60+ Fb Captions for Selfie to Showcase Your Best Self

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Do you know that approximately 93 Million selfies are taken in a day? Yeah, this is how the selfie game has taken the world by storm. Here’s another interesting fact – On average, people post 350 million photos daily on Facebook. Of course, a lot of them are amazing selfies with captivating captions.

It’s an art to click the perfect selfie, but it is also an art to pair it with the perfect caption. If you are looking for short, classy, or timeless captions to sprinkle some sassiness in your Fb posts, then get ready!

In this article, we have curated a list of 70+ Fb captions for selfies to create a buzz. Command attention on FaceBook with our out-of-the-box and creative captions for Facebook selfies.

Short Captions for Selfies on Facebook

FB Selfie Captions

If you want concise and pretty short captions for selfies on Facebook, have a look:

  • Simple life with a lot of selfies in it!
  • Capturing my happy mood.
  • My blood group is selfie positive.
  • Sassy and classy.
  • Happy and charismatic!
  • My beauty’s testament. #selfie
  • Cheers to the beautiful soul.
  • The camera is my new mirror. #selfie 
  • Meet the glorious mess! #cutie #me
  • Let’s embrace the beauty.
  • I look good in a happy mood.

Cool Captions for Facebook Selfies

  • A smile a day keeps all worries away.
  • Selfie mode is activated now!
  • Doubted? Take a selfie!
  • Life is too short to not take selfies.
  • Me and my fabulous selfie. 
  • Being flawsome is better than being flawless.
  • Cooler than the pillow’s flip side.
  • It’s time to channel inner coolness. #selfie
  • Effortlessly chic! #coolselfie
  • A blend of cool and hottie vibes.
  • Shades on, world off! #selfietime

Savage Selfie Captions for Facebook

  • A winning attitude creates a difference.
  • If you think you understand me, think twice.
  • Savage mode is on!
  • A delicate flower with savage aims.
  • Chasing dreams and taking selfies.
  • Let’s slay the game. 
  • Showing my true self. #selfie
  • Not here to make friends but to take and post sassy selfies.
  • Living my best life. 
  • I believe in achieving it by creating a buzz.
  • Not a morning person but still pretty.
  • You can’t match my vibe!

Clever Selfie Captions for Facebook

  • Am I cute or beautiful?
  • A stronger selfie game & perfect witty vibe go hand in hand.
  • Smart is the new black. 
  • Hakuna Matata.
  • Let me slay differently!
  • On-point selfie!
  • Behind every flawless selfie is a clever mind. 
  • Let my caption say it all! #sassyselfie 
  • I’m a lighthearted and funny person with a strong sense of humor.
  • Too cool to caption it like basic.
  • Witty charm makes selfies awe-inspiring!
  • Meet beauty with brain.
  • I’m not a celebrity but still have a fan club.
  • A fairy of social media heaven!
  • Exploring the horizons!

Confidence-Filled Selfie Facebook Captions

Confident and Cute Selfie


Do you want some confident selfie Facebook captions? Here are some of the best captions, have a look:

  • I look pretty when I am confident.
  • My positive energy radiates confidence. #selfie 
  • They admire my passion!
  • Meet me who’s beautiful inside and outside. 
  • I am a perfect blend of determination and intelligence with some blunders.
  • Humble and confident me!
  • I am proud of my endeavors and for achieving it all flawlessly!
  • My beauty’s secret ingredient is confidence. 
  • Let the world shine through your courage and determination.
  • Know your worth and slay it. 
  • When you are confident, you are actually halfway to setting the trend.
  • I don’t believe in blending in, but my different energy vibes attract the tribe. 

Classy Fb Captions for Selfie

Classy Selfie


Have you perused our Instagram selfies captions article? If not, then you are missing out on something really amazing. It’s a hub of great captions for your IG selfies. Check it out must after selecting your favorite captions from here:

  • My black dress calls for a classy selfie.
  • I am cool and classy.
  • Showing my inner elegance confidently.
  • The classy vibe never goes out of style.
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication form.
  • Let’s embrace some sassy vibe.
  • Gracefully captured a great picture!
  • Timeless beauty has a unique essence.

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Final Thoughts

If you have some great ideas in mind and don’t find what you like, curate your personalized captions using our Free Captions Generator. It’ll cost you $0 to generate unlimited captions with multiple interesting features. Go and check it out now!

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