Best Collection of Cute Quotes for Pictures of Yourself

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Do you know how many selfies a person takes in a lifetime, on average? Well, brace yourselves, for it’s a bigger number than we can imagine. Drum roll…it’s more than 25k selfies in an average lifespan. With that number, it’s become second nature to many these days to take selfies & post them on social media with cute quotes for pictures of yourself. And we’re here to help you in that endeavor!

Selfie Quotes

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Let’s take this chance and post some spontaneous selfies on Instagram. Get ready to enjoy the ride of these awe-inspiring Instagram selfie captions that will leave your followers in awe!

Cool Captions for Looking Away Poses

Looking Away Pose Cool Captions

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Let’s start with some captions for looking-away poses as illustrated below:

  • Lost in thought.
  • You guys decide whether my outfit or my candidness is cuter.
  • Let’s steal some moments of solitude.
  • Seeking hidden wonders.
  • Looking at the universe! 
  • 👀 on the horizon. 
  • Meet a selfie queen.
  • Where imagination roams freely and brings different thoughts!
  • A chunk of my life can be found in the selfies I take. 
  • Eyes convey the untold!
  • Listening to the wind whispering. 
  • Finding the lost me.

Powerful Captions for Pictures of Yourself

Let’s drop another truth bomb: Almost 1 in every 18 photos taken is a selfie. To celebrate this fact, here are some impactful captions to cover your selfies:

  • Let me unveil a warrior within me.
  • The fire within me is a strong urge to conquer everything!
  • Unapologetically me!
  • Let’s show off our flaws confidently.
  • My dreams are unstoppable…like me.
  • I’m a perfect version of myself.
  • Determination in every gaze!
  • Let’s celebrate uniqueness within by embracing our flaws. 
  • Fierce and fabulous.
  • Meet an authentic & pure soul.
  • Bold, beautiful, and brave.

Cute and Funny Quotes for Pictures of Yourself

Cute and Funny Selfie Meme

Add the following quotes for a picture of yourself while posting selfies on IG and let your account grow unstoppable:

  • A cute girl is saying hello to y’all.
  • Flaunting my flaws. 
  • Am I a cutie patootie or what?
  • Flawsome is the new black & it’s beautiful.
  • Smiling and slaying the game!
  • A selfie of a princess with a cute smile. 
  • Happy and gorgeous.
  • I dare to be different, always. 
  • Meet me, a perfect combo of cutie vibes, intelligence, and some blunders.
  • I keep myself away from negativity. 
  • I don’t trust everyone but once I do, it holds great value.  
  • Hope is my tiara and courage is my weapon.
  • Unique flaws attract, right?

Clever Quotes for a Picture of Yourself

Cutie Selfie

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  • Flawsome is awesome.
  • Not weird, just wired to be extra.
  • Today I will be as useless as the ‘g’ in lasagna.
  • First place even if it’s not a race.
  • Woke up like…at least I woke up.
  • I don’t always take selfies, but when I do, I slay.
  • There’s no ‘u’ in selfie.
  • Doing myself today.
  • Could this selfie BE any cuter?
  • Move along, this ain’t build a b*tch.
  • “If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.” – Meghan Trainor

Attitude-Packed Selfie Captions

Throw a punch of attitude with these attitude-filled & cute quotes for pictures of yourself to amp up the sass of your Insta photos:

  • It’s me, once-in-a-lifetime!
  • You can’t afford my aura.
  • On-point attitude.
  • A strong selfie game is my thing. 
  • Don’t call me anti-social, I just select people wisely.
  • I consider opinions but only mine!
  • I am a mixture of happiness & sassiness!
  • Dare to be different, bold, and beautiful. 
  • Taking a selfie to remind myself that I can do anything.
  • The original me.
  • Ain’t nobody do me better than me.

Romantic Captions for Pics of Yourself & Your Partner

Couple Selfie Captions

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Finally, don’t forget to add cute Instagram captions for couples when you upload pics of yourself and your Partner. You can take ideas from below:

  • Feel the magic in the air. 💑
  • It’s me and you, only us.
  • Some cute moments together.
  • No one can break our bond.
  • Sunshine bliss.
  • Celebrating the vibe of togetherness.
  • Let’s capture some lovely moments. 
  • Happily ever after.
  • With you, love is endless.
  • You are a perfect melody to my heart. 
  • Dreams really do come true.
  • Brighter and unfiltered love!

Final Words

So, go and take some sassy selfies, and don’t forget to make your photos more special by adding the above-mentioned captions for pictures of yourself. Pick some fun & bold selfie captions for your posts from our collection of sassy Instagram captions for selfies! You can also try using our Free Captions Generator to get unlimited captions for free.

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