this Thanksgiving extra nice.
  • Together, we’re the perfect recipe for love and thanksgiving.
  • You’re the only one I want to share this feast with.
  • I’m grateful for your love, your support, and your cooking skills. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the one who stole my heart.
  • Blessed to have a seat at this table with you. Happy Thanksgiving, my love.
  • I’m thankful for our love story and all the chapters yet to come.
  • You make my heart full, just like this overflowing plate of food.
  • Our love is the stuffing to my turkey – warm, comforting, & always filling.
  • You’re the pumpkin spice to my everything nice. Happy Thanksgiving, love.
  • Grateful to have you by my side every day, and especially on Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving is a reminder of how thankful I am for you every day.
  • You make me feel warm and fuzzy, like a sweater and a cup of apple cider.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with friends squad? Our Friendsgiving Instagram captions have your IG photos covered!

Thanksgiving Captions for Friends

Thanksgiving Captions for Friends

Source: Pexels

Thanksgiving Day becomes more exciting when you celebrate it with your friends or, aptly put, partners in crime.

Let’s discover some great Thanksgiving couple captions to double your joy by combining friendship & (platonic) love:

  • Thankful for friends who make every day feel like a holiday.
  • I’m so lucky to have you all in my life. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Friendsgiving: where the turkey is optional, but the fun is mandatory.
  • Thankful for the best friends a girl could ask for.
  • You’re the friends who always have my back…and my plate.
  • Our bond is stronger than cranberry sauce stains on a white shirt. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Gratitude is multiplied when shared with friends.
  • May our friendship always be as bountiful as our Thanksgiving spread.
  • Cheers to friends who turn turkey into togetherness. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Feasting, laughing, and making memories with my chosen family.
  • Here’s to the friends who feel like family and the feasts that bring us together.
  • Friendsgiving is my favorite holiday because I get to spend it with you.
  • You make me laugh harder than a turkey gobble.
  • Friendsgiving: Where good food meets great friends.
  • May our friendship be as strong as this turkey leg.
  • Feasting with the best crew this Thanksgiving.
  • I’m so grateful for all the laughs we’ve shared this year. Cheers to many more!
  • Friends who feast together, stay together. Happy Thanksgiving, pals!
  • Our friendship is the pumpkin spice in the recipe of life. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Friendsgiving: Where food and friendship come together in perfect harmony.

If you want to cherish your friendly bond on Instagram with a dash of humor, what’s better than these funny Insta captions for friends?

Heartfelt Thanksgiving Captions for Family 

elderly couple with their son and three grandchildren celebrating Thanksgiving

Source: Pexels

As you gather around the table with your significant other & family this Thanksgiving, let your Instagram feed reflect the love & gratitude you feel. Pair your memorable photos with memories Instagram captions…and do it right:

  • Thankful for the crazy, wonderful, imperfect, and loving family I call mine.
  • Family is the heart of Thanksgiving, and my heart is full.
  • Cherishing the moments, memories, and love shared with family.
  • The ones who know me best and love me anyway.
  • Family is everything, and I’m so blessed to have you in mine.
  • You’re the reason I smile, and the reason I cry (happy tears, of course).
  • Family: where life begins and love never ends. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • At this table, every dish is made with love.
  • Warm hugs, hearty meals, and cherished moments – that’s a family Thanksgiving.
  • Family: where your story begins and love never ends.
  • Our family tree may have many branches, but our roots are strong.
  • Family is who fill my heart with joy, and my stomach with food.
  • Today and every day, I give thanks for the blessings of my family.
  • Love, laughter, and an abundance of gratitude: my family thanksgiving.
  • Today we gather as one, grateful for the ties that bind us together.
  • May our family bond only grow stronger with each passing year.
  • Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!
  • I love you all more than words can say.
  • Feasting with the folks who hold the key to my heart.

Share your adorable family bonding photos on Instagram & use our on-point family IG captions to perfectly capture the love behind them.

Cute Thanksgiving Instagram Captions for Couples

Elderly couple celebrating Thanksgiving with red wine

Source: Freepik

Snapped some cute Thanksgiving selfies with your sweetheart? It’s time to get the right caption to attract a large audience & that’s exactly where we join in! Check out the following cutie-patootie Thanksgiving Instagram captions for couples to sprinkle cute vibes in your IG feed:

  • We’re a match made in gravy heaven.
  • Love is the secret ingredient that makes this Thanksgiving extra special.
  • You’re the corn to my bread, the cream to my coffee, and the nut to my meg.
  • Thankful for a love that’s sweeter than pumpkin pie.
  • You’re the pumpkin to my spice.
  • I’m so glad I get to gobble you up.
  • You’re the apple to my pie.
  • I’m pie-ning for you.
  • You make my heart skip a beat, like a drumstick.
  • Thankful for a love that’s as warm and cozy as a Thanksgiving gathering.
  • You’re the cranberry sauce to my Thanksgiving feast — essential and oh-so-sweet.
  • I’m so thankful for you, my sweet pea.
  • Snuggles, gratitude, and endless pumpkin spice kisses with you.
  • Our hearts are full, just like our Thanksgiving plates.
  • You’re my soulmate and my plate-mate.
  • Falling for you was the best autumn decision I ever made.

Want more cute Instagram captions for couples? This collection is sure to amp up your connectivity chances on IG, so be ready!


May your love continue to grow stronger every year!

Our Thanksgiving Instagram captions for couples are the goldmine for love partners searching for some heart-melting & lovely IG captions.   

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