130+ Awesome Instagram Captions for Cars (2023)

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Are you ready to speed up your IG game with new followers? Well, our Instagram captions for cars can help you a lot with this. Let’s get started with Vroom! New car? Congratulations!

Now, all you need is a sizzling photo and a sassy caption to post on IG & leave your followers swooning. We have created a list of admirable Insta captions for cars by initiating new car Instagram captions.

New Car Instagram Captions

  • Zoommm! 🚙🚙
  • Fresh wheels, great noise!
  • On the road.
  • Driving.
  • Power show!
  • Dreamy ride. 🚙
  • It’s luxurious! #newcar
  • What a roar!
  • Let’s get wild.
  • It’s time to rule the street!
  • Excited to try it out! #new #car
  • Adventure is awaiting me.
  • Demon of speed. 🚘
  • Finally, my dream car is here.
  • My new car is fast and furious, just like me! 🚙
  • Breaking the rules.
  • My car’s vibe can captivate your heart!
  • A graceful journey!
  • Never-ending swag! 🚙
  • Exploring new horizons. #newcar
  • I’m on my way to creating unforgettable memories on this ride! #newcar

Insta Captions for Used Cars

  • Let’s bargain.
  • The deal is done! 🚙
  • Pre-owned perfection. 🚙
  • No one can guess whether it’s used or new!
  • In good condition! #usedcars
  • Embracing pre-loved.
  • Worthy.
  • Investing wisely! #buying #usedcar
  • Good value for money.
  • Used but awesome! 🚙
  • Revival.
  • Found a gem luckily.
  • The trendy car is here!
  • Golden opportunity for car enthusiasts like me! 🚙
  • Loved in the past and ready for future adventures. 
  • Vibing strong with my new pre-loved car!
  • Reliable car!
  • It’s worth buying.

Fast Car Instagram Captions

Fast Car


  • Impressively rapid.
  • Adrenaline!
  • It’s thrilling, right?
  • Turbocharged.
  • High-octane – rushing madness!
  • Let’s accelerate the speed.
  • The road bows to my driving spirit & speed.
  • Life’s a race and I want to win it with my fast and furious automobile.
  • Drifting.
  • Speeding towards auspicious roads. 
  • Game of Fury.
  • A new car means a new vibe of rock & roll. 
  • Defying limits.

Pick any of these Instagram hashtags to add to your IG car photos.

Sporty Car Instagram Captions

  • Dynamic.
  • Fueling passion!
  • Surrounded by sporty vibes.
  • Captivated by sportiness.
  • Let’s celebrate the charisma of my sports car.
  • Vroom vroom! 🚙
  • Let me take you wherever you want. #dreaming #goals
  • Unstoppable me.
  • In the fast lane.
  • Highway’s king is here. 
  • Let’s unleash powerful driving mode today.
  • Sky’s the limit when you have a sports car!
  • I am the queen of roads. 🚙
  • Enjoying the ride. 
  • A Hi from the warrior on the road. 🚙

Luxury Car Instagram Captions 

Luxury Cars


  • Elegance. 🚙🚙
  • Flexing with my new luxurious car!
  • Timeless beauty.
  • Glamorous car vibe and sassy ride!
  • Endless attraction. 🚙
  • It’s time to unveil the epitome of beauty and grace.
  • Exquisite luxury.
  • An awe-inspiring blend of classy and sassy!
  • Top-of-the-line. 🚙
  • Majestic.
  • Super luxurious!
  • The embodiment of luxury. 🚙
  • Splendor!
  • Let’s redefine luxury with amplified elegance.
  • Not lost but exploring new places in my luxury automobile.
  • Wanderlust. 🚙

Vintage Car Instagram Captions

Vintage Car


  • Iconic.
  • I believe in time traveling.
  • Revived.
  • Rare beauty.
  • Legendary car!
  • Nostalgic vibes.
  • Going on a vintage ride.
  • Retro feel.
  • Old but classic.
  • Do you wanna feel the vibe?
  • Old charm. 
  • The allure of vintage cars is undeniable.
  • Losing myself in the aura of my vintage car!

Race Car IG Captions

  • Born to win! 🚙
  • Let me figure out winning strategies! #racecar
  • Victory vibes. 🚙
  • I always aim to cross the finish line first and accomplish it.
  • Livin’ the dream.
  • Taking it to new heights with my endless devotion. 🚙
  • It’s only me and my race car!
  • Let’s speed it up!
  • Racetrack is my second home.
  • Unleashing the symphony of horsepower!
  • Ignite your passion with speed. 🚙
  • I love the engine’s sound!

Selfie Car Captions for Instagram

Here are some Instagram selfies captions for your new car. Enjoy the ride and post it to let your followers know what you are up to.

  • Spending time with my car!
  • How me and my car looking together?
  • Check the wheels!
  • Cruise control. 
  • My first love is my car. 🚗
  • Fast and furious selfie.
  • Vibing perfectly on the driving seat.
  • Capturing wheel moments.
  • Ready to go! 🚗
  • Sassy car, glamorous me! 
  • Selfie queen with her new car.
  • Meet my bestie, my car!
  • It’s BTW – behind the wheels.
  • Embracing the beauty of the journey in my car.
  • Tasting freedom. #carselfie
  • A wild ride is waiting for me. 🚗

Best Car Quotes for Instagram

Best Car


  • Let’s drive on!
  • Welcome new roads gracefully!
  • Life is a journey to embrace, let’s not tolerate boredom! #carride
  • Racing through the curves!
  • Dreams accelerate in cars.
  • Challenging my driving skills today. 🚗
  • Exploring new routes in my new car! 🚗
  • Don’t disturb me as I am driving. 
  • Let’s conquer the roads!
  • When I am driving, I am actually in my comfort zone! 🚗
  • Embracing my free spirit. #driving


So, go ahead, help yourself to our handpicked IG captions for cars. They cover all the captions ranging from new car Instagram posts to selfie car captions for Instagram.

Now, come here whenever you have a sassy picture of your car ready to post on Insta. 

Copy & paste any caption that perfectly captures your mood and car’s auspicious vibe. If you want to create more car captions, try our Free Captions Generator. Happy posting Insta-worthy car photos!

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