55+ Cool J. Cole Instagram Captions & Quotes

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J. Cole’s full name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole & he is a popular American singer & songwriter. The lyrics of his rapping include words of wisdom and inspiration. As a result, he has millions of die-hard fans on Instagram, Twitter, etc. And we’re going to provide you with electrifying J Cole Instagram captions inspired by his lyrics, quotes, etc. to embellish your posts to your hearts’ content.

We know that some of his most famous songs are Apparently, Nobody’s Perfect, Work Out, & Power Trip. He has also done many collaborations with other artists as well. If you’re using any of his song lyrics as Insta captions, be sure to include amazing music hashtags to amp up the connectivity chances on Insta. It’ll let more music-inspired folks reach your posts on the platform. 

Best J. Cole Lyrics to Use as Insta Captions 

Best J Cole Lyrics to Use as Insta Captions

Source: Unsplash

Use these lyrics as J Cole Instagram captions and win maximum engagement activity from the Instagram audience:

  • “I’ma paint it how I want it.” – Apparently
  • “But honestly, I’ve never had much sympathy.” – She Knows
  • “I know what’s on your brain.” – Work Out
  • “There is no right or wrong.” – Apparently
  • “And how could I be so selfish, I know I can be so selfish.” – Apparently
  • “Listen to my signal of distress.” – Love Yourz
  • “‘Cause girl, I can’t be your man, no ma’am.” – Work Out
  • “Know what’s on my mind, trying to see what’s on yours.” – Work Out
  • “Money can’t buy you love ’cause it’s overpriced.” – Work Out
  • “Though I’m not sure what’s ’bout to happen next.” – Love Yourz

J. Cole Captions for Instagram About Life

J Cole Captions for Instagram About Life

Source: Unsplash

Song lyrics Instagram captions make it really easy to share what you’re up to by quoting your favorite artists. Here are some J Cole Instagram captions about life for devoted J. Cole fans:

  • “And fantasize about a life with no stress.” – Love Yourz
  • “Life is all about the evolution.” – Change
  • “I don’t know freedom.” – Apparently
  • “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” – Love Yourz
  • “Right now, my lifestyle destined for a federal facility.” – Change
  • “Best friends really make great for enemies.” – Apparently
  • “Boy thats just how tough I go, see this is my life work.” – The Autograph
  • “And life can’t be no fairytale, no once upon a time.” – Love Yourz
  • “I grew up in the city and know sometimes we had less.” – Love Yourz

J. Cole Instagram Captions About Love & Relationships 

J Cole Instagram Captions About Love

Source: Unsplash

Spread the love! Check out the following J. Cole Instagram captions and pick any of them to add to your relationship-based IG posts. 

  • “Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever.” – Power Trip
  • “And I need to treat you better.” – Apparently
  • “Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?” – Power Trip
  • “She got me up all night.” – Power Trip
  • “Because she loves me like you do.” – Apparently
  • “I’m so sorry that I left you there to deal with that alone.” – Apparently
  • “Overcame with a feeling I can’t explain.” – Change
  • “All I’m singin’ is love songs.” – Power Trip
  • “Wish you could live forever. So we could spend more time together.” – Apparently
  • “They say that dreams come true.” – Intro

Add the best love hashtags to these love-inspired J. Cole captions for even more engagement.

Inspirational J. Cole Instagram Captions

Inspirational J Cole Instagram Captions

Source: Twitter

It’s inspirational how J. Cole got famous. And you can inspire others too with some inspirational J. Cole Instagram captions:

  • “Aimed for the stars and I shouldn’t have missed.” – Apparently
  • “Love yourself, girl, or nobody will.” – Crooked Smile
  • “But the only real change come from inside.” – Change
  • “I want my dreams to rescue me.” – Apparently
  • “Bringing me closer to heaven’s doors with every step.” – Change
  • “Never let ’em see you frown.” – Crooked Smile
  • “I live up, I look up, now I’m back for more.” – Change
  • “Another day another time zone.” – Apparently
  • “Quick, do something before you lose it for good.” – Love Yourz
  • “Yeah, my intuition is telling me they’ll be better days.” – Change

J. Cole Quotes About Overcoming Challenges 

J Cole Quotes About Overcoming Challenges

Source: Twitter

Incorporate any of the following J. Cole quotes to overcome life challenges with a high spirit and attract more Insta audience to your positivity-inspired posts:

  • “We should’ve known nothing lasts forever.” – Nothing Lasts Forever
  • “You can dream but don’t neglect the execution.” – Change
  • “Living with nothin’ to lose.” – Love Yourz
  • “You probably hope it never would end.” – Work Out
  • “Get it back and use it for good.” – Love Yourz
  • “To look behind and say, “look where I came.” – Intro
  • “It’s beauty in the struggle.” – Love Yourz
  • “But see I’m growing and getting stronger with every breath.” – Change
  • “Don’t overthink, just hope it’s right.” – Work Out
  • “No role models and I’m here right now.” – No Role Modelz

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Motivational J. Cole Quotes for IG Pics

Motivational J Cole Quotes for IG Pics

Source: Twitter

Motivational J. Cole IG captions about faith and belief will make you believe in yourself and a higher power. Let J. Cole’s popularity trickle down into your Insta feed using these captions:

  • “My faith don’t deviate.” – Change
  • “I got my wings to carry me.” – Apparently
  • “So is life, take a chance, roll the dice.” – Work Out
  • “I hope one day you hear me.” – Love Yourz
  • “I keep my head high.” – Apparently
  • “Move slow, ’cause you wanna live fast.” – Work Out
  • “We got to do better, people.” – Change
  • “Time is short that’s what somebody told me.” – Change
  • “I asked for strength from the Lord up above.” – Love Yourz
  • “Making my wishes come true with no genie man.” – The Autograph

Final Thoughts

Use any of our J. Cole captions for Instagram in your Insta feed and make a statement. These awe-inspiring quotes will surely turn heads & let you shine on Instagram.

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