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Hashtags are crucial for building an online presence. The importance of hashtags is obvious but it is also mandatory to use the right hashtags that are relevant to your niche or that can lead to reaching your goals.  In this case, knowing the effectiveness of a particular hashtag is necessary.

There are tools available for the analytics of hashtags that will give you an exact number of posts associated with that particular hashtag. Today we will discuss some best Hashtag Analytics Free Tools!

Why Do You Need Hashtag Analytics Free Tools?

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Hashtag Analytics Tools provide you with complete information on the hashtag, from the day it was ranked to the number of posts that used this hashtag. You can plan your social media strategy with its help of it.

You can also make a file of your relevant and popular tags for a week or a month and change those afterward. This will help you to analyze which hashtag leads you to increase engagement. These tools can:

  • Increase the efficiency of your work
  • Save your time from wasting on analyzing each hashtag
  • Can improve your quality of using hashtags
  • These tools can automate your tasks as well
  • They can provide you with better insights into your social media.

Do These Tools Work?

You can use these tools during your social media campaigns. You can also monitor the progress of your campaigns by using these free tools.

This will help you to determine hashtag-by-hashtag information and you will be able to decide which hashtags you are going to use in the long term and which you are going to change. However, the efficiency of these tools depends on various factors;

  • Design of the tool: It tells whether the tool was designed to serve the purpose we are using it for or not.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of these tools is also a discussable point, they have different efficiencies, and some can go beyond expectations.
  • How it is used: If you are not able to use a tool correctly even the best tool can fail.

Hashtags for Analytical Tools

To analyze the performance of popular tags on different social media platforms we use different kinds of tools that are called hashtag analytic tools.

These tools include features for hashtag tracking, the analysis of competitors, key performance metrics, and analyzing or reporting your success for a particular social media campaign.

Here are some good hashtags that you can use for posting content related to analytical tools of hashtags;

HashtagsNumber of Posts

If you are looking for more options, try using Free Hashtag Generator for more free and up-to-date hashtags on every topic.

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Top Rated Tools for Analytics

Some top-rated tools for analytics are mentioned below in pictorial form:

There are the popular analytics hashtags

Related Hashtags for Analytics

Some related hashtags for tools providing analytics to hashtags are shown in the table along with a number of posts for each hashtag.

HashtagsNumber of Posts

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Pick any of these hashtag analytics free tools to save your time & effort and get the optimal hashtags for your social media accounts/brands. Leverage these tools’ features to stand out in the marketing world with #’s Don’t miss the chance to automate things and let the work get done (automatically, not manually) according to peak time trends.

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