70+ Quarantine Instagram Captions to Stay Connected

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Did quarantine get you down? We can’t forget those quarantine days when we underwent self-isolation. Let’s recall the memories of quarantine days on Insta by posting content from those days. 

Posting self-isolation selfies with quarantine captions will give you a perfect chance to know the opinions of other folks about their lockdown memories.

Surprisingly, people love to recall quarantine memories.

And we have proof: the hashtag #quarantine has over 28 million posts on Instagram!

Quarantine Hashtag Searches

Share your self-isolation at-home workout experiences & latest quarantine crafts (with kids) to amp up Insta engagement.

Let our quarantine Instagram captions depict your post’s idea in a better way.

Funny Quarantine Instagram Captions

Girl Depicting Quarantine Mood

Here are some funny quarantine Instagram captions that you must consider while posting something quirky on Insta:

  • Let me talk to my plants cuz it’s the best therapy.
  • Long time, no see! #quarantinevibe
  • Houseplants are truly great listeners. #covidpun #quarantine
  • I deserve a gold medal for finding new ways to kill boredom. #quarantine
  • Meet the person who was already pro at social distancing.
  • Spread love, not germs.
  • The largest part of my quarantine life lies in binge-watching Netflix. 
  • Let’s share some good laughs together! #quarantine #blunders 
  • My quarantine is no less than any sitcom. 
  • Workout update: constant struggle in walking from the couch to the fridge! #funny #workout
  • Let’s inject some humor into my Insta post by showing my cooking skills.

Uplifting Quarantine Instagram Captions

90% of Americans claimed that social media was a must-have for them during the pandemic.

They leveraged the power of the internet to do away with boredom and negativity at every point of the lockdowns.

That being said, it’s time for some uplifting quarantine Instagram captions for those motivational pics! 

  • Quarantine is the new black.
  • Gone from our lives, but not our minds. #quarantine2020
  • Unlocking my sassy quarantine vibe here!
  • In the midst of uncertainty, find peace in serenity.
  • Let’s embrace the pause and appreciate simplicity. 
  • Remember tough times don’t last. 
  • This too shall pass!
  • Life’s toughness helps you rise above, always.
  • Stay positive and be calm.
  • Be safe and spread love.

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Quarantine Birthday Captions for Instagram

Quarantine Birthday Captions Meme

Here are some quarantine birthday captions for Instagram to get maximum Insta traffic on your birthday-related posts.

Let the party begin!

  • Let’s make this quarantine birthday the most memorable one!
  • Attending a virtual birthday party.
  • Happy Covid birthday to you. Stay blessed! 🥳🤩🎂🎉
  • Age is just a number, even in Quarantine! 🎂🎉 
  • Sending virtual wishes, balloons, confetti, and lots of love on your Covid birthday.🎊🎁🎈💃🕺
  • It’s my kind of a one-person cake feast, and I am loving it. 
  • A quarantine birthday is more fun when you have lots of virtual cheers & don’t need to share the 🎂!
  • Let’s celebrate this birthday from home! 
  • Here’s the birthday gal in her self-isolation dress! 🎉🎉

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Self-Isolation Instagram Covid Captions

Self-Isolation in Full Quarantine Gear

Do you know IG experienced a 40% surge in daily active ‘grammers in the pandemic’s initial phase? That’s huge!

Even now that it’s over, people use #quarantine to share all kinds of experiences. You can too, using our Instagram Covid captions.

  • Let’s have some self-isolation adventures!
  • Quarantine diaries: capturing the best moments to recall them later.
  • Here’s my Covid picture from when I was self-isolated. 
  • Self-isolation recharges your soul’s batteries.
  • Embrace the power of solitude when you meet the real you. #selfdiscovery
  • Unplugging from the chaotic vibes. 
  • Feeling the world is on pause.
  • Survived my self-isolation period successfully!
  • Channeling the stillness! #selfisolation
  • Self-isolation requires a lot of positivity and productivity.
  • Thriving in my self-isolation bubble.

Quarantine Captions for Selfies with Mask

Dog With Mask Meme
  • I’m masked and ready to do my all pending tasks.
  • Selfie with my fabulous mask!
  • Let’s keep it simple, safe, and masked.
  • Strong selfie game in my mask!
  • Behind the mask is a sassy girl.
  • This mask is showing my confident vibe perfectly.
  • Flawless masked selfie.

Inspiring Quarantine Prom Captions

Slay on Insta by showing your sassy prom side. Our quarantine prom captions have covered you there flawlessly.

  • Here’s me dancing at a virtual prom.
  • The Prom night celebration is at its peak!
  • Shining bright. #promnight
  • Let’s rock the prom in quarantine.
  • Prom poses. #stayhome #quarantine 
  • Unstoppable me at a virtual prom party!
  • Covid can’t dull my prom sparkle.
  • Prom dreams coming true.
  • Let’s glam up for the virtual prom. 

Bored Quarantine Captions 

  • Feeling bored!
  • Boredom at its peak.
  • Finding joy in boring moments.
  • Life’s too boring these days.
  • I have decided to be creative in these boring days.
  • Boredom is the ultimate test of patience.
  • Bored but protected! #quarantine
  • Let’s embrace the mundane in a sassy way.
  • Surviving quarantine doldrums.
  • Killing boredom by clicking selfies. #quarantine
  • Boredom blues.

Final Thoughts

Delve into some quarantine Instagram captions to let your Insta posts rock. Share relatable quarantine experiences with your followers so they can comment their opinions on your IG post.

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