101 Amazing Captions & Quotes for Selfie

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Selfie is a cool way of showing millennials and youngsters’ happiness. The trend has been famous among every age group, and now finding amazing captions for your selfies is a must. If you want to upgrade your selfie game, use this collection of 101 amazing quotes for selfies for your Instagram;

Selfies are essential these days

Best Quotes for a Selfie Picture

  • “Life is full of events and moments, and capturing them is art” (Unknown)
  • “I don’t need filters when I have confidence” (Unknown)
  • “Happiness suits everyone” (Unknown)
  • “The positivity that is inside you radiates purely in selfies” (Unknown)
  • “Embracing myself as I am” (Unknown)
  • “A bunch of filters makes a selfie perfect” (Unknown)
  • “The kind that is yours is always gorgeous” (Unknown)
  • “Self-appreciation is sometimes called a selfie” (Unknown)

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 Captions for Serious Selfies

  • My eyes told some untold and in-depth stories.
  • I never lose a game of the selfie.
  • Serious talks only.
  • Sometimes selfies capture your soul too.
  • A reflection of self is called a selfie.
  • Through selfies, trying to reach my inner soul.
  • Selfie speaks louder than everything.
  • A good smile spread like magic.
  • Giving some serious vibes only.
  • My expression says that I am a selfie queen.
  • Thoughts full of emotional selfie face.
  • A mind full of emotions and eyes full of life.
  • My silence speaks much louder than the words.

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Clever Captions for Selfies

  • Selfie makes your IQ much stronger.
  • A good selfie captures the brain and beauty.
  • Only intelligent people can capture some smart selfies.
  • I am very smart at taking selfies; I mean, my job.
  • Caution: some next-level selfies ahead.
  • I am ready to take some spicy selfies.
  • I know it isn’t possible to capture my charm, but yet a try.
  • Adventures that are intellectuals are next level.
  • A selfie pose, one at a time.
  • Selfie is the new sass.

Smart girl taking selfie

Positive Captions for Selfies

  • Giving some positive vibes by starting a day with a selfie.
  • People say positivity is contagious. I say so is a selfie.
  • A smile radiates goodness.
  • Make a smarter choice today and smile.
  • My blood group is B+, and I am selfie positive.
  • Don’t only embrace but also capture the beauty of the moment.
  • Sometimes the smallest things can be joyful, like selfies.
  • Smile louder so that your soul gets brightened.
  • I chose a selfie today.
  • Only neglecting negativity and presenting positivity.

Funny Captions for Selfies

  • Silliness adds beauty to a selfie.
  • Turning on some hilarious kind of selfie game.
  • Never get bored of taking your selfies.
  • Taking selfies when I am stuck amid chaos.
  • Make a pout so that you forget the crowd.
  • A touch of glamour and humor.
  • Laugh out loud, and take some good selfies.
  • Make your jaw bones stronger, and laugh harder.
  • Capturing event single moment when I feel awesome.
  • The amount of courage it takes to post a selfie of your first fight.

Good Captions for Selfies

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
  • Adding up the essence of good vibes into my selfies.
  • A selfie can make you love yourself.
  • Some good filters, and no filters.
  • Unique is cool, but a selfie is the coolest.
  • A good selfie reflects a great photographer.
  • Selfie is my art, and I am an artist.
  • I express my different self in every selfie.
  • A good selfie can light up your heart.
  • Self-love and self-acceptance that’s the story of my selfie.

Happy Selfie Captions

Source: Pexels

  • Make a habit of taking selfies and posing for happiness.
  • One selfie is a must for a happy dinner.
  • My selfies have got some contagious happiness factor.
  • Joy and selfies go hand in hand.
  • Got no sunshine? No problem! Smile.
  • Beauty needs no makeup to cover.
  • Happy moments are to remember forever.
  • Selfie duplicates happiness.
  • Happy souls are the purest.
  • Every selfie tells a story; make it a happy one.

Smile Selfie Quotes

  • Smiling is the most contagious thing.” (Unknown)
  • “Being grateful for what you have helps to smile.” (Unknown)
  • Making my life less complex by just smiling.
  • My selfie accessory is a smile.
  • Put some highlighter of a smile on.
  • “A pro tip for a masterpiece selfie is to smile” (Unknown)
  • Happy selfies are the cutest ones.
  • “Spread kindness by smiling” (Unknown)
  • A smile does magic that words can’t.
  • Showing off my hidden power, smiling to the fullest.

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Positive Selfie Quotes & Captions

Check out these positive and good quotes for selfies:

  • “A beautiful selfie can be captured with a bunch of positivity” (Unknown)
  • Just a selfie and some positive vibes.
  • I take selfies to be calm and positive.
  • “Takes selfies and then analyzes the positivity reflected in your eyes” (Unknown)
  • Every selfie captures the positivities of each moment.
  • “Selfie is for a moment, but positivity is for a lifetime” (Unknown)
  • Positivity makes your mind refreshing and mind shining.
  • Spread positivity via selfies.
  • My focal point for a selfie is happiness. 
  • Don’t put effort into filters; work for a positive attitude.

selfie day

Witty Selfie Quotes 

Here are some selfie caption ideas for your selfie posts:

  • Just take, don’t count selfies.
  • A selfie a day keeps the bad vibes away.
  • Some witty and crunchy selfies are good though.
  • Witty captions make your selfie wonderful.
  • Click to see my witty side.
  • Always cool, calm, and witty to take a selfie.
  • No boring selfies, just craze, and fun.
  • Sharp selfies and some witty captions are always a wise choice.
  • Level up and add spice to your delicious selfie plate.
  • Charm and calm are what this face has to show.
  • No drama; absolutely fair and witty.

Final Thoughts 

Use these selfie captions and quotes, alongside these awesome “be yourself hashtags” to stand out on Instagram. If you want more captions options check out Free Captions Generator now!

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