70+ Catchy Shopping Instagram Captions to Use in 2023

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Shopping is sometimes the best form of therapy. It helps you feel in control and the visual stimuli help in taking your mind off things.

If you feel the same way, you’re not alone! Even if you exclusively shop online, there are over two billion of your friends with you!

Once you’re down for it, share your shopping experience on Instagram and engage your friends & followers.

It’s a great chance to upload shopping spree posts. Our shopping Instagram captions will help you celebrate your fashion-filled journey.

So let’s get right down to some well-crafted shopping Instagram captions!

Short Shopping Captions for Instagram

Short Shopping Meme

Let’s start our amazing journey with short shopping captions:

  • If shopping is an art, I’m the artist. 
  • It’s shop o’clock. 
  • Shopping is a source of happiness.
  • On a shopping spree!
  • Let’s call it a shopping day!
  • My kind of happy hour.
  • My blood group is shopping positive. 
  • Confident enough to make a statement.
  • Shopping is my therapy.
  • Don’t ask me what I shopped for.

Funny Shopping Captions 

Funny Shopping Meme

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  • Have you ever heard from a girl that she has enough clothes? It must be a big NO!
  • A girl’s favorite words: It’s on sale! #shopping #craze
  • I don’t get it! Women love their shopped items but not the ones in their closets! It’s me, I’m women.
  • Don’t take me wrong, but IMO shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist! #shopping #therapy
  • I’m tired of shopping. Buying some more items to escape boredom! #shoppingcraze
  • They call it window shopping, I call it 5 pm. 
  • Not listening to my credit card cries today! #shoppingtime
  • Fashion victim? Nah, I’m a fashion trendsetter, baby!
  • After seeing the new clothes, my wardrobe is gonna give me a standing ovation! #onlineshopping
  • Fashionisto in training! #shoppingday

Witty Shopping Captions for Selfies

Enjoy the following witty shopping captions for Instagram that’ll add a perfect touch to your IG uploads:

  • I have a degree in retail therapy.
  • Shopping is my cardio.
  • Online shopping means no drama, no need to get ready! Tap it and get it.
  • Meet the girl who works harder and then doesn’t care about the price tags! #shoppingdiva
  • Shopaholic in action.
  • A style icon in the making. #shoppingaddict
  • Hello from an awesome bargain hunter! #shoppingvautier
  • Shop ‘til you drop. And then shop some more.
  • Re-tail, because you keep coming back for more.

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Shopping With Friends IG Captions 

Shopping With Friends Meme

There’s nothing crazier than to experience shopping with friends. Shop harder, take better pictures, and pair your IG posts with these shopping captions for friends.

  • The glam squad is here! #shopping #friends
  • With friends, the shopping experience is no less than a funny movie!
  • Shopping with my besties is the best therapy.
  • Together we can easily turn 3 hours of shopping into 5 hours of crazy fun! #friends
  • Going to a fashion show. Oh sorry, shopping with my best friends!
  • Finding things we don’t need because all we need is each other! #friends #shopping
  • Shopping with friends always turns into a laughter party! #hilarious #shoppingfun
  • We didn’t buy anything, still, it was the best shopping experience ever! #shoppingwithfriends
  • Friends can easily turn any shopping day into a hilarious activity day!
  • Enjoyed an awesome and hilarious fashion therapy session with these guys! #shoppingfun
  • A great fashion safari ride is awaited! #friends #shopping

Grocery Shopping Instagram Captions

Grocery Shopping Meme

Check out these grocery shopping Instagram captions to amp up the aura of your grocery galore:

  • Grocery shopping does not overwhelm me. In fact, it’s the best therapy!
  • A haul of deliciousness! #grocery
  • Done with my grocery shopping!
  • The grocery store is my sanctuary. #shopping
  • You call it grocery shopping. For me, it’s a self-care essential!
  • Grocery hauls excite me.
  • I’m shocked at how quickly my shopping cart gets filled. #grocery 
  • I can’t keep calm whenever I’m on a grocery mission! 
  • This is how my grocery shopping always turns into a yummilicious gourmet treat.
  • My grocery shopping always includes some snacks, cheese, drinks, and cute stationery! #me

Shopping Mall Captions for Instagram

Shopping Meme
  • The shopping mall is my happy place!
  • Looking for some new ways to express my style. #shoppingmall
  • Unlocking my fashion potential at the mall. #shopping
  • My secret to happiness is having a lot of shopping bags in my hand whenever I am out of the mall.
  • Are you in doubt? Shop it out! #shopping #mall
  • Losing myself today in shopping paradise. #shoppingaddict 
  • Visiting a shopping mall and grabbing some favorite items is the best cure for a dull day!
  • I can’t resist a good sale! #selfspoiling #shoppingmall
  • Going out to explore some new fashion trends! #shopping #nonstopfun #visitngmall

Wedding Dress Shopping Captions

Wedding Dress Image

  • I’m in love with my dream wedding dress. #weddingbells #dress
  • Let’s say yes to this dress. #weddingdress #bridalbliss
  • Finally, the wedding dress is ticked as done too in the wedding book! #bridaljoy
  • Walking down the aisle of possibilities and trying to select my wedding dress. 
  • Exploring the best one-of-a-kind magical wedding dress!
  • The perfect combo of beads, pearls, lace, and sequins! #weddingdress #beauitful
  • Every dress here has my heart! Wanna say yes to every dress. #decisionpending #weddingdress
  • Feeling like a princess in my wedding gown! #bridaldressstory
  • Yay, I found the one of my dreams. My bridal dress! #bridalelegance
  • Excited to step into the realm of my fairy tale wedding wearing my favorite dress. #weddingdressgoals #bridetobe

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Wrap Up

Let us know in the comments which of these Instagram shopping captions you picked for your next shopping-related IG post.

Share your experience with our captions generator if you have tried this amazing and instant tool! 

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