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There’s a famous design quote that says that a great design is invisible or transparent. It quietly makes your life easier without even making you notice. We believe that the family is just like that: a great design. Their unconditional love and support make life worth living. And that’s what popular family blogs aim to capture.

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Let’s understand what a family is through a sweet mnemonic. Families Are Magical Ingredients making Life Yummy! That being said, family life has its sweet challenges too, especially for mommies and daddies. Ah, the joys of family life – the laughter, the tears, the messy kitchen floors, and the countless memories we cherish.

In today’s age, family life is preserved not just in photo albums. Many families are documenting their life journey via popular family blogs. They offer you a whole lot of parenting tips, budget advice, meal prep ideas, and more. Today we’ll discover top family blog sites that are worth following!

Why Family Blogs Are So Popular

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Everyone wants a happy family life and family blogs help make it possible. Let’s see below the reasons that add to the popularity of such blogs:

Inspire readers to achieve family goals

The basis of family blogging lies in being real, honest, and relatable to the audience. These blogs offer a glimpse into the joys, obstacles, and messes of everyday family life. They often feature uplifting stories and share practical tips to inspire readers to achieve family goals. 

Document life journey 

These blogs are the space where family bloggers (especially parents) document their life journeys. They can document their children’s growth, achievements, and special moments. This way, they create a cherished online record with preserved stories for the family to revisit. 

Offer a strong sense of supportive community

Family bloggers connect with readers to share similar experiences and help them navigate family life challenges. It fosters a strong sense of community and belonging, where parents can find support, swap tips, and feel less alone in the parenting journey.

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7 Most Popular Family Blogs for All the Family Fun

We agree with Michael J. Fox when he says “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” The following popular family blogs will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of family life. They share relatable stories, helpful advice, and a sense of community along the way. Let’s dive into them and see what they have to offer you.

The Holderness Family

The Holderness Family - a popular family blog

Source: The Holderness Family

Penn and Kim Holderness found fame with their Christmas parody videos in 2013. Since then, they have successfully run The Holderness Family blog as a husband-and-wife team. It features humorous and heartfelt content about personal growth, marriage, parenting, and everyday life challenges, all with a focus on family. Refreshing and entertaining, their blog is a go-to for navigating modern family life’s ups and downs with energy and authenticity.

Some of this blog’s most popular posts include: 

Your Modern Family

Your Modern Family - a popular family blog

Source: Your Modern Family

Your Modern Family is one of the best lifestyle blogs where you can regularly find personal insights for parenting and homemaking. It is a one-stop solution for families, offering daily tips and ideas on everything from healthy recipes and fun kid activities to managing finances and planning travel. It all comes from Becky Mansfield, a developmental therapist, an author, and a mother of four kids. Her own experiences with a big family make her advice and hacks relatable.

Some of this blog’s most popular posts include: 

The Funny Mom Blog

The Funny Mom Blog - a popular family blog

Source: The Funny Mom Blog

According to Jill Churchill, “There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one”. Our next pick in the popular family blogs exemplifies this saying. Desiree Eaglin owns The Funny Mom Blog, covering various topics from mom life and kids to food and family travel. Its unique flair shines through its lively, organized design and Desiree’s unfiltered take on motherhood, creating a supportive community for new and seasoned mommies alike.

Some of this blog’s most popular posts include: 

The Duggar Family

The Duggar Family - a popular family blog

Source: The Duggar Family

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar run The Duggar Family blog. They are known for their large family of 20 children and nearly 30 grandchildren. The blog shares practical tips on everything from managing a big household to building relations and strengthening family bonds. Follow it today to learn debt-free money management, thrifty shopping habits, strong family values, and celebrations of major life events. 

Some of this blog’s most popular posts include: 

The Soccer Mom Blog

The Soccer Mom Blog - a popular family blog

Source: The Soccer Mom Blog

Stacey, a mother of 3 daughters and a family blog expert, successfully runs The Soccer Mom Blog. It’s a haven for busy parents, especially those with soccer stars in tow. The blog stands out for its doable ideas, including yummy recipes, kids’ activities, parenting tips, and pregnancy guidance. It aims to build strong family bonds and happy homes. Her unique approach is characterized by her positivity and enthusiasm, which sets her blog apart from other parenting blogs.

Some of this blog’s most popular posts include:


Fatherly - a popular family blog

Source: Fatherly

While we shower moms with well-deserved praise, Fatherly flips the script to celebrate the incredible efforts of daddies! This blog by and for dads offers expert advice on topics like child development, relationships, and personal growth. What sets Fatherly apart is its commitment to representing the versatile experiences of fathers from all walks of life. With breathtaking visuals and a relatable tone, it stands out as a go-to resource for modern dads navigating parenthood.

Some of this blog’s most popular posts include: 

Call Me Grandma

Call Me Grandma - a popular family blog

Source: Call Me Grandma

Call Me Grandma is one of the most heartwarming family blog sites for having fun! It’s run by a modern grandmother who identifies herself as Grandma on her blog instead of sharing her real name. She shares her venerable experience with readers to nurture family bonds through heart-to-heart stories, delicious homemade recipes, and practical (grand)parenting advice. Overall, it’s a platform that celebrates the joys and challenges of raising the next generation.

Some of this blog’s most popular posts include:


Each family has their own rules for spending lives together. In this blog, we shared 7 most popular family blogs with you. Whether you’re a mother, father, grandparent, or someone with a big family, this blog has covered it all. So, read through it and pick your next follow-worthy blog. Let us know in the comments which blog resonates with you!

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