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Believe it or not, the listicle you know (and are scrolling through now) has a surprisingly long history. It all started in the 11th century, way before the internet was a thing. A Japanese poet named Sei Shonagon played a key role in its birth. Her famous work, “The Pillow Book,” wasn’t just stories, but included sections filled with interesting lists! Shonagon listed things she found fascinating, like “elegant things” or “irritating things.” And lo and behold, the listicle was born!

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The question arises as to why people love listicles centuries later still. Here’s the secret: they’re tailored to the way our brains work. Seriously! Our brains are inherently programmed to crave organization, and lists just do that. 

Humans love easily digestible information. Lists break down complex topics and make them easily understandable and remembered. And now, let’s explore more about this engaging article type. We’ll also provide exemplary list article examples that you can use to your advantage. But first:

What Is a Listicle?

A listicle is a portmanteau of ‘list’ + ‘article’. It’s a structured (bulleted or numbered) article format that presents information in an easy-to-digest and simple manner. As a result, readers can absorb knowledge quickly and efficiently. 

It may include a list of items, tips, insights, or ideas in which each point is typically accompanied by a concise description. A listicle blog can either be informative, e.g. “8 Steps to Setup a Home Office” or entertaining, e.g. “7 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Dogs”.

When Should You Write a Listicle?

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Let’s talk below about what makes a listicle so popular and the factors that should contribute to your decision to write a listicle.

Why Listicles Are Popular

Listicles are a go-to content format because they: 

  • Neatly categorize information.
  • Increase reader engagement due to their quickly scannable format.
  • Make it easier for the brain to find, process, and retain knowledge.
  • Offer easily digestible content that people could consume on the go. 
  • Help connect the dots and gain a deeper understanding.
  • Save precious time and energy.

Ideal Audience for Listicles

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Individuals who want to stay informed but have limited time or attention span love listicles the most. Those may include busy professionals, students, or anyone seeking quickly digestible information. 

Moreover, listicles are best suited for those seeking practical tips or quick solutions. Nowadays almost everyone is busy and thus prefers skimmable content. That makes listicles more popular than ever before. 

Listicle-Worthy Topics

Any topic that can be broken down into a list of actionable points calls for a listicle format. When an author writes a blog, the insights, tips, or procedures related to health, beauty, finance, and entertainment can be written as lists. Thus, the blog becomes a listicle!

Listicles give the author an opportunity to present information in a structured and easy-to-read list format. Hence, they are particularly effective for topics that require organization, categorization, or step-by-step guidance.

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Top 10 List Article Examples

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Moving forward, we’ll dissect 10 top-notch list articles’ examples (top ranking on SERPs) to make you understand how – and why – they work!

Best List Article Examples

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These ‘best’-type listicle examples will give a roundup of the best, greatest, or most-something of a category.

  1. 13 Famous Landmarks in Paris

This post by Celebrity Cruises is one of the best list article examples that cut the fluff. It presents straightforward information in the listicle format. So, visitors thinking of going to Paris can select the preferred destinations beforehand. Check it out if you’re planning to create your own listicle.

  1. The Greatest 50 Films Of All Time

This listicle by The Movie Buff ranks the 50 greatest films ever made. The short description provided for each film ensures quick browsing and provides essential information. Thus, it makes it an effective listicle for film enthusiasts.

Top List Article Examples

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Check out the ‘top’-type listicle examples below to take inspiration from for writing about the top items in any category.

  1. Top 5 Healthy Snack Options for Busy Professionals

This Medium listicle targets busy professionals with quick, healthy snack options. It ensures easy absorption of information, promising health benefits while catering to the busy workers’ specific lifestyle.

  1. The Top 10: The Greatest Books of All Time

The Greatest Books wrote this listicle in a no-nonsense format to share must-read classics with avid readers. The catchy title disarms folks and draws them in, hinting it might be surprising or even challenge perceptions of great.

How To List Article Examples

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How-tos are undoubtedly the most popular type of listicle topics as there are so many guides you can write. Let’s see a couple of examples below.

  1. How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Written by VirtualSpeech, this post offers 10 actionable tips in a listicle format to help readers conquer nerves and deliver impactful presentations. Its step-by-step guidance ensures effectiveness and actionable takeaways for enhancing speaking abilities.

  1. How to Start a Review Blog That People Trust?

This blog post by Content Gorilla covers 5 steps to build a profitable review blog. Its effective listicle format breaks down the process, offering practical guidance for building trust and authority in the review blogging niche.

Tips List Article Examples

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Do you want to craft tips-based listicles? These examples will help you plan out the strategy for yours!

  1. 17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night

This Healthline’s listicle offers science-backed strategies to address common sleep issues and promote restful bedtime. The focus on proven tips builds trust, ensuring credibility in the pursuit of sleep improvement.

  1. 12 Easy Money Saving Travel Tips

This list article by Nerdwallet offers 12 tips for budget-conscious travelers. Easy appeals to busy travelers, while money saving hits a universal travel concern, making the listicle instantly attractive.

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Ways To List Article Examples

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With multiple methods available to do a certain thing, these examples can guide your creation of a top-notch ‘ways-to’-type listicle.

  1. 10 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

This listicle by ManpowerGroup breaks down strategies to boost communication skills, attracting readers seeking better connections and professional success. The benefit is clear (improved communication) with the number of tips, making it highly effective.

  1. 9 Ways To Get Healthier In 2024 Without Trying Very Hard

In the last of our list article examples, NPR offers simple yet impactful strategies for improving health effortlessly. It highlights simple lifestyle changes. For example, incorporating more movement, eating whole foods, and managing stress, to promote overall well-being. 

7 Tips for Writing Your Own Listicle

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Here are 7 beneficial tips for crafting your own engaging listicle.

  1. Start with a compelling article title. Try using our customizable Free Blog Post Idea Generator to get tons of free and catchy ideas.
  2. Employ odd numbers in the title as they’ve been shown to work better by catching the reader’s attention. Examples include 7 tips, 9 ways, etc. 
  3. Use bullet points or numbered lists for clarity. It helps you break up your text for easy reading.
  4. Add a mix of anecdotes and statistics to bring weight to your viewpoint.
  5. Use images or infographics to stand out.
  6. End with a clear call to action that should tell readers what to do next. 
  7. Optimize for SEO with relevant keywords.

Bonus Tip: Regularly update your list post to stay relevant and updated according to the latest industry trends. 

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, it’s pretty easy to feel weighed down by all the stuff we need to learn, remember, and execute. Thankfully, listicles offer readers quick and easily digestible content that keeps them engaged. That’s why people love to read listicles. 

We’ve given you everything you need to know about and why you should care about list articles. We dissected different list article examples to help you craft yours perfectly. And to make it go viral, be sure to read our all-inclusive guide on viral blogs!

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