How to Increase Web Traffic: 3 Simple Techniques To Boost Your Website Traffic

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You must be here because you are wondering how to increase web traffic.

Let’s get a bit more specific.

You create a fantastic article and post it all excitedly, waiting for it to blow up, and suddenly… 


No one sees it. 

Is that you? 

If you said yes, don’t worry! We are going to change that today. 

96% of webpages get zero traffic from Google. Which translates to that most blogs and bloggers fail. In order to understand how to increase web traffic and actually make it to the big stage, you have to play strategically.

Let’s jump right into it! Here are three super easy and actionable ways that are sure to generate a massive spike in your analytics.

1. How to Increase Web Traffic: Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second most-used website in the world, with over 2.49 billion active monthly users. 

I’ve realized that businesses often overlook this one essential traffic-generating method. In fact, many websites across various industries claim that they get most of their traffic from YouTube. 

Source | Similar web’s insight for  

However…one must not forget that higher users equals tough competition. Over 500 hours of content are uploaded every minute on YouTube. Standing out takes courage!

Therefore, jumping right into it without developing a proper strategy can do more harm than…well, it isn’t gonna do any good.

So, here’s how to drive people to your YouTube channel to eventually take them to your blog without sounding clingy. Remember, the greatest marketing is the one that doesn’t feel like marketing.

How to SEO a YouTube Video

You must be familiar with search engine optimization if you haven’t;

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your content for search engines so it appears at the top of the results page when a person searches for your targeted keyword(s). 

Ranking your videos on YouTube will not only help you get tons of traffic, but it will also help with brand recognition. 

Want to know how powerful brand recognition is? In the United States, more people search for “Nike” than “shoes” each month. This also increases direct traffic that lands on your website after looking up your brand’s name.

Sounds fun?

I wish it was as fun as it sounds, but here’s how YouTube evaluates your videos. 

Unlike Google, YouTube doesn’t use hundreds of ridiculous signals to rank a video. The YouTube algorithm relies on a few metrics, such as:

  • Audience retention
  • Click-through rate
  • Keywords in the video, title, and description
  • Category
  • Engagement

Now, let’s go through them one by one. At the end of it, you’ll completely understand how to do video SEO.

Audience Retention

The most important factor for YouTube is audience retention. Basically, it’s the total amount of time visitors spend consuming your video. If you have 50% audience retention, visitors see 50% of your video. As simple as that. 

One of the most underrated tricks to actually increase your audience retention is to personalize your video for your targeted audience. Start your video with a hook and ensure every second is filled with knowledge and value. This will trigger FOMO inside the viewer’s mind, having them sit through the entire video.

Furthermore, you can try other strategies, like making the video as short as possible, making it visually engaging, and not using excessive ads throughout the video.

Click through Rate

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. When people click through to watch the entire video after looking at the thumbnail. 

PLEASE! Don’t even think of creating clickbaity thumbnails cause that isn’t going to work if people are rapidly bouncing back after not finding what they clicked for. DO NOT forget the audience retention that we just talked about.

The best thing you can do to improve your click-through rate is A/B testing your thumbnails. You can create two or three thumbnails and use them one at a time and notice how the audience reacts to them. 

Found the one that performs the best? There, you have the perfect thumbnail along with an amazing click-through rate!

Keyword Placement

Another important factor is incorporating keywords in the places where they matter. Let’s make it easy. If you don’t know how to do SEO YouTube video, just focus on these few points, and you will be good to go:

  • The title of the video
  • Video description
  • Tags
  • At the start of the video

That’s it!

First off, find the best keyword and its variations, and then try to optimize your video using your amazing finds. Naturally, incorporate the keyword(s) into the title and description, and ensure to say your keyword at the beginning of the video. 

Brain optimizes a video for the keyword “Video SEO”

According to Backlinko, YouTube prescribes videos now, and they are pretty accurate at it. So, it makes perfect sense to say your keyword at the beginning to clarify your topic for the watcher and the algorithm.

Also, make sure to add tags to your videos. Brain suggests using the first tag as your targeted keyword and then a few others, according to the discussion in the video. 

Don’t stress much about tags, as they aren’t a big deal nowadays. Yet, they do help with showing up in suggested videos, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Another massive advantage of using the right keywords is that you can also show up on Google’s SERPs if you optimize your content correctly. In fact, now, YouTube videos appear for over 791.3 million search queries in the United States alone.


This one’s also pretty self-explanatory. Make sure to categorize your content. That would help the algorithm show your content to those who are most probably interested in your content. 

Which can lead to increased click-through rates and higher audience retention. 

Last but not least…


How the audience interacts with your content is another massive signal of where to put your content. Simply put:

  • A visitor saw the video to the end, liked it, and then shared it? Elevate that video as high as the sky.
  • A visitor saw the video, skimmed through it, nor liked neither shared it? Demote this one.

That’s literally it! In other words, the only way to win is to create content that is compelling and hard to take the eye off. That’s the way how to rank with video SEO.

Go well! If you’re unsure how to check SEO score of YouTube video, try this free extension called VidIQ. After signing up, it will help you with tons of useful metrics on the right side of the screen. This means you can analyze all these metrics without having to switch tabs.

Screenshot from the author | VidIQ Chrome Extension

Now that you have a channel and know how to get traffic to it, you’re ready to send it back to your website. 

To do that, make sure to add a CTA that leads to your website. Moreover, you can offer an incentive to visitors for performing an action on your site. 

For example, subscribe to my email list for this helpful lead-generation ebook. 

2. Start a Blog

According to a study by LinkedIn, businesses that blog get 55% more visitors and 67% more sales. 

Moreover, 77% of internet users still read blogs. This is irrefutable evidence that blogs are still one of the best ways to drive massive traffic to your website.

But you can’t just start a blog and wait for your target audience to flood your website.

Moreover, it’s super costly if you are hiring the best writers, editors, graphic designers, and SEO experts to post an article. The price varies depending on various factors, but if we are to calculate the total amount, that would cost you something like $5k for a post.

This doesn’t outweigh the benefits of a fantastically written and SEO-optimized blog post. In fact, according to a study by Seige Media, businesses that spend $4,000 or more per post report 2.7% more success than those who spend $0-$500.

But…don’t you worry! I’m here to save you tons of money with this tool, which can do everything stated above for you at no cost. 

Meet Content Gorilla! 

How to increase web traffic through AI

The tool claims that it can help you create content 10x faster than ever before.

You must be thinking about how this can help you start a blog.

This tool can help you consistently create super helpful content in bulk without compromising on the content quality. So, here’s how to create content using Content Gorilla’s AI blog creation magic.

The word consistency means a lot when it comes to blogging. Consistency can help you in multiple ways:

  • The more you post, the more chances for your content to be seen — although, not without SEO optimization.
  • It can help you build trust with your readers. 
  • You will be go-to stop for specific subject — in other words, you can become authority in your niche.
  • Improves your SEO
  • Increase engagement 
  • And much more.

If you were to ask me, what is one thing that you can do to improve your blogging, I would ask you to stay consistent.

But consistently finding topics, creating content, doing SEO, and all that goes into content creation can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule.

There comes Content Gorilla.

By now, if you’re following, you must have a highly optimized YouTube channel. If so, good work! Because CGAI can create content for you instantly using YouTube videos.

Let’s try together.

Creating a blog post using Brain Dean’s video that we talked about earlier 

By just clicking on the “create post” button, I got a full-functioning blog post.

how to increase web traffic with CGAI

There we have an amazing pillar post ready to be published.

One thing I just LOVE about this tool is the “Highlights” feature.

Let’s try this together on this fresh blog post we just created.

There you go! 

With just a single click, we have the article’s meta description, content summary, Facebook post, a bite-sized tweet, and an amazing LinkedIn post. That’s all you need to go online.

If you think this was the best feature, wait till you hear that you can create up to 20 children articles from that one blog post. That process is also instant and takes minutes, literally! 

Let’s make it happen as well. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy 😉

The process can be started using the “Create Child Posts” button. 

After you click the button, you’ll be prompted with this screen. Where you have to fill a set of boxes. First is the number of posts we have to create — it can go up to 20, but we are selecting 5.

You have to put your targeted keyword in the second box. 

And a few secondary keywords—separated by a comma—in the third one.

There you go! Congrats, you just created 5 children articles using Content Gorilla’s AI blog creation magic tool.

After that, you can check your progress using the right-hand navigation. Create > Child Posts.

Fun fact: Articles with videos attract 70% more traffic than those without. Still, only 8% of bloggers use videos in their videos. (Source

So make sure to add your awesome videos in between your content to get a huge SEO boost.

Do not forget to search engine optimize your blog posts. Content Gorilla can help you with that as well.

Go to the SEO tab and fill in these boxes with relevant answers:

Click “Run SEO Analysis” and there you go!

Keep up with the suggestions and run a test again. Repeat the process until you get the perfect score.

Now that you have a YouTube channel for your brand and a vibrant blog with a couple of killer blog posts created from top-performing videos. Let’s scale this up further by…

3. Build High-Quality Backlinks 

According to recent studies, backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors. In fact, the webpage that ranks first on Google SERPs has an average of at least 300 backlinks.

Now that you know how important these links are, let’s quickly go over a few tried and tested methods that actually work.

Although guest posting is the go-to strategy for 65% of link-builders, we are not fans of it. So, we’ll cover these three strategies one at a time:

  • Passive link building 
  • Connectively (HARO)
  • Skyscraper method (our favorite)

3.1 Passive Link Building — Only works if your site is old enough to rank

This one might sound obvious, but hear me out. 

Look! Like all these points we discussed, creating a masterpeice doesn’t mean people would like to link to it. So, you can’t just wait for the links to appear in your search console.

People link to studies, facts, and groundbreaking takes. In fact, you can look for an example in the post you’re reading. 

As they say, everything on the internet has already been said. To be unique, all you have to do is provide a unique perspective. 

One of the easiest ways to do that is by winning search snippets. 

To do that, first, find a keyword that shows a snippet. 

There we have it! A snippet discussing snippet. Ironic!

SEMRush sums it up beautifully, and that’s exactly how you win a snippet. 

People link to snippets because it’s easy and convenient. You get your answer then and there in a giant white box without having to dig up the result pages, hoping to find the answer you’re looking for.

Coming up next, we have…

3.2 Skyscraper Method

This one’s a white-hat link-building technique. First, you have to find a backlink opportunity. Go to a website that is linking to your competitor and not you.

Afterward, you have to create content that is 10X better than the one getting links — you can do that with a single tap with Content Gorilla.

Lastly, you reach out to the company, introduce yourself and say how you have created an article that is 10X better (than the one the company is linking to) and provide additional value, emphasizing how their audience can benefit more from your article. 

The below infographic from Ahrefs sums up the topic pretty well:

Source | Ahrefs

3.3 Connectively 

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is now merged with Connectively. 

This platform helps connect reporters to content writers, offering enormous collaboration opportunities. 

As the name suggests, you can help a reporter find an authentic source or citation, and they’ll return the favor in the form of a high-quality backlink. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

Before you go…

SEO is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. 

There is no shortcut to SEO. You can buy links, but that comes with risks of penalization. You can hire the best SEOs out there, but it will still take months before the results are noticeable. 

In other words, you will reap the rewards after 6-8 months of all the seeds you sow today. So, the best thing you can do for your brand is to start today!

80% of bloggers are driving strong marketing results. Moreover, leads generated by SEO have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have only 1.7%.

We hope you liked the article and found it valuable. 

Oh, and if you’re ready to get traffic flooding to your website, try Content Gorilla AI today!😀

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