35+ Fitness IG Captions To Keep You Motivated

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Fitness is not only about working out; it is a lifestyle. People are very motivated and enthusiastic about gym and fitness these days, both of the body and of the mind. Instagram is a great place for such people to share fitness IG captions so that people can get motivation from them.

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Instagram users are very attracted to fitness posts and inspirations. However, finding decent and catchy fitness captions (and fitness hashtags) for your workout Insta posts can be challenging. We have compiled some quality workout Instagram captions that do just the trick.

Motivational Fitness IG Captions

Everybody needs the motivation to do work, but the motivation to exercise and maintain a perfect body is in-built. We either get lazy working out or are super committed. But for the days you need a little extra push, here are some amazing motivational gym IG captions that will keep you as well as your audience motivated:

  • Either you train insane or remain the same.
  • The pain of today will be your strength of tomorrow.
  • Goal for being better than you usedto be
  • Today’s sweat gives shine for later.
  • Keep working out until you are proud.
  • Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.
  • The only limit is the one you set for yourself.
  • Embrace the struggle and watch yourself grow.
  • Hustle in silence, let success make the noise.
  • Train hard, stay focused, and become unstoppable.
  • Fitness is not a destination; it’s a lifelong journey.
  • Muscles are built on consistency, not excuses.
  • Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.
  • Sweat now, shine later.

Funny Workout Captions

Sometimes you get bored of the gym, diet, and healthy lifestyle. To keep yourself on the right path, you need some fun. Here are some cool and funny workout captions for Instagram to get you going:

  • I don’t often work out, but when I do, I like to brag about it on Instagram.
  • I work out so I can eat dessert without guilt.
  • I would do anything for abs. Except for workout and eating right, obviously.
  • I’m not sweating; I’m sparkling.
  • We often love, mostly hate each other, me and burpees.
  • I may not always enjoy the process, but I love the results.
  • I work out today so I can go to Starbucks tomorrow.
  • Train like there’s no tomorrow – you’ll be too sore to enjoy it anyway.
  • Running from my problems is my kind of cardio.
  • Jumping to conclusions instead of doing jumping jacks.
  • Skipping class instead of skipping rope.
  • The only trainer I listen to is Meghan Trainor. And she says NO!

For all those feelin’-myself gym selfies, get some Instagram Captions Aesthetic.

Workout Transformation Captions

A girl training at gym

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Workout transformation is always an inspiration and, for many people, a dream goal to achieve. If you have gone through a high mountain of transforming your body, make it a show on Instagram by using these sassy captions:

  • One workout result, from before to after.
  • To be great, you need to start.
  • Never doubt your success if you are on the right journey.
  • A bad workout day is the one you skipped.
  • Let’s work together on the most important project, ourselves.
  • Transform your body, transform your life.
  • The hardest step is the first one; take it.
  • Dream big, work hard, achieve greatness.
  • Every missed workout is a missed opportunity.
  • Invest in yourself; it’s the best project you’ll ever work on.
  • Your goal today should be a fitter tomorrow.


A good gym picture with an even better fitness caption makes for the perfect post. Our fitness captions for instagram will be valuable assets when you need some motivation and inspiration. Keep going on your fitness journeys and find more captions with our Free Captions Generator!

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