Instagram Captions for Men -Top Sayings and Quotes

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Whether you are a  teenager, mid-ager, girl, boy, man, or woman – getting noticed on Instagram is tough for everyone.

The era of social media has made us learn a lot about it. So if you are on social media you should use proper hashtags and captions to stand out and boost your presence.

Today we will discuss some trendy Instagram captions for men that can prove key to catching your followers’ attention.

Funny Captions

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Everyone gets impressed by a good sense of humor; if you can make people laugh you can win their hearts. Here are some genuinely funny captions for selfies for men you can incorporate into your Instagram posts:

  • “You’ll never see me making a mistake twice because I make mistakes six to seven times to be sure.”
  • “When I say I’m not always right, don’t think I am wrong either.”
  • “Don’t you dare call me lazy, I’m just saving my power.”
  • “Behind a right man, there is always a woman who is never wrong.”
  • “Explaining why they are right is another fun thing girls like to do.”
  • “Caution: It is advised to exercise discretion while taking selfies as they may result in uncontrollable fits of laughter.”
  • “It is suggested that one must display a level of understanding and appreciation for my selfies even at their worst to be worthy of enjoying them at their best.”
  • “I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of admiration towards myself and my selfie game.”
  • “Kindly assist me in curbing it. 
  • “It is known that a daily dose of selfies keeps the doctor away.”
  • “Although I do not frequently take selfies, When I do, It may cause annoyance in people present within a 10-meter radius.”

Cool Captions for Men

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If you think you are cool then don’t hesitate to show it. Here are some captions for you that will make you 2x cooler: 

  • “Try to be like a person whose life inspires you the most.”
  • “If you have got a style, you can beat the brand.”
  • “You have to hustle to make good things come to you.”
  • “I like who I am, without anybody’s approval”
  • “If you are in a bad mood wear nice clothes.”
  • “I believe that life should be full of exciting adventures, not boring selfies.”
  • “You can bet I’ll be capturing those memories with a well-placed selfie, Whether I’m smiling big or laughing with friends.”
  • “ Every moment deserves to be captured on camera! “
  • “Whenever I get ready for a new selfie session I remind myself that those “imperfections” are what make me unique and beautiful.”
  • “Theres no judgment or filters needed when it comes to taking selfies – just pure self-confidence shining through each shot!”

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Captions for Selfies

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Selfies are a way of showcasing your outer and inner self to the audience. If you use clever, deep, and cool captions for selfies, your snaps can take social media by storm.

  • “Cool selfies make your life worth it.”
  • “Laugh your lungs out and show the world.”
  • “Being yourself is another kind of joy.”
  • “Keep your selfie scale high.”
  • “My selfie game is strong and my confidence is on point.”
  • “I love spending my days soaking up the sunshine and snapping selfies that capture my joy.”
  • “When I’m feeling uncertain or down. Taking a selfie and seeing myself smile never fails to boost my mood.”
  • “ I love looking at photos where my eyes are sparkling and my heart smiling.”
  • “Self-love is something that’s incredibly important to me, and taking selfies helps me celebrate myself.”


Choosing good captions for a man is tough as women use social media far more than men and most of the good captions you can find are of girly and women’s stuff.

But with our blog, you can now find captions for men that you have been looking for for ages. Moreover, you can generate as many captions as you want, on any topic you want, completely free of charge. Just try out our Free Captions Generator and see for yourself!

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