50+ Funny Apple Picking Instagram Captions to Rock Social Media

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Have you ever felt nostalgic, thinking about all the times you went apple picking with your family? That feeling of nostalgia is usually accompanied by joy and peace. Share that feeling with hundreds of people on social media by posting photos of the colorful orchards with funny apple picking Instagram captions!

Shot of a hand picking an apple from a tree

Source: Unsplash

These captions add a playful essence to your Instagram feed, making your followers fall in love with your blog. We have curated the perfect list of cute apple phrases to evoke laughter and get you hundreds of likes. Let’s begin!

Funny Apple Picking Instagram Captions for Selfies

Infuse a sense of joy and whimsy by adding these cute apple quotes to your apple picking selfies. 

  • Feeling apple-solutely fabulous! 🍎😄
  • Taking a ‘bite’ out of the apple-picking season! 🍏🤪
  • Orchard adventures with my favorite ‘a-peel-ing’ company! 🍎😉
  • I’m ‘crushing’ it at apple picking! 🍏💪😂
  • Sip, snap, apple pick! 🍎📸🍏
  • An apple a day keeps the bad selfies away! 🍎📸😜
  • Nothing ‘core’ than apple picking fun! 🍏💃😄
  • I’m officially the apple of this orchard’s eye! 🍎👀😉
  • Apple picking squad goals: bushels of laughter and joy! 🍏🤣🥰
  • Life is ‘sweet’ when you’re apple picking! 🍎😁🍏

Best Apple Picking Couple Captions

A man and woman in white holding an apple and hugging

Source: Pixabay

Add a touch of sweetness and romance to your apple picking couple photos with these captions!

  • Picking apples with my sweetest cinnamon apple! 🍎❤️
  • Love is in the orchard! Apple picking with my better half. 🍏💑
  • Our love keeps growing like these apple trees! 🌳🍎❤️
  • Hand in hand, we pick memories and apples together. 🍏🤝❤️
  • Fall is for apple picking and falling in love all over again. 🍎🍂❤️
  • Our favorite kind of date: apple picking and making memories. 🍏📸❤️
  • Apple picking adventure with my partner in crime! 🍎🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️❤️
  • Together we’re the perfect apple-picking duo! 🍏🍎❤️
  • The apple of my eye, picking apples by my side. 🍎😍❤️
  • Cuddling, laughing, and picking apples with my favorite person. 🍏😄❤️

Punny Apple Orchard Instagram Captions

Social media is a place where people go to relax and gain some positive energy. Choose the following puns in your apple picking pictures to bring a smile to your follower’s faces. 

  • Having an ‘apple-solutely’ great time at the orchard! 🍎😄
  • Apple orchard adventures are ‘a-peel-ing’ to me! 🍏😉
  • Orchard days keep the doctor away! 🍎👩‍⚕️😂
  • I’m ‘branching’ out into apple picking! 🍏🌳😜
  • An apple a day keeps the ‘boredom’ away! 🍎😄
  • Getting ‘core’-geous among the apple trees! 🍏💃😉
  • Life is ‘apple-solutely’ better in the orchard! 🍎🌟😄
  • Feeling like the ‘apple of the orchard’s eye’! 🍏👀😁
  • Ready to ‘crush’ this apple-picking game! 🍎💪😂
  • I’m falling for this orchard, one apple at a time! 🍏🍂😍

Cheesy Apple Picking Captions

Get ready for some cheesy sweetness with these apple-picking captions perfect for celebrating love and friendship!

  • You’re the apple of my eye, and these apples are the apple of my pie! 🍎😍
  • Our love keeps ‘growing’ like these apple trees! 🍏🌳❤️
  • Apple picking with you is the ‘core’-nerstone of my happiness! 🍎💑
  • You’re the apple to my pie, the caramel to my apple! 🍏🥧😘
  • Our love is like a freshly picked apple – sweet and irresistible! 🍎❤️😋
  • Apple picking is ‘a-peel-ing,’ just like you! 🍏😉
  • You’re the apple of my orchard, the cider to my autumn! 🍎🍂❤️
  • Our love is ripe and juicy, just like these apples! 🍏🍎😍
  • You make my heart skip a beet, just like apple picking does! 🍏❤️😄
  • Apple picking with you is the ‘pick’ of the crop! 🍎🌾

Cute Apple Phrases to Use as Insta Captions

These cute apple phrases will add a touch of charm to your Instagram captions and make your apple-related posts extra adorable! They also make for adorable fall Instagram captions!

2 girls walking on apple field during daytime

Source: Unsplash

  • Falling for these apple-filled moments! 🍎🍂💕
  • Applelicious adventures with my favorite people! 🍏👫❤️
  • Sweet as apple cider, cozy as apple picking! 🍎🍁😊
  • Apple-picking memories that will never fade! 🍏📸💫
  • Crunchy, juicy, and oh-so-delicious! Just like these apples and our friendship! 🍎🍏👭❤️
  • Hand-picked happiness among the apple trees! 🍎🌳✨
  • Cute as a button, sweet as apple pie! 🍏🥧💖
  • Apple orchard magic with my favorite bunch! 🍎🍃👯‍♂️❤️
  • Sending you a bushel of love from the apple orchard! 🍏💕💌
  • An apple a day keeps the frowns away! 🍎😄💛

Hilarious Apple Picking Quotes for Instagram

The more apples the merrier, and the same goes for funny apple picking pictures! Have fun with these relaxing captions that pair perfectly with any of your orchard-ly leisures.

  • I’m just here for the apples. And maybe a few apple puns. 🍎😄
  • Warning: I may go ‘apple-istic’ if I spot a perfect apple! 🍏😜
  • Apple picking: where my cravings and clumsiness collide. 🍎🤷‍♂️😂
  • If apple picking were a sport, I’d be the MVP. 🍏🏆😎
  • I like big apples, and I cannot lie! 🍎😉
  • Forget counting sheep, I count apples before falling asleep. 🍏💤😄
  • I came, I saw, I picked…and then I tripped on an apple. 🍎🚶‍♀️😅
  • Who needs a personal trainer when you have an apple tree? #Gains 🍏💪💪
  • Apple picking: the only activity where I can eat my way to a workout. 🍎🏋️‍♀️😂
  • An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough! 🍏🤣

Final Thoughts

The target audience for funny apple picking Instagram captions is vast, as humor transcends age, culture, and background. Families, couples, friends, and individuals of all ages can appreciate the lightheartedness and amusement that funny captions bring to apple picking posts. Try our Free Captions Generator for tons of new options. So what are you waiting for? Happy Posting!

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