Heartfelt Instagram Captions for Cousins Who Feel Like Siblings

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Do you have a very strong bond with your cousins or do you consider them distant relatives? If it’s the former, you are in luck! Believe me, it’s not the case with everyone.

Want to showcase your squad goals, sweet crime partnerships, and mischiefs to the world? Fret not, for we’re here with some cool Instagram captions for cousins!

Instagram is the hub for showing it all in a fun way. Try it out & if you are already in the game, up your ranks!

Push your limits & create awe-inspiring content with top-notch hashtagging and captioning. What if you add funny cousin captions? That’s the stuff!

Cousin Moments Captions

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So, let’s dive into some catchy Instagram captions for cousins!

Funny Instagram Captions for Your Favorite Cousin

  • We are friends more than cousins!
  • Just cousins? Think again. 
  • Posing selfie with my fruitcake! #cousingoals
  • Trust me, cousin squads enjoy more than friend groups!
  • I’m unstoppable when I enjoy mischief with my partner in crime.
  • Bursting in laughter! #cousinsenjoying

Cute and Quirky Instagram Captions for Cousin Pics

Cute Cousins Captions

Source: Pexels

  • Ready to experience new stuff with my cousin crew!
  • Let’s undull the vibe together & enjoy. #cousinarriving
  • The best boredom cure – chat with my cousin!
  • I thought myself to be dull but then my cousins jumped in! #cousinsenjoying
  • Making the best memories with my cousin crew! #lovelymemories
  • We are not only cousins but friends for life!
  • Meet my childhood playmate! #mycousin #enjoythevibe

Cousin Love: Short and Sweet Captions for Instagram

Cousin Love

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Check out these minimalist captions for cousins to accessorize your family pictures with! Couple them with some crazy family hastags, and you’ve got yourself a complete celebration!

  • Built-in BFF. #cousinlove
  • Lovely family vibes.
  • Never underestimate the power of spending sweet moments with your cousins.
  • My cousin – my therapist! #cousinchat
  • Love that crazy copy of me! #cousins #samevibes
  • An unbreakable cousin-bond is a blessing. 
  • My life is a cookie, my cousins the chocolate chips.
  • Forever silly we are!

Hilarious Cousin Captions for Instagram

  • Double trouble! #cousincrimes #sweetmemories
  • Crazy together!
  • Spending quality time with my cousins gang!
  • We literally don’t care for anything when we’re together!
  • We just focus on “fun” in dysfunctional. #crazytime
  • My cousins are a blend of craziness with awesome vibes. 
  • We don’t believe in ordinary things as we love to create epic moments!

Want to share your cousin’s green (or brown, or blue) eyes with the rest of the world? Pick the best Instagram caption for eyes from our carefully curated list to celebrate their beauty!

Top Instagram Captions for Cousin Bonding Moments

Cousin Bonding Captions

Source: Pexels

  • Forever best friends!
  • No one else can be like my cousin!
  • BFF goals. #cousinsquad
  • Enjoying deep conversations with my cousin!
  • There’s no limit to joy with your bestie! #cousin
  • No one can claim to know me more than me. Oh sorry, my cousins can!
  • Some silly moments together! #cousingoals
  • No one can break our bond. #cousins

Family Fun Times: Instagram Quotes for Your Cousins

Family Fun Times - Cousins Goals

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Enjoying IG captions to post funny and lovely cousins’ pics on the platform? That’s not the end! Let’s explore some more Instagram cousin quotes funny. They will let your followers enjoy the ride of the bond you share with your cousins!

  • We cousins have glued the family like no one else can!
  • Planning to go for a cousins-only picnic. #enjoying #trip
  • Cousin gatherings are magical.
  • No more sadness as my cousins are here! #happiness
  • My cousins are like the stars to my sky!
  • Siblings without rivalries. #cousinssquad
  • I don’t believe in problems as I have cousins to solve them!

Final Verdict

You must have felt different emotions while reading these cute cousin Instagram captions. Now it’s the time to enjoy cousin gathering moments, take photos, and post them on Insta to update your followers about what’s happening in your life. 

Remember to add the cool cousin captions from above and engage your followers in a more organic way! If you want more, worry not! Here’s our Free Captions Generator to give you unlimited captions for free! Add your own ideas to it and generate stunningly aesthetic Instagram captions with adjustable tone and creativity.

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