60+ Funny Couple Quotes for Instagram to Spice Up Your Feed

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Love’s magic brings two individuals together when they start becoming special to each other. To keep love alive forever, it’s important to not let the fun factor fade away. Otherwise, and without frankness and wit, love might fizzle out.

And nobody wants that!

There were 61.44 million married couples in the USA in 2022. This means that millions of couples post their love life updates on Insta as this platform has become the hub of couple goals content. 

If you have some sizzling photos with your partner, upload them now with some funny love captions for Instagram. Watch your engagement soar by adding them to your Insta pictures with your other half.

Couples who laugh together successfully enjoy the beauty of their relationship as they effortlessly create cute memories. It’s also because finding joy in simple moments is blissful and it strengthens your relationship’s spirit. 

Ready to caption those goofy pictures? Keep your Insta followers entertained and coming back for more with witty and captivating funny couple quotes for Instagram. 

Funny Love Captions for Instagram

Funny Couple Photo

Source: Unsplash

  • If I am the peanut butter, he’s not less than Nutella.
  • Running crazily after creating a mess together! #funnycouple
  • I don’t argue with her and that’s why she doesn’t fight back. #happy #peacevibesl
  • Thank God, I safely landed in his heart with no crashing.
  • You’re the Wi-Fi to my heart who can connect to me in the right way.
  • Love me, love you. Oh, what’s burnt, Tacos? #youandme
  • I’m a cute mess and he’s always by my side to tackle my blunders. 
  • Do you want to know the secret of a peaceful couple? Dude, she’s always right!
  • I don’t need gold when I have you!
  • I fall from the bed in your irresistible charm instead of falling in love!

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Hilariously Funny Captions for Couples  

  • He’s smart and I’m silly! What more’s required to be a perfect couple?
  • Love + laughter = perfection. This is how simple it is!
  • I love ya more than a pizza. Trust me on this!
  • Crazy waves of laughter and silly faces. Yeah, that’s us!
  • Enjoying the roller coaster of love with some hilarious kitchen disasters!
  • Enjoying life with him as a non-stop comedy show!
  • Meet my better half. Spoiler alert: He’s the ultimate entertainment package that I can’t share!
  • Chuckles and cuddles. Oh yeah, pure love vibes!
  • Silly love and carefree vibes attract the tribe!

Clever and Funny Couple Captions 

Clever & Funny Couple Meme
  • Can’t share you. No and never!
  • Heart and soul are intertwined like spaghetti.
  • Love never fails except when it’s about selecting home decor items.
  • Clumsy me and perfect he. Yeah, we’re perfect for each other.
  • We’re not perfect for the world, but for each other, we’re the world.
  • Love whispers include some giggly vibes too. 
  • A burst of good laughter is love’s universal language.
  • I thought it was love’s fire, but then I realized it was burnt chicken. #sadloif

Funny Captions for Couple Selfies 

Funny Couple Selfie

Source: Unsplash

Are you in pursuit of some funny captions for couple pictures on Instagram? Here are some that cover love’s essence flawlessly:

  • Fun fuels love.
  • Quirky me, handsome he! #coupleselfie
  • Love is nothing but a comedy in motion. 
  • Humor is our love’s secret ingredient. What’s yours?
  • Is he ordinary or am I cuter?
  • There’s no better filter than pure love. 
  • We’ve nailed couple goals. #selfie
  • Two funny people in one frame.
  • Sassy selfie of us. Sasselfie goals?
  • Me + You = Perfect couple goals. 
  • We stopped fighting suddenly, cuz it was selfie time. 
  • Say cheese, oh my love your face is squeezed!
  • When two hearts become one. #valentine 
  • Pucker up, partner! #lovely #selfie

Quirky Couple Instagram Captions

To add a quirky vibe to your IG posts, we’ve brought you some sassy couple captions for Instagram:

  • How beautifully weird we are!
  • We both are unique and that’s why we’re together.
  • He matches my playful energy.
  • Lovin’ that weirdo vibe of us!
  • Dancing to our carefree music beat.
  • A quirky love story.
  • We’re beautifully odd!
  • He fits me like a missing puzzle piece.
  • Bringing out our inner goofballs!
  • Adventure partners? Nah, they call us crime partners! ✌️✌️

Funny Couple Quotes for Instagram

Funny & Cute Couple

Source: Unsplash

  • Your weirdness attracts me!
  • I love you, but sharing popcorn with you is risky.
  • Love is being stupid together!
  • You’re my frosting, I’m the cupcake. 
  • Our love story is no less than a sitcom with endless episodes.
  • Meet my favorite comedy sidekick. 
  • Sharing our funny moments.
  • A match made in funny heaven!
  • You’re the jam to my bread. 
  • Love is the ultimate punchline.

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Wrap Up

Did you enjoy these funny Instagram captions for couples? Let us know in the comments which caption you picked.

Feel free to customize them according to your IG post’s content and get the maximum possible likes and engagement. 

Don’t forget to try our Free Captions Generator which gives you as many captions as you want! Just think of some ideas, type them down, and watch the magic happen!


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