Inspirational Big Girl Quotes for Instagram

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Suppose you are looking for powerful, empowering, and inspiring big girl captions for Instagram. We’ve got you covered! Whether you are a positive person who wants to explore his thoughts on social media or you want to share your fitness journey with the world, we have inspirational captions for you. We have compiled some amazing quotes and captions ideas for big girls out there;

Image showcasing a group of strong, confident big girls exuding self-assurance and celebrating their uniqueness with empowering captions.

Empowering Big Girl Captions for Instagram

Here are some empowering captions for big girl quotes for Instagram:

  1. I am proud of who I was, and I am still proud of who I am today.
  2. I am a human, and my size does not define my worth.
  3. I choose to be myself in a world full of standards.
  4. Today’s affirmation is, let’s empower each other without spreading hate.
  5. With confidence and love, I embrace my power and my curves.
  6. I am presenting a living example of beauty that has nothing to do with size.
  7. My superpower is being unapologetically me.
  8. Self-acceptance is the first lesson you should learn.
  9. We are truly defined by our souls and spirits; a size is just a number.
  10. I  am so proud of myself for taking space in this world.

Body-Positive Big Girl Captions for Instagram Photos

Image featuring a diverse group of confident and empowered big girls embracing their bodies and celebrating self-love with body-positive captions
  • Confidence is the key to my happy soul and fluffy body.
  • Real achievement is embracing every inch of your body.
  • I am the canvas, and I can draw my beauty.
  • Beauty begins the moment you decide to accept your body and be yourself.
  • I am learning to love my flaws as I love my strengths.
  • I am going to rewrite every rule of beauty by flaunting my curves.
  • Join the movement of Self Love with us.
  • We don’t need a specific reason to celebrate our bodies. Celebrate every day.
  • I do not panic about numbers on the scale as long as I am fit.
  • I might be imperfect according to your scales of perfection, but for me, I am the best.

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Inspirational Thick Girl Captions for Instagram

  1. I will not allow anyone to dull my Charisma and shine.
  2. I am flying for the stars, and I know success can’t be determined by size.
  3. My strength is something that is shown by my curves.
  4. Before greatness, life always throws you some stones.
  5. My soul is unstoppable and fierce.
  6. I love to make a difference by standing out and not fitting in.
  7. My story starts with determination and ends with ever-lasting hope.
  8. You doubt a big girl, and she will show what she can do.
  9. Nobody can define my success. Only I can.
  10. Inspiring others by breaking barriers.

Fitness-Related Big Girl Captions

Image of a girl confidently enjoying her fit body while holding a cup of coffee, embracing self-care and body positivity.
  • Your fitness journey starts with your confidence.
  • Keep on pushing yourself; you will get the reward of your sweat.
  • Sculpting my body with an everyday workout.
  • I am aligning my goals for breaking barriers.
  • I may seem to be cute at home, but I am also an athlete.
  • Healthy and strong is my goal instead of being skinny.
  • When I do workout, I meet a stronger version of myself.
  • My fear is my competitor; I’ll break them all.

Fashion-Related Chubby Girl Captions

  • You can always slay any outfit, no matter what size you are.
  • I am not impressed by society’s standards.
  • I can paint anything stylish by expressing my colors.
  • A thing that can go with every outfit is confidence.
  • No one influences my fashion game; I run it by myself.
  • I am ready to take fashion risks.
  • Be your trend and follow your style.
  • Everyone can break the rules by hitting their fashion.

Fashion has nothing to do with your size, If you feel good, you are good. Check out how good curves go with today’s fashion here:  Curvy Fashion.

Image of a positive girl with bright eyes, confidently saying 'I am possible,' inspiring self-belief and empowerment.

Food-Related Chubby Girl Captions for Instagram

  • Good food can always help convert your diet day to a cheat day.
  • Love is good food.
  • One should not feel guilty about enjoying delicious food.
  • My curves and food go so well with each other.
  • Food is the flavor of life that not everyone can enjoy fully.
  • Only big girls can afford big appetites.
  • Food makes your little moments more joyful.
  • My food philosophy is never to say no to the food you are craving.

 Funny Thick Girl Captions 

  • Never underestimate the power of thick thighs; they can be an excellent pillow.
  • Making myself easy to be seen isn’t called chubby.
  • A bit horizontally challenged is never fat.
  • It’s not. Ohh, I am thick! It is Yes; I am Thick.
  • Thick Thighs? Yeah, they function just as normal.
  • I am not fat; I am just utterly irresistible.
  • Not everybody is gifted with the curves that I have.
  • There is no harm in living a thick life.

Self-Care Fat Girl Captions for Instagram

  • Self-care is prioritizing your well-being.
  • Loving your body, soul, and curves is what everyone deserves.
  • My secret to beauty and chubbiness is self-care.
  • Self-care is what makes me feel like a queen.
  • Empowerment and love come from self-love.
  • Pampering myself with treats and nourishing food as I deserve it.
  • Finding my balance in life by self-care.
  • Self-care is the positive ingredient.

Motivational Big Girl Quotes for Instagram

  • “Greatness can be achieved not involving your size in it.” Unknown
  • “Nothing is impossible in this world; only your thinking makes it so” Unknown
  • “Challenges are what make you stronger” Unknown
  • “Style has nothing to do with your potential; show the world” Unknown
  • “Let’s make your dreams come true by flying high” Unknown
  • “Your spirit defines you, not your body” Unknown
  • “Believe can make you win even impossible” Unknown

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Being a big girl and proudly embracing needs courage. Show the world that your beauty has nothing to do with their standards. No matter your body type, you are beautiful if you feel beautiful. Hope these amazing captions and quotes will help you to flaunt your big girl energy on Instagram. If you want to explore more caption ideas check our Free Captions Generator.

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